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The Rundown: ‘She’s My Anal Mistress’ (Featured Video)


The idea of an anal mistress is quite intriguing. It makes you wonder if your wife might be okay with it. Surely, if it’s only for anal, she’d understand. Everyone needs to branch out once in a while and stick their meat between some high quality buns. I mean, how could she argue with it if the mistress looks like Ivy Rein, or Charlie Red, or Zlata Shine, or May Thai? I imagine she couldn’t argue with it. I imagine that’s exactly the point She’s My Anal Mistress is trying to make. The point that we’re all deserving of some of anal on the side, at least sometimes.

Scene highlights

Zlata Shine: Zlata Shine’s stockings wrap around the top of her thighs and leave the tiniest bit of bare skin between them and her leather skirt. It’s such a devious tease that could engorge the dick of even the most celebate men. Her thick rimmed glasses rest on her nose. Her juicy, full lips hold a pen in her mouth as she playfully teases Erik’s crotch with her foot. The image alone is almost too tantalizing to talk about. A septum piercing in her nose completes her getup. Everything about this woman screams naughty. She sits on the desk and begins to play between her legs. Fingering herself and gathering her internal juices on her hand before she licks it, tasting herself and daring Erik to try some. He’s, of course, completely at her mercy and obliges. She pulls his pants down and goes at his dick like a jackhammer, gripping him and forcing him into her mouth in a rapid fire. She keeps her glasses on and stares up, locked onto him with her eyes. Erik bends her over the desk, pulls her skirt up, and fucks her hard. The straps from her stockings remain on as he pounds and pounds her. It’s enough. She’s ready for him to put it in her ass. They move to the couch and spread Zlata along it, open her up wide, and press Erik’s massive girth slowly into her hole. It’s not long before he’s blasting her harder and faster. Her moans start small and then begin to build, becoming louder and more excited until she starts fingering her clit. “Oh yeah,” she cries deeper and deeper.

Ivy Rein: Ivy Rein looks like a professional woman in her white dress shirt and black skirt as she hikes it up to finger herself. Her lips extend out while she rubs her clit and passionately sucks Josh’s dick. She’s ever so delicate, treating it like a fragile treasure. They end up fucking on her desk and it’s quite hot to watch her legs spread wide, screaming “oh yes!”

Charlie Red: Charlie Red’s hair is so perfectly fiery that she could be a fantasy character. The depth of color there is just fantastic, and Jay thinks so too. It’s probably why he crams his cock deep down her throat. It’s a gorgeous sight; her puckering lips sliding up and down his shaft while he brushes her hair behind her head, on her hands and knees, tits dangling and ass perched up.

May Thai: May Thai exudes a purity and innocence as she goes face down and ass up, letting Josh eat her hole in preparation for the destruction he’s about to cause it. She’s able to get so incredibly wet, an impressive feat on its own, and a welcome precursor to Josh’s entrance. Her ass is so tight, and his cock so big, it looks like it’s struggling to make it in and out as he drills through her anal canal. “Oh don’t stop I’m so close!” May yells as Josh fits his whole unit inside her. She sucks his dick after, tasting her own insides.


“Oh my God, it’s so fucking big.” – Zlata to Erik when his dick is shooting into her ass.

That is the beauty of the mistress. Most men aren’t gonna get this type of talk from their wives!

Why we love it

There simply isn’t anything not to love. Anal is an intense, full-bodied art that touches not only the mind but the human spirit as well. When there’s a dick in an ass, the energy simply radiates outward. The performances are passionate, loud, and filled with a merciless erotic aura. Every girl in She’s My Anal Mistress¬†uses her asshole to bring ultimate pleasure to not only herself, not only her scene partner, but to all of us as all. They all scream for more, they all stretch their holes and push their bodies to their absolute limits. If you’re a fan of anal, or just a good one on one steamy sex scene, Penthouse gets the job done for you here.

Penthouse presents She's My Anal Mistress

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