Alia Malia Interview: A Serious Conversation

For the most part we see the glitz and glam of the porn industry. We’re presented with all the sexy shiny tidbits and there’s nothing wrong with that because entertainment is supposed to be a pleasant escape from reality. It’s also important to remember that the stars behind our favorite flicks come from all types of backgrounds that influence who they are and how they approach their careers, and it hasn’t been easy for many of them. Trans performer Alia Malia experienced the initial high that comes along with being the new it girl, the one all the studios want to work with, but it didn’t take long for the industry to present complications and drama filled nonsense that quickly took her back to a place of feeling outcast and alone. Recently I had the amazing chance to speak with her on the phone where we discussed everything from her start in the business to previous traumatic experiences and feelings of depression and how it all comes together at this specific time in her life. It is one of the most honest and candid conversations I’ve ever had. What follows is an interview that will rouse emotions and make you think about more than what you see on a screen.

Please Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Adult Empire: Where are you from, what was childhood like?

Alia Malia: I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’ve been here my whole life. Growing up was kind of tough. I didn’t really have a family that understood what I was going through. I came from a very religious and conservative household. So being able to express my feminine side wasn’t always a possibility. I had to do things behind closed doors quite a bit. I have two older sisters and I would steal their clothes and then watch them fight because they would blame each other.

That is so funny! I’m sure you guys laugh about that now. 

I don’t know if I ever told them. But yeah growing up, it was just very oppressive. I mean, I was living most of my life for my family, for my parents, and I didn’t really have a way to express my authentic self as a as a trans woman. It was tough.

How did that lead to you finding a way to express yourself?

I went to church on a daily basis being raised Southern Baptist. I worked in the sound booth and tweaked all the stuff for the preacher and choir. I was even going to seminary myself to be a pastor and everything. But like, I started noticing that it wasn’t working for me. I was very depressed and just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I was looking for a job at the time, and I found a job at GameStop. So it was kind of like going from a very religious background to a more secular outlook on life. Just being in GameStop and being around all the colorful people, like other queer folks opened my eyes to what I had been missing out on. I didn’t really have a positive experience during school either. I was picked on quite a bit. So yeah, I never really felt comfortable in my own body or around other people. I didn’t have a lot of friends, so being in this new vibrant environment kind of just, you know, helped me branch out more and be myself.

Are you a gamer?

Oh, I’m a huge gamer! I don’t really feel like I have a whole lot of time now. I haven’t been getting a lot of mainstream opportunities lately, so I’ve been doing my own thing on the side, you know, camming and then hosting my live sessions on only fans. I’m really just trying to figure out my next step and make income. Surviving is the main priority right now.

What are what are some of the differences between working with mainstream studios on big productions versus being in charge and camming on your own?

I have somewhat of a background in advertising and marketing as I’ve done that at previous jobs, so I have a little experience there but it’s difficult doing it on your own. It’s a job, but you’re not really getting paid at first since the payout usually comes whenever consumers purchase your content. So it does kind of suck doing it by yourself while managing everything else you have to do throughout the day to get ready. Being a trans person, I feel like it takes a lot more to get ready to be prepared for a shoot.

Can you walk me through that?

I don’t want to get too graphic, just know it’s a lot. You have to make sure you’re clean 100% inside and out and sometimes that can be a pain in the ass.

So it’s more than just like your typical hair and makeup?

Oh yeah, much more. Sometimes I get so jealous of cis women. I don’t think them or cis men fully understand what goes into getting ready for the day for us.

What’s a typical day in your life like? What’s the first social media app you check? What’s for breakfast? Are you more of a music or television person?

I’m pretty much like a regular homebody. Even before transitioning I was a hermit. I spend most of my days just relaxing and trying not to let the weight of the world pull me under. For breakfast, I really enjoy a nice coffee, maybe like a little baked good like a muffin or something. I can’t lie though, I do have a weakness for pilates. I love jalapeno cheese so much! I try not to hop on social media first thing in the morning. I kind of get like, jealous and envious of what’s going on in other people’s lives and the success they appear to be experiencing. Personally, I feel like I gave up a lot of that privilege when I came out as trans. I had a lot of things planned out for myself and my family was going to help me through it and all, but now I’m on my own trying to just figure out what the next step is. But yeah, lately, my first social media of any kind is work related. I try to get ready for camming as soon as possible. It’s a lot, especially here in Dallas. It’s tough trying to find work and with our Attorney General banning porn everywhere it just gets tougher to find a consistent flow of income.

Do you think you’re going to stay in Dallas much longer?

I don’t want to. I’ve been here my whole life and there are a lot of trauma triggers that I just don’t want to be around anymore. Me and my girlfriend Raven Thorne, another performer, have talked about it. She wants to move to Chicago. it just depends on how motivated I am to stay on track and keep to a schedule.

I’m rooting for you guys!

Thank you. I really appreciate everyone who is staying with me because I do have a few loyal fans and that really makes a difference.

What was your first time on a set like?

It went on pretty magically. They made me feel pretty and buttered me up. I had just met my partner at the time so we were just starting life together and experiencing that for the first time. Everything was moving too fast for me to really comprehend anything negative, and thankfully, I did have my girlfriend on set the first time I was shooting. That definitely helped.

How did you prepare?

One step at a time. I was riding a high at the time because I was just starting out my trans life and trying to figure things out. Raven was there for me, pulling me out of some slumps that I was in.

How does that differ from how you approach shoots now?

That’s the interesting thing about mainstream. I feel like once they find a girl she’s new, pretty, and they give her all the opportunities she wants. But I don’t know, things just kind of started shifting, year after year, because I mean, I’ve been in the industry for almost 4 years now. Initially I was doing pretty well, but the next year I started having problems getting booked. It makes you wonder if you’re bothering them, or maybe I wasn’t what they wanted in a in a model anymore. I don’t know, I just felt like there was a lot of favoritism. Of course they told me there wasn’t but that’s why I’ve been taking the solo route lately.

What are some things you’d like to see change within the industry to provide more opportunities for trans performers?

I’ve only worked with other trans women, or solo content, or the cis guy that they had working with me, But maybe that’s the problem. I think we should have more opportunities to work outside the box. And that box is the industry telling others not to work with us because we are trans. It’s just it’s way tougher for trans performers,

Do you think that will change?

I don’t know. Honestly, I have very little hope these days for anything changing for the positive. It sucks. It’s sad. But that’s just kind of the way things are going in the world. I hope it does change. I hope people want to give us more opportunities and look at us as you know, normal.

Would you consider yourself more of a submissive or dominant in the bedroom?

I’m definitely more submissive. I feel like as a pre-op trans women we’re all expected to be more dominant or they like to use words like tranny or sissy and that’s just not me. I don’t like feeling like I’m being forced to top or anything like that. If I want to top it’s going to be my call and on my time.

It’s cool that you stand up for yourself and don’t let others push you around. 

Oh yeah, I’m the realest person you’ll probably ever meet, especially the realest trans person. I tell people off on my Chatterbait stream whenever they’re coming at me or not wanting to pay me. I’m such a bitch sometimes, but you have to be like, sorry, not sorry. I don’t want to get in I don’t want to give anybody an inch. If they’re paying me to dress a certain way or put on a certain persona then okay. I can switch that mindset and do what I need to do, but I’m still trying to find comfort in my own body and sexuality so that comes first for me.

What are some things you’ve learned about yourself since becoming a porn star?

I learned that I don’t have a lot of patients for bullshit. If you’re being rude to me I have no problem cutting ties. Disconnecting communication.

Is there anything specific you’ve learned about performing and how to dress or act in front of the camera?

I’m a cat girl. That’s who I am. I’m a cute little cat girl. That persona has been with me for a while and it’s helped me in my transition quite a bit. I’m always wearing cat ears. Sometimes I’ll even find myself falling asleep with them on. Some people try to get me to take them off but I’m like, dude, if you don’t like the ears you shouldn’t be there. Nobody knows what they really mean to me.

Tell me the story behind the cat ears.

Okay, so this is kind of interesting because this goes back to before I started transitioning and finding myself. I didn’t have a lot of safety or security until I started putting on the ears. And like, I’ve been through therapy, I’ve talked to a therapist, and I told her I just feel safe with them on. She basically told me they’re a security blanket for me. They really help with my anxiety and a lot of my depression. My girlfriend even gets worried whenever they aren’t on.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Proceed with caution. This kitty has claws.

That’s awesome, you should put that on a t-shirt or something.

Maybe if I started getting a bigger name for myself. Right now I still think I’m par level.

Have you kept your belief in God?

I am very much agnostic, but there are times when I’m an extreme atheist.  I even have thoughts of making certain types of porn that would piss certain groups of people off.

I can so see you in a nun outfit!

Oh it would be way worse than that! Like, every now and then I catch myself turning into like some super blasphemous individual.  Sometimes people trigger me and I’ll pull out the Bible and start some shit. I don’t want to get too deep though because this is something that I’m actually planning on doing soon.

That leads directly to my next question. Are there any projects that we should be on the lookout for?

I do have some ideas. I’m really interested in where this is going to take me and all the hate that I’m gonna get for it but we’ll see what happens. I’m still hesitant but maybe if somebody pushes my button just a little bit more. I have a lot stirring in me, especially towards religion. I feel like me turning their religion into like a fetish is just gonna really set things off. And that’s why I’ve been very hesitant on doing it. I don’t know if I want to get all that flack.

Who makes your Mount Rushmore of porn performers?

For the longest time mostly watched lesbian porn and Riley Reid really sticks out. Once I started finding myself and figuring out that there were more people like me. I came across Lena Kelly. She’s She’s definitely someone I’ve looked look up to, and I told her that she’s one of the reasons I got into porn.

Are there any studios or performers you would like to work with in the future?

Everyone. I think I need to work on myself a little bit more. Get more security in my own life, financially, mentally, all that stuff. Once I get there, I feel like I’ll be more open and ready to work with anybody that comes across me.

Have you had time to enjoy the success that you have had?

It’s very rare, but yeah, a few times.

What advice would you give to other young trans women looking to enter the industry?

Do some major self reflecting! If you have the security in your life, and don’t feel like this is something that you need to do, I would definitely reflect on it. There’s a lot of drama in this industry and if you want to climb the mainstream ladder I feel like you just have to be cautious. Got to be self aware. Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink. There’s a lot to get caught up in so don’t believe everything everyone tells you and take it one step at a time.

Does your family know what you do for a living?

Absolutely not. My family is out of the picture. Funny story, probably not to them, but one of the reasons why I got kicked out is because I was making videos while I was still living with them and they found out about it. So they know I was making some type of content online for people, but they probably don’t know the extent that it’s reached now.

How did they find out?

I had all my equipment like my laptops and cameras sitting out. I came home one day after work and all my stuff was gone. I just remember rummaging through all their stuff in their closets. And this was like, 12 o’clock at night. They’re already in bed asleep. I remember waking them up and my dad and mom come at me shouting What the hell is going on, what are you doing? I’m like, I want my stuff back. And my dad said I could have it back but I had to get out of the house, or I could stay and talk about it later. I told him to give me my stuff now, and he told me not come back until I bring his my son back. I haven’t been back since.

I can’t imagine the emotional pain that must have caused.

It’s kind of like an alcoholics anonymous class. You don’t just get rid of that trauma. Learning to heal from it on a daily basis is something you have to work on constantly. You just have to focus on the things you can control, and try not to focus on what’s happened to you in the past. When you do that you give those moments in time power over you and it makes it impossible to move forward. I’m in the process of moving forward.

Thank you so much for taking time out to talk with us today! We absolutely love your work and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Thank you! Thank you so much, and thanks to my loyal fans and supporters.

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