Mazee the Goat stars in a Blacked porn video.

Mazee the Goat Interview: Aware & Humble

The amazing Mazee the Goat is known for his dedication, work ethic, and intuitive ability to please women. In this interview he talks to Adult Empire about growing up in The Bronx, staying fit, porn trends he loves, and so much more.

Adult Empire: Do fans frequently ask you how they themselves can break into the industry? If so, what’s your usual response?

Fans ask me how to get in the industry all the time. I can’t tell you how many “put me in the game coach” DM I’ve gotten in just May alone. When I do usually have the time to give some feed back, I try to be as motivating as possible, but at the same time reassure them that everything ain’t for everybody, so choose wisely because once you jump, it’s really no going backwards, the internet is a very large place & you will be on it, for everyone to see forever.

You’ve worked with some of the industry’s most celebrated directors (Jonni Darkko, Mason, Kayden Kross, and others). What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from them?

This is correct, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the finest producers and directors within the adult industry. One valuable lesson I’ve learned from working with some of the best is punctuality. You’ll be surprised at how one will take you far more serious just for being on time. Respect for others time will take you very far in my experience.

Your Blacked Raw scene with Maitland Ward has been hugely popular on Adult Empire. What were the biggest challenges of shooting that scene?

I have to be completely honest here I cannot speak for the other guys in the scene, but for myself, there was not one challenge to overcome while filming. Not only is Maitland ward a stunning talent to work with, the other guys in the room were professionals like myself. We all knew what we were there to do and we got it done. That is definitely one scene that I would love to relive.

Watch this scene!

In your Twitter bio, you mention being raised in the Bronx. In what ways did that upbringing most shape the person you are today?

Being raised in the Bronx molded the man I am today in many ways, some good & some bad if we being honest, but one thing about Mazee is I stand by my cons same way I do my pros.

Growing up in the Bronx taught me to be the man I am today, to be very observant of my surroundings, whether I’m at a porn expo or walking through a neighborhood I’m not recognized in. This can save your life if you do it right.

It has also taught me to that reading people correctly can save me a great deal of pain in many ways (emotionally/financially/physically/spiritually) if I’m not careful with who I allow into my circle. Protecting your enemy & mental head space should always be a priority.

Not to mention my drive. Growing up in the Bronx also gave me an undeniable DRIVE to be successful no matter what, due to my surroundings. I wanted to get OUT the hood ASAP. This drive pushed me through all the street antics all young black men deal with growing up in the 5 boroughs between the ages of 12-25, so I could focus up & get the F*** Out before I was stuck or worst. Once I apply that same drive to ANYTHING in life I always succeed because IF YOU CAN MAKE IT IN NEW YORK, YOU CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE!!!

Tell us a little bit about Amazing Films.


My first website with me only being around 4 years, this is definitely a project I am truly proud of myself for. Amazing Films is basically a safe space for me to create an undeniably, pleasurable vibe with the model I am filming with. Gonzo would be the style of most scenes that I film, but with a small twist. Gonzo is considered more hardcore for males pleasure but on Amazing Films, the women are in control. Most women that have filmed with me will tell you it was smooth sailing because I genuinely aim to please & I’m great at reading a woman’s body, maybe it’s the male Pisces in me. So on Amazing Films you can find some of your favorite female performers being pleased beyond measures, we going down first on Amazing Films.

What’s a porn trend you love? Similarly, what’s a porn trend you wish would go away?

One porn trend that genuinely love is BBW. BBW women really appreciate the work we have to put in as male talent & they have no problem going the lengths to show that appreciation.

One porn trend I think we can do without is hentai. I’m sorry guys, no shade here for the hentai fans, it’s all love. Sex to me is the furthest thing from a joke & I think animated sex can come off as something funny opposed to something to watch to please myself, or learn to please another.

Your name references the popular “Greatest of all” acronym. What qualities do you think contribute to a performer being one of the all-time greats?

Some of the qualities that contributes to a performer being one of the Greats would have to be experience, punctuality, awareness, respect for others bodies, time, & brand, positive attitude, & most of all HUMBLENESS.

Some might even say “Mazee it’s only been 4 years, you haven’t reached that experience yet”. To that I say with only being in the industry, I was HUMBLE enough to understand I had some learning to do no matter how good my D was/is. I also had to be very PUNCTUAL if I wanted to be taken serious. Being PUNCTUAL also allowed me to be AWARE of the different equipment around me (need equipment to build own studio one day), it allowed me to develop conversations with my co-talent & learn the way she likes do thing, instead of just doing what I think is best (being AWARE of my co-talent body). Also while being AWARE, I quickly learned, you can have the biggest D & best sex, if you aren’t HUMBLE, women usually tend to NOT wanna work with you. With these qualities I was able to not only obtain many scenes but SUCCEED in many with most of the GREATS that was doing it before me, & I did this in only 4 years. Just to be clear it was an honor working with these men, I’ve learned ALOT from the OGs before me & I plan on learning more as long they are willing to teach me. But I just can’t wrap my head around “the more years the more experienced” in my personal opinion its “the more focused, the more experienced.”

Talk about growing up in the Bronx. What do you miss most? Do you visit there often?

I can’t lie I miss home like hell on most days lol .. while in Vegas I can always hit the pool on a hot day, ain’t nothing like taking a monkey wrench & cracking open the fire hydrant on the corner for the kids on the block. To the kids who can’t afford to get in the $7 a day pool, that fire hydrant was like Hurricane Harbor. I was that kid. All my memories in the are mostly from younger days, I wonder what it would feel like to be on the other end of that experience. Creating a Hurricane Harbor day for my nephew & his friends today. Yea, I miss NY .. I MISS THE BRONX

Tell us about your workout routine.

My workout routine is pretty simple. The fact that I’ve been doing it for over 10 years is basically what makes me look the way I look.

As soon as I walk in the gym, I do a little stretch for about 15 to 20 minutes possibly 25 if I had a lazy week. Then I start my day with five sides of pull-ups, five sets of dips, and five sets of push-ups. Once I’ve completed my warm-up, that’s when I start hitting the weights and attacking the target muscle for the day. I hardly ever go heavy with weightlifting. Most of the time I will use light to moderate weight, and simply do a lot of reps. This is most definitely the way to go if you’re looking to have a little bulk with more cut. We also cannot forget those days of cardio. This is very important. No matter how good you may feel no matter how fast you are on the court no matter how good your feet work is inside the ring, cardio will save your life. My cardio day basically consists of me doing hours on the treadmill and listening to some of my favorite house music. At this point cardio goes from walking in a straight pace to me actually dancing on the treadmill which takes my cardio routine up a couple levels. At the end of the day you can walk inside any gym and pick up any weight do 1,000 reps and it really wouldn’t matter if your diet isn’t on point. Diet is half the battle … literally 50%.


Adult male performer Mazee the Goat talks about his workout routine, hitting the gym, and the importance of good music during a workout. #mazeethegoat #gym #workoutmusic

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How did you come up with your stage name?

The name Mazee the Goat is pretty close to me for many ways. Before I started filming for companies, or even myself, I was a male stripper. Being that I have a very strong background and dance, as well as acrobats the women in the club would usually watch my performance and tell their friends “girl he was amazing”. At that point, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my bread. With no transportation as of yet in 2017, I started an Instagram and started to take on bookings for private events. Shortly after I found myself working as a regular for this phenomenal company in Atlantic City. Once I became one of the crew, it was only right that a nickname was granted. Shortly after being there I went from amazing to Mazee. 2 years later, as I’m learning the adult industry, I’m realizing as a talent it’s not going to be as glamorous as I thought it would be, but once I am locked in, I know I can make it to the top. And within the same thought process, I knew the only way to make it to the top is to never fall off no matter the obstacle. We maintain focus and never fall off. Treat the adult industry like a mountain climb to the top and never fall off just like those goats…see what I did there?

Mazee the Goat was a promise to myself to remain focused no matter how steep this mountain is. I knew once I stood around long enough, created enough to show my vision, I wouldn’t have to consider myself one of the greats, because the industry would take care of that for me. I never came in tryna be one of the greats, I came in making sure I don’t fall off.

Tell us about working with Blake Blossom in the Lethal Hardcore movie Big White Tits Large Black Dicks 9

That was possibly my third time working with Blake Blossom and I have to say anytime I’m with that woman, It is ALWAYS a great time on set. Blake Blossom is definitely one of my favorite co-talents to work with. We just have a great bond, A great connection. She understands my body just as well as I understand hers and that understanding, that connection, is what is needed to create a phenomenal scene. I’d work with Blake Blossom again any day of the week.

Do you have a favorite tattoo or one that has the most meaning behind it?

Most of my tattoos don’t really have that much meaning since most of them are from another lifetime, however, my full on tattoo that reads “S dot” is very special to me. It keeps me grounded and hard situations where I don’t understand myself. I guess you can say it’s a reminder of the strong kid who made it out of the Bronx. And sometimes with just a look down that kid can give the man I am today the kick in the ass that’s needed to remain focus.

What advice would you give someone looking to get their start in the industry?

The advice I would give to someone looking to get their start in the industry, would be to remain humble, be very observant, and invest in yourself, because no one is going to see your vision the way that you would.

What do you consider the best thing about being a pornstar? How about the worst thing?

The best thing about being a porn star, especially in 2023 is the fact that I have the ultimate room to be my own CEO. As much as I love working for these phenomenal companies and meeting phenomenal people on these phenomenal sets, It’s nothing like owning your own IP, and creating your own vision. It is 2023 IP is king when creating content & I am grateful that I have my start in this era of social media, Meta verse, etc.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day in the life of Mazee basically starts off with me, fix it myself breakfast in the morning with a protein shake in the morning and juice. Yes, Mazee is very very big on juicing.

I am very routine based so I may have the same exact breakfast almost every morning. Turkey bacon, eggs with a sweet potatoes. Sometimes I might add in some oatmeal just for pleasure. Shortly after I finish my breakfast, I have my protein shake, jump in the shower and get ready for the gym. As I am in the gym, I am drinking my juice that was made earlier that morning. After the gym, I come back home where I eat 2 to 3 more meals out of the day while working on the brand in multiple ways. Whether I am actually filming that day or just simply editing the content I filmed from a previous day or uploading a photo to Instagram to promote an upcoming scene or I might be even sending out deals to some of my VIP fans for FaceTime shows and custom videos. One way or another you can bet your bottom dollar I am always in my place of comfort working on my brand. After I clocked out of work, if it is early enough, I will creep back over to the gym for round two which will then put me to sleep like a baby. I love my life.

Can you tell your fans what upcoming projects you are working on?

Upcoming projects for the brand are pretty much in motion as we speak. I have a pretty talented background with dancing, acting, acrobatics, as well as fitness & nutrition. So the fans can expect a lot of different content coming out of Amazing Films down the line. Amazing Films will be become a house hold name for Amazingly shot content for your favorite category on the internet. I am also in the process of filming content for a podcast that I would like to launch at the end of 2023. On this podcast I’ll have some of the hottest pornstars, taking about hobbies & talents that they have obtained before sex work. We all have, “that thing” we use to be into before the adult industry took over. I’m curious to know what humanizes these talents. Promoting future work & what they have planned for the future with in the adult industry will be tapped on as well.

Also male stripping!! If you didn’t know, I am a male stripper & I’m putting together a team of guys local to Las Vegas that will be available all summer to those coming up to Vegas to get loose & leave if all in Vegas.

You guys can find some of the latest scene on as well as BTS content & Personal Moments with some of the hottest pornstars on


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