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Pornstar Devyn Lux Interview

The super sensual redhead Devyn Lux talks about her joy for performing, the magic of growing up in New Zealand, and much more in this exclusive pornstar interview!

Adult Empire: According to IAFD and your Twitter bio, you were born in Australia. From your perspective, what are the best and worst things about the country you grew up in?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of connection to Australia. Most of my formative childhood memories are of New Zealand…and those are extraordinarily fond. I honestly believe it is the most beautiful country in the world and the worst part about it is how hard it is to return to.

You spent a lot of time in New Zealand, according to your Adult DVD Talk interview. In what ways did your time there most shape your personality?

Haha. I love that I’m answering these in order because this question definitely flows into the last. Honestly, New Zealand is what put Magic into my soul. Lord of the Rings doesn’t even do it justice. It created my love of writing because I was constantly spellbound by the idea of creating a world as beautiful as that place.

Waitomo Caves alone is the definition of magic…a sprawling cavern system accessible only with tiny little boats…you pile into them and float into the belly of a deep, dark cave. You have to be absolutely silent…and if you are…gradually, oh so slowly, hundreds of thousands of tiny little lights begin to flicker on around you. It’s like sitting in the center of the galaxy. And then, if someone makes even the slightest sound, in a wink, they all go out. And you have to sit and wait as the glowworms reacclimate to your presence. It’s breathtaking. …and just one of the magnificent places crammed into these two tiny, precious islands.

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Devyn Lux


Australia has given the world many great adult performers: you, Angela White, Savannah Bond, and others. To what extent have you followed the careers of other major Aussie pornstars? Is there any friendly sense of rivalry when you look at their work?

I actually don’t follow other porn stars at all. I’m honestly so busy with everything else in my life that I don’t have time to watch other peoples’.

And I despite inter-industry rivalry. There’s enough sex and money to go around. I absolutely cannot stand the drama and poison people bring to the industry with their egos. Just support one another. It’s really not that hard. We all do better together so why tear each other apart???

One of your most popular clips on Adult Empire is a POV scene. What are the biggest challenges of shooting a sequence like that?

I honestly just feel super bad for the male talent having to focus on keeping a scene well shot while also being so delightfully distracted.

Which type of porn do you prefer to shoot: a POV scene like the one above, or a more conventional third-person porn shoot?

I prefer third person because then everyone can give their full focus to what they’re doing. Plus, I’m an exhibitionist.

What’s your take on “kink-shaming”?

I think it’s ridiculous. No one should be ashamed of their kinks…unless their kink is humiliation. Then they should be very ashamed, dirty little sluts.

Haha, honestly though, as long as your kinks are Safe, Sane, and ENTHUSIASTICALLY Consensual, I’m all for it.

Your Twitter bio also mentions your identity as an “erotic artist.” What’s your response to people who say porn is not art?

I don’t only shoot porn. I’ve been an internationally published fine art model much longer than a porn star. But also, fuck their opinion. I dare them to get their backs blown out with pointed toes haha.

You’re newly available to book again with HBxmodels. What types of scenes and porn genres are you most hoping to shoot?

I absolutely love cosplay and fantasy shoots.

I’d really want to expand further into my Queer shoots. I love girls and trans individuals and don’t have nearly enough of them in my portfolio. I want to be a stronger ally and I feel hypocritical having so much hetero content.

Similar logic to the above with interracial shoots. I am enraged that people judge individuals based on where they are born or how much melanin they have. I want to shoot with people irrespective of their race or gender.

What do you find to be the most puzzling or unusual part of American culture?

Why TF do y’all fry or supersize fucken everything? It’s insane.

Also, everyone that believes national Healthcare doesn’t work when I literally come from a country where it does blows my mind.

What’s your favorite horror film (if any)?

Absolutely not. I refuse to watch horror of any kind. My childhood had more than enough of that. The closest I get to horror is Eldrich Horrors in my tabletop games.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures.

Tell us your go-to coffee order.

Unfortunately, Crohn’s disease has made it so I can’t enjoy coffee.

What is the best thing about being a pornstar?

Making good money to have great sex. How could life be better?

Half the girls that bullied me in school will have mediocre sex for dinner at Olive Garden. Roflmao. I think I got the better end of the bargain.

Honestly though, it allows me to take back a lot of personal power. I was always told growing up I was only worth what people would give me if they wanted to sleep with me. Well, I guess I’m worth quite a bit then.

What advice would you give someone looking to get their start in the industry?


No amount of money, social pressure, or anything else is ever worth it, EVER!

At the end of the day, you have to live in your skin. Never let yourself do something you don’t want to do. It never goes away.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you select?

I’d go back to New Zealand.

How do you create onscreen chemistry with a co-star?

Honestly, I’m just really chill to get along with and I’m really good at my job. I ask and respect my costars limits, I take wonderful care of them, and I have them laughing off set. The chemistry comes naturally.

Tell your fans what they can expect to see from you in the near future.

What do yall want??? I’m happy to create the type of content you all want to see! My Twitter is a direct link to me. Let me know (respectfully!) what you’d like me to film and I’ll try to accommodate!

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