Lumi Ray and Alexis Tae

The Rundown: ‘Amuse Bouche’ by DORCEL (World Premiere Video)

Adult Empire is excited to present the world premiere of Dorcel’s Amuse Bouche. Adult Empire customers get to be the first to lay eyes on this narrative-based, plot-oriented powerhouse porn film! The opportunity to see the world premiere featuring the hottest babes on the planet doesn’t come around too often! So sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Dorcel submerges full-scale into the food/sex genre with Amuse Bouche. Ricky Greenwood directs this Paris-based chef porn movie starring Lumi Ray, Rara Knupps, Alexis Tae, and Katrina Colt. Lumi Ray plays an aspiring chef who uses hot sex with her girlfriend Alexis Tae and others to motivate herself to become a master chef!

Scene highlights

Lumi Ray has a date with her hot ass girlfriend Alexis Tae, but cancels on her because she lands dinner with a TV food expert who can make or break her career. The dinner is awkward, tense, and dramatic. Then Lumi is invited to be on his TV show. Finally, success is around the corner for Lumi.

Lumi gets home to Alexis and informs her of the news, and Alexis doesn’t want her to go. They engage in heavy, heaving intercourse to ease the tension, and it sure does. Alexis’s full lips press to Lumi’s, just as Lumi’s healthy plump breasts press into Alexis. They take their time, just like good chefs do, and lick each other’s bodies up and down, feeling every bit along the way. Once Lumi finally enters Alexis’s murky cavern from the rear, they are in full throttle, moaning and groaning in delectable fashion. Alexis gyrates her hips while Lumi’s fingers are inside her, getting a thorough and full rotation. The camera work is gorgeous, and the sex is deeply erotic. 

Other highlights: Rara Knupps performs a back of the house blowjob on her giant-cocked coworker. It’s sloppy, rapid, and full of on-the-go energy you’ll only find in the food industry! 

Katrina Colt gets her pussy licked and clit flicked right in the restaurant kitchen! She has a beautiful body that is smartly shown off. She grabs his tits and smiles as she is fingered and tongued to orgasm. It’s hot, but the customers may not like having something like that happen so close to their food!


“I chose your food because of presentation. That’s what sells on TV.” – TV Master Chef (Derrick Pierce)

The presentation of this movie is undeniable, with expert camera work and gorgeous sets filled with color and eye-popping designs that reflect the culinary arts it represents. 

Why we love it

Have you ever had a meal so nice you wanted to thank the chef in a sexual manner? Perhaps you’ve watched Hulu’s The Bear and upon seeing Jeremy Allen White serving up culinary delights you wanted to push that face into your pants. Amuse Bouche captures the spirit of the sexiness of cooking culture. After all, what’s hotter than a person that can cook? Amuse Bouche fills you with the excitement and stress of what it is to be in the culinary world, and releases it all with the help of vibrant multi-course sex from stars Lumi Ray, Rara Knupps, and Katrina Colt.

Dorcel presents 'Amuse Bouche'

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