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Coralyn Jewel Interview: From Figure Skater to Pornstar

Like a precious stone, Coralyn Jewel has many facets. Onscreen, she has a powerful presence comparable to co-stars such as Nina Hartley and Erica Lauren, but her path to porn was a unique one. A gifted athlete, she moved from the graceful flourishes of figure skating to the throbbing intensity of hardcore porn. Discover her story in this new Adult Empire interview.

Adult Empire: You went to school for directing, so it seems like you always had an interest in theater/performance. Did you have any inkling then that you would want to one day be an adult performer?

Coralyn Jewel: I actually was very dedicated to my figure skating career, therefore I was focused on pursuing my Olympic dream and then my degree in directing with hopes of directing a traveling ice show.

At what point did you realize you wanted to perform?

After my divorce, I began working as a dancer and model and I was on sexy jobs platform and I was offered a job in Los Angeles working as a director in the adult industry after driving up-and-down to Los Angeles numerous times for $300 daily,  I decided to switch over to be in front of the camera after the production assistant suggested I would do well as a performer.

You were also a competitive ice skater growing up. What were those competitions like? How far did you go?

I began ice skating at the age of three and around the age of 12 I knew I was not good enough as a singles competitor so began pursuing pair skating as I was small but very strong.

I then attended the nationals pair tryouts and out of 500 girls and 7 males I was chosen but I had to move to Wisconsin and we had the chance to attend the Olympics but representing my birth country South Africa. My Olympic dream ended 6 months later with a fall that caused my pain to be unbearable.

Are there any parallels between ice skating and performing in the adult industry? Does it ever feel competitive?

I would have to say the for both careers, you must be physically fit and have the mental ability to put yourself in the “character” you are portraying.

Figure skating just like most athletic sports is a very competitive sport and it can get very political and nasty.

I have not seen that so much in the adult industry definitely not amongst the performers, I don’t see it being competitive.  It’s more as though we try to work together.

However, I do see on the other side of the adult industry a little bit more gossip, looking the other way and turning “look the other way” mentality.

You were featured this year in Adult Time’s Girls on Fire in an hour long all girl group scene with other performing legends like Nina Hartley among others. Can you talk a little about how it was shooting this scene?

That was a really fun scene. It was one of my first scenes in the early part of my career and it was really fun working with Nina.

My favorite memory was when she dumped out all of the toys for us to play with and gave all of us black gloves.

Erica Lauren asked what the black glass were for, and Nina said do you wanna stick your finger in my ass with or without gloves? We all laughed for like 10 minutes straight.

What is your favorite type of scene to shoot?

I love a challenge and I also like a scene where I have the ability to have some creative input and can use my degree In directing and theater in the scene. I love to perform and I love to act so any chance I can incorporate my skills into a scene, I enjoy it even more.

You performed in quite a few swinger themed scenes for Adam & Eve in the past. What do you think is so appealing about the swinger lifestyle?

I think society puts so much attention on what is considered “taboo” and we raised to believe that monogamy is the only acceptable way a relationship should be, therefore, anything “Taboo” piques interest in the “vanilla” world.

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You have a podcast called Embrace. Tell us all about it.

My podcast is all about embracing who you are as a person. Every single person has a unique story, and my platform gives them the opportunity to share their story without judgement or shaming.

It’s about embracing your sexuality,  your career, your hobby, lifestyle whatever it may be and letting listeners know that it’s ok to have a kink, a fetish, a career that society my deem as taboo.

You’re a performer, author, podcaster, director, and many other things. Is there any field you haven’t explored yet that you have your sights set on?

I never thought that my career would take so many turns.  I never saw myself running an event company, being a wedding planner, a Swing club owner, Podcaster, author or adult performer.

Pursuing my certification as a masters sexologist was never even a thought that crossed my mind.

Therefore, I have no idea what’s next. I’m just taking the curveballs as they come and following the path to my next adventure.

Any upcoming projects you’re looking forward to?

I have written my 2nd book and just need to get thst to my publisher for editing and I also filmed with Jay Crew a documentary based on my first book that also needs to now be professionally edited so those are my next 2 projects I am ready to focus on.

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