The Rundown: ‘Timeless’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

Seth Gamble’s Timeless is a erotic journey through the roaring 20s, the elegant 30s, the vibrant 40s, and the exuberant 50s, all while showcasing some of today’s hottest stars. As time flows on each scene captures the fashion and music of the eras brilliantly while incorporating hot passionate sex into the mix and it really does feel seamless. Sex and lust have been with us since the very beginning of time and Seth’s take on it here is sure to give him, and Wicked Pictures, another classic hit to tuck under their belts.

Scene Highlights

We begin in the 1920s, with that recognizable upbeat piano music playing in the background, and Violet Starr frantically running around a room getting undressed with a long ass cigarette in her hand. Everything from the set, costumes, lighting, and wardrobes is spot on as Violet sits half naked on her bed awaiting whatever adventure is out there for her. When Seth arrives they’re both shocked and want to know what the other is doing there, and when he turns to leave Violet stops him in his tracks, licking her lips and  groping his stong body through his clothes. After putting the other suitors out, Violet puts on a show for her gentleman, fingering herself much to his delight. She makes herself cum before pulling Seth on top of her (pants already down clearly), and the two begin their quest with some kissing, titty sucking, and of course oral. He fucks her pussy with his tongue as she loudly moans with pleasure and then she returns the favor with a blowjob fit for a king. Finally he pounds away at her pussy, showing off his stroke game and rhythm, until it’s her turn to climb on top and show off that beautiful ass. They fuck in a variety of positions until Seth cums on her trimmed bush, and Violet’s full nasty is on display when she picks it up and plays with it in her mouth, making you wish you were born in the 20s.

Somewhere in the 1930s Queenie Sateen is singing live on stage in a night club and the blinding spotlight sets the mood and tone perfectly. She seductively makes her way over to Seth and sings to him before giving a full strip tease, and before you know it she’s completely naked. She plays with herself on a table, talking shit to the camera, and it’s only so much teasing a man can take. Seth enters the screen and goes to town on her lovely lady lumps while fondling her clit and making sure to touch every part of her body. They grind and fuck like they’ve wanted each other for years and it’s incredibly hot! He bites her nipples and she toys with the tip of his dick, letting us know this is definitely going to be intense. After a little face fucking and deep throating, Violet hops on Seth’s dick and he fucks her while standing before bending her over and banging her back out doggystyle. Her hair never loses a curl as she sweats and moans and lets him devour her body in every way imaginable. He cums on her pussy and I think it’s safe to say this night club will never be the same again.

It’s 1940 something, the war is over, the party is starting, and Alexis Tae can’t believe her friend Jane Wilde is about to miss it all. Finally Jane shows up and the pair look stunning together in their collar dresses and long gloves. They’re hanging out by the snack table when in walks a handsome soldier that neither lady can take their eyes, and pretty soon their hands, off of. Alexis asks Seth to unzip her dress in the room full of people and while hesitant he knows you always obey a lady’s request if you can. Pretty soon the room in empty and the half naked women are kissing and fondling each other in front of their new soldier. They give each other head and when Seth joins the action the trio takes things to a whole new level. Apparently these friends do everything together because they both wrap their lips around his dick and balls and send him over the moon before he even gets a taste of them. I always preach, balance is key during threesomes, and these three definitely hit the mark. Everyone participates the entire time and I love it! As Alexis is getting fucked from behind she’s fingering Jane’s wet pussy and Jane is sure to return the favor with words of encouragement. Seth fucks forever and demonstrates his love for equality by splitting his load equally between their mouths. You wouldn’t want to tear a friendship apart because one got more than the other, right?

Jill Kassidy is our star of the 50s and man oh man does she look good! She runs a fashion boutique that sells lingerie and when Seth walks in looking for something for his wife she has just the thing. I doubt he was expecting her to model it for him, but a fella will take what he can get. He agrees that she looks great, but she wants to try on something else, or nothing at all…before long her petite frame is on full display and this poor man is about to cheat on his unsuspecting wife. You can’t resist all of that and Seth doesn’t try very hard after Jill plays with her coochie for him. He steps in to finish the rest, eating her out and fingering her pussy while lightly choking her right there on the couch where customers sit. Lysol wipes aren’t around yet but neither is COVID so I think we’re good. Anyway, she strokes and sucks his dick until it’s time to fuck, and boy do they fuck! I don’t think Seth’s wife lets him do some of this shit because he looked like a kid in a candy store when he slid his dick into Jill’s wet hole for the first time. They take each other on a wild, and at times acrobatic, ride that ends with him cumming in her pretty little mouth.


“You don’t have to take it if it’s given to you. I relinquish all control.” -Queenie Sateen when Seth asks if her can have her right there on the table of her club.

Why We Love It

Once again, Seth Gamble’s director genius in on full display! Nobody hits it out of the park each and every time, but this man always seems to be in reach of a homerun when he’s behind the lens and I know this one is going to get lots of attention. Timeless is more than a feature porno flick with a few stars showing off their acting skills. It’s a period piece of that flawlessly captures the essence of each decade and combines it with fun freaky sex in a way that’s enjoyable, relatable, and creative. Everyone from the stars, to the cameramen, to the lighting and set design crews, and the music producers put their soul into this one and you can feel it from the beginning. The accuracy is central to bringing each fantasy to life and everyone here does that down to the letter. Timeless is a movie I think we’ll all be enjoying for years to come.

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