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Podcast: An Interview With Pornstar & Author Sara St. Clair

Sara St. Clair admits that when she watches porn, her searches get so dirty, she has to clear her browser history once she’s done. When you read her new book, Romance Costs Extra, you may find yourself in a comparably giddy state of hardcore overload. Sex work embodies the “truth is stranger than fiction” maxim better than almost any imaginable field. With Romance, St. Clair joins the growing band of pornstars who have chronicled their experiences in print. She stops by the Adult Empire Podcast to discuss this and much, much more.

She delves into her Barbie-inspired branding, her take on the Barbie movie and feminism, her Midwestern roots, sports fandom, her porn origin story, her first porn scene (a bukkake), gangbangs, having sex with identical twins, fantasy scenarios, her passion for writing, the origins of her book Romance Costs Extra, the book’s real-life inspirations, the book’s sex scenes, the possibility for a book sequel or movie adaptation, celebrity crushes, her golf scholarship, the importance of safe sex, sex education, STI testing, advice from the book, drafting the book, her background in art history, the changes she’s seen in the adult industry, morning person versus evening person, working with director Mike Adriano, her first anal scene, her family roleplay scene with Ramon Nomar, rewatching her work, porn she enjoys watching, reactions she has had to the book, her passion for married men, society’s attitude toward porn, onscreen Sara versus offscreen Sara, her first encounter with porn, the Playboy legacy, horror movies, the Scream franchise, the horror villain she’d have sex with, her reading preferences, a typical day in her life, her sexual routines, polyamorous possibilities, exhibitionism, advice she’d give to her younger self, her preferred coffee order, guilty pleasures, pizza toppings, fan interactions, her fantasy scene with TV’s Dexter, favorite foods, and three things she could not live without.

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Interview highlights

On the Barbie movie and feminism:

So I’m personally not the biggest fan of feminism. I just want to stay home and cook and have babies and not have to work and take naps during the day. So the whole movie [Barbie] is about like all these Barbies being astronauts, surgeons, and then like, Kens take over the patriarchy. And they’re like, “Oh, boo-hoo!” I’m like, “You don’t have to work anymore. Why is that a bad thing? So why should you take on it?” [ . . . ]  I don’t really tell people that opinion too often, because obviously not super popular. But however, I will say the guys that I tell this to, they’re all like, “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard a woman say.”

On getting into in the industry:

I started dancing when I was 18. And from there I started doing modeling work and then, I don’t know, once I’m naked and tied up on camera, it’s like, well, the next step is just porn. I’m already naked on camera. So just a big snowball effect, one hosting to the next.

On the origins of Romance Costs Extra:

Oh, God, since childhood, I’d love to  just write little stories and everything. I went to the Ohio State for journalism. It’s just something that I’ve always loved. So being in the sex industry, having all these fucking crazy stories. Figured I’m just going to write a whole book about it. So I did.

On whether she plans to write more books:

Oh, fuck yeah. Absolutely. I still have a lot of stories left to tell, but the main goal though with this one is just do a really fun like easy read. Like no one wants to be sitting reading a Harry Potter-sized book.

On changes she’s seen in the industry:

Literally, [when I started out], I just sent my picture to an agency and got picked up like that. So easy. They’re like, “Okay, give me day to want to come out.” And all those dates we filled. Now, OnlyFans has taken over the industry, like 90% of your shoots are just like content trades. It’s impossible to get representation anymore. And main companies just aren’t shooting because the business isn’t there anymore. So it has slowed down and died, like a lot. Makes me sad.

On sex’s role in a marriage:

So I have a thing for fucking married guys, because I’m a horrible person. And the number one thing that I hear is, after three, four or five years, few kids later, the sex just stops altogether. And I don’t know, I feel like women like to think, okay, he just doesn’t need it. But what they don’t know is that since they’re coming to me, because people don’t go without something that they want. We’re humans. We just don’t do that. So I feel like sex is a very, very important thing to keep a marriage together. Otherwise, people are going to stray. As we know, from my book, feelings might get involved. And yeah, I literally had a dude leave his wife for me.

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