Adult Empire interviews pornstar. Tanya Tate

Podcast: An Interview With AE AVN Red Carpet Host Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate doesn’t take any day for granted. When she wakes up, she’s ready for whatever life has in store for her, whether it’s family, friends, business, or pleasure. (When you’re in porn, those last two often overlap.) Adult Empire has enjoyed a special relationship with Tate over the years. Via Star Factory PR, she has connected us with many performers for podcast and video interviews, and she served as Adult Empire’s AVN Red Carpet correspondent in 2023. Tate is primed to return in that capacity this year, so we thought the time was ripe to do an in-depth podcast with this multi-talented star.

She discusses what motivates her, porn fandom, her industry origins, her first scene (co-starring Danny D), her energetic performance style, dirty talk, her work with Star Factory as a porn publicist, the Skinfluencer Success podcast, Vivid Radio, inadvertently arousing the crew on porn sets, her official sex toy, her Adult Empire AVN Red Carpet correspondent gig, and more.

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Text excerpts

On what motivates her:

Years ago, if you’d asked me what lights my fire, I would have been, like, you know, going to AVN, walk in the red carpet, winning awards, being nominated, making big movies, going to parties. But as you get older, things change. And I’ll tell you now, it’s literally waking up. And it’s a brand new day. And that day, you’ve got ahead of you, you can do what ever you want with that day. There’s so many things that I have going on, you know, from the gym, to family life, to making content to talking to the fans.

And literally, I kid you not, I wake up each morning, and I literally say thank you for this new day. And it just makes me feel good. We all can be appreciative for being alive. People wake up, and they’re all grumpy and miserable. And I’m thinking, don’t be like that, because you’re here, you’re alive, you’re breathing, you could be dead tomorrow.

So today is what you make it to be. And of course, you know, for me as well. If I was looking forward to some things that were happening, it still is meeting up with friends and meeting up with family. And sometimes, you know, when you have really good calls and really good connections with fans, it’s like an overall thing that makes my day.

Industry origins:

Yeah, I’d worked in an office, and it was kind of like really boring. And I’d split up in a relationship with a guy. And I was just going out with this other guy and kind of friends with benefits. I go back to his house, and he puts on a movie in the living room. And he’s like, “Oh, wow, yeah, look at this!” And I was just kind of sitting there. It wasn’t really like intimate thing. He just put it on. And he was all into it. But I started watching it. And I was like, “Oh, oh, I wonder if I could do that?”

And it really put that seed of thought into my mind. And it was from there. I went and I got some pictures taken. And I’ll do my research. I was trying to research the adult industry. So I literally went into a shop that sold adult DVDs. And I had the girl and she was turning over the back of the DVDs. And I was writing down the companies. And then I went online and I found some that were based in London. So I emailed them. I got invited to come and meet one of the companies and they liked me. They shot me and it went from there and I shot my first scene. I think it was like October [2008].

So from there I shot with you know all the companies in the UK. I did some scenes in Europe. People from England, we don’t say we’re European. Anyone that’s listening from the UK will be like, “Yeah we know what she’s saying. There’s England. We’re an island. And there’s Europe.” So I went to some of the places in Central, Eastern Europe, where they shoot scenes. So I did some scenes there. And then I made the move, I came over to the US. And I started making scenes in the US and moved over to the US. So I’ve been living in the US since 2010. And that’s where I live right now, in Los Angeles.

On dirty talk:

I just love it. When I was younger, I used to love sitting there with those books, you know, those readers’ wives’ letters. And I would read them and be like, “Oh, this is so hot.” So I think a lot of that talk in that scenarios were in my head before long before I got into porn. And you know, I can remember starting off and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do or what you’re supposed to say and, and I shot a lot of scenes for North American. I used to love shooting for North America, and they loved me, the fans love me, you know, the British MILF, the mommy. And they would always be like, “Oh, talk talk talk!” And I was like, “Oh, yeah, I get to talk.” And they don’t tell you what to say, necessarily. But I just kind of said the things that I felt would turn people on and what I felt turned me on. And you know, it’s become one of the things that I’m known for — the queen of dirty talk.

Turning on the crew:

I’ll tell you — when we have the crew, I was shooting for companies. I could see the crew. And I always remember the reaction that I would get and I would be like, “You cocky, dirty bastard! Oh, come on! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Come on! Keep going! You dirty bastard!” And sometimes you could just see the crew like just like grabbed themselves. It wasn’t supposed to be them that were listening, you know. But you could see the reaction sometimes in the crew. [ . . .]

I could see them. I was the change in the demeanor. It was like the uncomfortable squished-the-legs together kind of thing. And I’m like, “Oh, yeah, I’m doing it for you as well!” And sometimes I call the crew out on it — “What, that turning you on?”

On hosting Adult Empire’s AVN Red Carpet interviews:

Thank you so much for letting me host the red carpet interviews from AVN. That was so much fun. Your team are lovely. And you know, I got to catch as many people as I could come on down the red carpet. And I know that, you know, it’s on your YouTube channel. It’s on your TikTok. And the views on there were just amazing. So I love it. And I’d love to come back again.

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