Alia Malia stars in a Grooby porn video.

Alia Malia Interview: Expressing Herself Through Porn

In an era when cam content and indie porn are ascendant, Alia Malia has the heart of a classic studio star. She knows how to take charge and own the moment, both on camera and in her life at large. She’s worked with principally with popular trans label Grooby, but her list of desired co-stars augurs a career teeming with memorable moments across the spectrum of porn niches. In this Adult Empire interview, she covers her entry into the industry, her future plans, her nerdy side, and much more.

Adult Empire: What made you want to break into the porn industry?

Alia Malia: Initially, porn was used as a way to express myself and my new found trans identity. I knew I was a girl since I was five years old but living in a strict conservative household, I was never given the opportunity to be who I know I was meant to be. One day I just said enough is enough. I wasn’t getting the same love and respect I wanted from my family, so I was going to get it online. The feeling of being desired and even having people want to be like me, it was empowering.

How was your experience working with Grooby?

My producer Omar Wax and the rest of the Grooby family; Mike and Steven, have treated me like a princess. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. I’ve never met Mike or Steven face to face but I hope that day comes soon.

Do you like filming with studios or doing independent content better?

I’m definitely a mainstream performer at heart. Maybe if I had an agent or a manager to help me OnlyFans and Chaturbate would be more enjoyable but it is a lot of hard work alone. I’m also horrible at engaging with my following at times. Life hasn’t been the easiest for myself.

Since starting your career have you faced any challenges being a trans performer?

I think most trans performers/entertainers would agree that this is a niche category. Not all of us are blessed like the ones who have been in the industry for years and already built a name for themselves. We are also going through constant discrimination, especially black trans people. I think the challenges we face as trans people are considerably based on the lack of understanding of what it actually means to be “trans”. I can say personally this was something I had to think about for a long time. I would lose everything, even my family and loved ones. It is a commendable thing to be your authentic self, it is even more commendable to fight those who seek to demonize us at every turn.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a deep question. I was never one for looking too far ahead. I never thought I’d be where I’m at during this present time. I have more than I could ask for now. A simple life with my amazing partner Raven Thorne, a roof over our head, food and water in our bellies and a fur baby kitty to love. Hopefully in five years I will still have them in my life and have matured and become more responsible than I am today.

Do you have any hobbies or fun facts your fans might not know about you?

I’m really just a normal person. I love anime, video games, binge watching television, movies, etcetera. I was gonna be a Pastor at one point in my life. I’ve also only been intimate with people who were AMAB.

Are there any stars or studios you would like to work with?

As a trans woman there are a few. Stars: Lena Moon, Jenna Gargles, Izzy Wilde, Riley Reid, Mia Malkova and so many more but especially Lena Moon. I hope she will notice me one day! Studios: TransAngels (Obvious one), EvilAngel, GenderX, I mean honestly… if Grooby or any company would offer me a couple shoots a month, I’d be content.

Do you have any particular sexual act that you want to do in a scene?

I just wanna know what Pussy feels like 😅

We noticed you like to post pictures with cat ears and call yourself cat girl — do you have a cat yourself?

Yes! My partner Raven Thorne and I have a beautiful void kitty named Binx. She is my best friend <3

Since you became a webcam star have you ever done custom content for a fan?

Yeah of course! Most of it is super kinky stuff lol. I charge a pretty premium for that kind of material though.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to break into the adult industry?

Love yourself, think really hard about it. Be strong in the face of adversity and keep your head up. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help or ask questions. As competitive as this job is, you do not have to feel alone. Most of all be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you what you need to do. You are in control!

What would your idea of a perfect day be?

To be honest, just being with the ones I love and who love me unconditionally. That’s more than I could ask for. Maybe some Taco Bell and Cookie Dough Ice Cream too 😂

What do you enjoy most about the holiday season?

Doing my own thing. Focusing on what matters in my life and not what the world is trying to force on me. I think we get too lost in the craziness of the Holidays and material things that we forget what really matters and that’s being human. I hope one day we can all have peace and truly love one another without judgment.

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc. are you loving lately?

I’m really hooked on a lot of sitcoms lately, like Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, and American Dad. My partner loves sitcoms. To be honest though I really enjoy gritty action packed dramas. Gray man was really good. The new Thor was enjoyable. House of Dragons is phenomenal, strongly considering reading the book adaptations. As for music I mostly just listen to whatever Raven is listening too 😁

What is the nerdiest thing about you (if anything)?

I’m a total Weeb! I have a waifu and everything 😇 All my game achievements are from very lewd anime games.

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