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Podcast: Tasha Reign Interview

For Tasha Reign, writing a book was a serious business. When she decided to tell her porn story, she returned to school for a degree in specialized journalism to make sure the resulting work would be far more than a trite, hastily written cash-in. The result, From Princess to Pornstar, has been hailed by critics as a “brilliant and captivating look inside the life of one of the hardest working women in the adult entertainment industry.” In her second appearance on the Adult Empire Podcast, Reign discusses her foray into memoir and much, much more.

She covers the origin of the book, the book’s overall concept, the state of porn journalism, the catharsis of writing the book, autobiographies versus memoirs, editing the book, the fairy tale aspects of her life, the book’s stylistic flourishes, Hugh Hefner’s complicated legacy, life imitating art, her experience on Laguna Beach, reactions she’s had to the book, the concept of virginity, the surprising origins of the term “gangbang,” the possibility of her shooting studio porn again, directors she admires, Hard Reign, Code of Honor, endless money versus endless love, guilty pleasures, holiday traditions, TV picks, and the “ideal weekend.”

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Interview highlights

The origins of her book:

Many years before I wrote the book, I read Asa Akira’s memoir, her first book. Was so entertaining to read from the stance of a fellow actor, and I really felt like, “Wow, I can relate to it.” And I think it’s important to have more oral history. There’s plenty of people that write, which is great, but not enough. So it’s just really important, I think, for future generations to be able to look back and to read the written word, or, you know, a book, from firsthand at accounts of performers. I think it’s imperative for understanding and for overall the normalization of the adult industry, which has always been my goal. And so I was inspired by her book.

How she describes the book:

My book is a first-handed account of a person who joined the adult industry, and had a has had a pretty long career in digital industry, and has a unique and interesting story that might surprise you.

The book’s catharsis:

It was a cathartic experience to be able to write a book. And in my opinion, it’s almost like I was able to dump a bunch of information off and now move about my life, which you can do through private journaling. But it’s not quite the same, especially if you’re an exhibition exhibitionist, like myself.

On the title of the book (From Pornstar to Princess):

That’s an undertone that I wove purposefully into the book, because it’s a theme in my life that I really enjoy. And I have a lot of interests outside of the adult industry. And I love interior design. And I actually recently opened up a clothing store in my town in Los Angeles. And it’s called Fairytale Cottage Topanga. So everything in my world, I feel has to do with a fairy tale. And it’s something that I would consider my aesthetic. And I also felt like, the story itself that I told naturally had a fairy tale element to it, like the step mother and the financial aspects of it. And a lot of it just naturally flowed in that theme. So I just picked it.

On whether she’d shoot studio porn again:

Under the right circumstances, I would. It would have to be for a really great production company that I respect and film that I’m a fan of. I want to, I would want to be a fan of the director and the production company. And it would just have to be the right set of circumstances.

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