Kleio Valentien plays Squirtwoman.

Interview: Kleio Valentien Looks Back on ‘Squirtwoman’


It’s a name that jets into history with the energy and force of a lightning bolt during a spring storm. Only a select few have worn the title since Elegant Angel’s esteemed squirting series debuted two decades ago. To celebrate the crowning of Tiffany Watson as the newest Squirtwoman (debuting April 4 on Adult Empire VOD), we chatted with Kleio Valentien, star of 2018’s Squirtwoman: Wasteland.

Tiffany Watson Is Squirtwoman is available now:

Adult Empire: When did you first learn you had a particular capacity for squirting?

Kleio Valentien: It was an accident, actually. I was by myself….ummm..having a little alone time with my favorite toy, It was an intense session and as I started to cum I squirted. It was a shocking but really hot. I wanted to try it again!

In your view, what’s the key to a great squirting scene?

Lots of squirt! More squirt the better!

How did your casting in Squirtwoman: Wasteland come about?

That year I happened to shoot a number of squirting scenes and Dreadneck approached and thought I could do a great job in Squirtwoman.

Did you look at the previous Squirtwoman movies when you were cast in the series?

Yes. I was familiar the previous Squirtwoman releases, so it was a real honor to be cast.

What were your impressions of the previous Squirtwomen (Cytherea, Jada Fire, Bonnie Rotten)?

Previous Squirtwomen are legends, so, there was pressure to do great scenes and live up to the name.

The movie is a feature with a Mad Max-style plot. Did you have input into the shape of the story? Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic cinema in general?

The Mad Max-style plot was Dreadneck’s idea which I was fully on board with, as a fan of Mad Max and post-apocalyptic films. Coincidentally,  I was  playing Mad Max on ps4 around the time I was filming, so, that was really cool. Everyone should play Mad Max, if you’re a gamer. It’s  really well done, usually movie to video game titles can fall short.

Talk about working with director Dreadneck as well as co-star Angela White on the movie.

Working with Dreadneck is always a pleasure. He is super talented and makes me look good!  Working with Angela White was a dream come true, she is so hot and fun to work with!

Where was the movie shot? Did the rugged exteriors present any particular challenges?

The movie was shot in the middle of the desert.

The crew and cast members who were on set multiple days camped out in RVs. It was a lot of fun. I love to camp and hike as a hobby, so that was a bonus for me.

Staying hydrated for the scenes while camping out in the desert was a challenge, which was actually the premise for the movie, haha.

Your Squirtwoman movie is notable for featuring your first DP. Talk a little bit about that particular scene.

So, Squirtwoman features the one and only DP I ever shot. It was wild to do my first DP in the desert on the back of a truck! I had so much fun and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Overall, what was the fan reaction to the movie?

Fans have told me they enjoyed it. It was a unique story and really cool setting! I encourage everyone to watch it if they haven’t. Plus, if you want to see me double penetrated, we have you covered!

First Look: Elegant Angel’s ‘Tiffany Watson is Squirtwoman’

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