Outrageous Scenes From the DVD Sale

Porn is often known for being over the top. It’s no secret that most porn scenes you watch would rarely, if ever, happen the same way in real life. Random encounters in public or spontaneous threesomes are few and far in-between, but sometimes porn can leave the realm of “unlikely” and get down right outrageous. We’ve picked out some scenes from our multi-studio DVD sale that push the limits of reality and come off more as silly than believable. Check out the scenes below and then browse the sale!

Scene 2 from How Grandma Got Her Groove Back


Grandma Syla is lying on the bed, having a grand old time fingering herself. She’s in the zone, getting her kicks off, when this young slowly opens the door wearing nothing but a towel. They look at each other, say nothing, then he slowly enters the room and shuts the door. They continue to not exchange any words. Who is this man? What is he doing? We don’t know. He walks toward her and she slowly pulls her body towards him. They continue to say nothing, as if they’re psychically communicating, but we can all hear what they’re saying. He finally meets her on the bed and reveals his penis. No words are exchanged in the entire scene, and though we don’t know who this man is or what he’s doing there, he takes granny to pound town and gives her a thrill she apparently hasn’t experienced in a long, long time.

Scene 1 from Sister Dolly: Chapters 1-5

The scene starts out with sweet Dolly Leigh sitting completely naked on a chair, with a pitch back background. She looks cold and uncomfortable, and is being grilled about her sexual practices by a nondescript man with gray hair. He keeps asking her about oral sex and if she’s ever partaken. She repeatedly denies it, looking confused and engulfed in darkness. It looks like an interrogation scene out of a spy film. Further, the guy keeps asking her if she’s had sex with either her brother or father. This goes on for nearly four minutes. We come to find out it was some sort of Mormon marriage initiation interview, and this guy simply had to know if any dicks had been in her ass or mouth, and if they had been her brothers or her fathers, before she’d be allowed to marry. The head Mormon dude then calls her in to meet the husband that has been selected for her, but then starts inspecting her body. He looks at all her holes and has her strip down in front of her future husband. Then he starts eating her pussy and fingering her. He whips his dick out and has her suck it, then he fucks her on the table, again, in front of her future husband. I guess he was just showing off the goods.

Scene 3 from Bush Inspection Vol. 5

This POV scene sees Sera Ryder acting as a realtor in place of her mother, who apparently got sick eating some bad food the night before. We don’t know if Sera is a licensed realtor or not, but it probably doesn’t matter because she’s really hot, as you can see. This unsuspecting homebuyer is easily lulled into a false sense of security, and lets her give him a tour of the place. To Sera’s credit, she gives a great tour and keeps the act up. She shows a variety of rooms and takes him throughout the whole house, describing each room in detail. So much so, in fact, that the customer says he’s interested in buying. The back plot then expands when we learn Sera is branching off from her mom’s business and starting her own agency. The family is splitting with strife, and Sera wants this potential homebuyer to work through her agency instead of her mothers. He’s loyal at first and says no, but she quickly rips her blouse opens and reveals her tits. She tries to convince him with sex, and well, it works really well. She strips for him and shows off her ass and then masturbates before offering her body to him. It’s a roundabout way to sell a home, but boy does it work.

Scene 1 from Perv Therapy

Therapy is often promoted as an important part of mental health, and many people swear by it. But what happens when your therapist is a pervert? Haley Spades goes to the therapist because she has a crush on her stepdad. She realizes it’s not a good thing and goes to seek treatment. Her therapist, Penny Barber, however, is a massive pervert and seeks to only fuel the fire. In a meeting with both Haley and her stepdad, she tells Haley she must fuck her stepdad in order to fix her problem. A “face your fears” sort of idea, but I don’t know how well it works when it comes to inappropriate sexual relationships. That’s okay, because it works just fine for Penny, who decides to join in and make it a threesome. The three of them have morally dubious, albeit very hot and entertaining, sex in the therapy office. I don’t know if the treatment worked, but they all sure had a great time.

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