Domino Presley

Domino Presley Interview: TEA Mistress of Ceremonies

We talked to Trans performer Domino Presley, who has starred in numerous titles for studios like Evil Angel and Gender X Films. Never one to shy away from her true feelings, Domino dishes about the realities of becoming an adult performer, advice for newbies, and the importance of the Trans Erotica Awards (TEA). Domino is the Mistress of Ceremonies for the 2024 TEA Show, of which Adult Empire is a proud Platinum sponsor. (Update: TEA winner’s list here.)

Adult Empire: You’ve been announced as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the 2024 Trans Erotica Awards (TEA), how did that come to be? Are you excited?

Beyond excited. It’s my favorite job I’ve ever had.  I used to help the TEA’s find some of their previous Hosts but I think Steven (who runs the TEAs) appreciated the way I worked the microphone whenever I was asked to present an award. When Steven actually asked me to become the new “Mistress of Ceremonies” (6 years ago) I was so shocked, I didn’t expect it.


How important is it to have something like the TEAs in adult industry right now?

It’s crucial. We need to have a space where we are celebrated and can celebrate each other. There is NO OTHER award show like this one. The TEAs are so much more than an adult

Award show, it’s a weekend where Trans Sex Workers get to be acknowledged and praised for being their true authentic selves. It’s a weekend where we don’t have to worry about getting clocked or spooked, we can just be and breathe. With all this negativity narrated attention on the trans community the last few years it’s nice to have a night to ourselves.  

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Domino Presley


What initially appealed to you about becoming a performer? How did you get your start performing?

In 2009 there weren’t many jobs available to newly transitioning people. I needed money to further my transition. I had auditioned for a reality competition show but they asked me to de-transition and that was not about to happen. Destined for fame and titties, I reached out to Buddy Wood on MySpace and asked if he’d work with me. The rest is herstory. 


How has your life changed since becoming a performer?

Negatively: my opinion amongst pedestrians no longer holds value. There’s no way I could be intelligent, I’m in porn. There’s no way I could be sexually assaulted, it’s my job.


Positive: the money is really really really nice. The platform is really nice. Both of those together are amazing. Having the platform to spread awareness on Trans issues has been a blessing but having the funds to start my own scholarship for Trans Sex Workers (the Jazmin Shibata Scholarship) has been the best part so far. 


You had a scene with Gabriel D’Alessandro that was included in TranSensual’s TS Fantasies release at the end of last year. You play an at-home nurse who fucks him back to health. Talk a little about working with Gabriel and your experience shooting this scene. Do you like those kind of fantasy/roleplay scenes?

That scene was actually filmed years ago but I do remember it being a great work day. I used to work with Gabriel all the time because we made a great team and learned how each other works on camera. I don’t mind fantasy role play but I prefer gonzo. 


What advice, if any, would you give newer Trans performers trying to break in or who are just starting out?

Don’t do everything right away if you plan on sticking around. Listen to the other trans performers advice. If they came before you, take their advice, if they’re not a successful performer: throw that advice away. Don’t try to be the next Emma Rose or Ariel Demure, try to be the first You. 


You keep your body firm and hard looking! What kind of workouts are you doing?

It’s mostly diet and a lot of pacing around back and forth. The older I’ve gotten the more important my diet has become. When I do go to the gym I only do light cardio and legs. I’m not a fan of chicken legs. 


What do you like to do to unwind at the end of the day?

Smoke a little weed and watch my housewives or Kardashian’s. If it’s not reality shows it’s Extraterrestrial and UFO/USO documentaries. Maybe some anime and a few microdoses.


Are you a football fan? Who is your favorite team?

I only like NFL players in my DMs and on my…. Never mind. No. I don’t watch sports. 


What’s your favorite gameday snack?

An NFL player.


Are you big into Valentine’s Day? Do you have any plans?

Not really. It’s just another day to me. I absolutely love flowers and gifts but that doesn’t have to be reserved for that one day. I’m not really big on any holiday except Halloween. 


Do you believe in love at first site?

If they pay enough, sure.

Jk. Ummmmm I used to but being that we don’t really know anyone right away, no. You can be in love the the idea of a relationship and person that you’ve made up in your head, but that’s not reality, that’s who choosing/forcing yourself to believe they are. 

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