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Sofie Marie’s very own Yummy Girl studio is hurdling toward your pants at 40% off. Yummy Girl features the jaw-dropping big canned brunette MILF Sofie Marie engaging in the most rigorous and hardcore of sex acts with all of her pornstar friends. Get in on the fun and see what it’s like for a pornstar to fuck her favorite pornstars!

Yummy Girl presents Sofie Loves Sean.Sofie Loves Sean

Most of us simply can’t get enough of watching Sofie Marie expand her sexual exploration. In this scene, we find her not only taking a big giant dick, but navigating the beauty of another woman at the same time. This threesome is filled with primal lust with Sofie prying open Kyla’s pussy to get a good fingering and licking on it. In other words, asserting her dominance. Kyla is inclined to return the favor, getting face first in Sofie’s snatch, but Kyla has to take the long rod of Sean Michael’s from the rear. She must perform two tasks at once: pleasure Sofie’s clit, and get rammed hard with a cock while she does it. It’s an endurance test for the ages and you’ll just have to watch to see what happens!

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Couch MatesYummy GIrl presents Couch Mates.

One of the few Yummy Girl videos that doesn’t include owner Sofie Marie, Couch Mates sets all of the focus on the lovely Codi Vore. This young blonde beauty is known for her shockingly large and especially delicious tits. So big, in fact, that it would be easy to suffocate someone with them, and they’d probably enjoy it. Male star Will Tile takes all his heat to Codi on a big white sectional couch. He does a great job really sticking it to her, blasting her porcelain white ass with his hips until it turns red. Meanwhile, her giant knockers do plenty of knocking as they rock back and forth, feeling the intense physical reverberations from Will’s empowered thrusting. Couch Mates is a delightful 20 minute tradition one on one scene with the rawness of an authentic-looking fuck.


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Ditch Diggers Give a Girl a RideYummy Girl presents Ditch Diggers Give A Girl A Ride.

Sofie Marie takes another one for the team by taking three big ones from these hardened construction workers. They’ve been working hard in the hot beating sun all day and are ready to burst. Sofie comes along and has a soaking wet snatch ready to hydrate the working  boys. With hard hats and dicks, they trade planting their erect units deep in Sofie’s mouth. Ah, finally, a wet place to cool down in. The gangbang escalates in the bedroom, and Sofie proves the strength and will of her sexually experienced body. She gets spit-roasted like a pig from both ends, cock in bottom, cock in mouth. She’s passed around like an adult play toy, fulfilling the fantasies of these blue collar workers while they fulfill hers of being drilled down by many dudes.


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Yummy Girl presents Sofie's Happy Ending Massage.Sofie’s Happy Ending Massage

No one can resist the burning urge to masturbate when two built babes go town on each other. Sex town. Tongue town. Brandi Mae’s big giant bubbly ass is a sight to behold, and one I wish I could physically hold. This is a scene where it’s easy to be jealous of Sofie, because she gets to massage those yams. She massages them so well that Brandi Mae welcomes Sofie’s daring fingers inbetween her legs and inside her pussy lips. It’s a joy to watch Brandi smile as she’s finger blasted with the care and love of Sofie. It’s a performance that will inspire many people to pursue a career in the massaging arts, and that’s why we love Sofie Marie.


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