Lauren Phillips

The Rundown: ‘The Draft’ (Featured Movie)


We’re kicking off the New Year with some of the hottest and bustiest gals in the world in The Draft. I’ve never been much of a football guy myself, but I can get on board with it if it features smackable titties like those of Jazmin Luv and Lauren Phillips. In this wacky adventure, a lovable group of guys play fantasy football while their hot ass wives spread their pussies and fuck and suck in the name of the great American game.

Scene highlights

Lauren Phillips wears a skimpy red dress that would make all football fans proud. After all, what’s more American than football and busty women? It’s not long before the gorgeous redheaded MILF is on her delicate knees, tits dangling, brushing the hair out of her face to go down on a fat meaty cock. The man attached to the dick in her mouth is so invigorated he grabs an acoustic guitar and begins to strum a tune. It’s an uplifting moment to say the least, and really captures the spirit of football. I can only imagine what songs would spring from me if I had Lauren’s magical mouth wrapped around my modest member.

Other highlights: Jazmin Luv and Aubree Valentine share an intimate moment together by getting their asses ridden and pussies pumped right on the same bed! They move with beautiful motion and bounce their asses with great passion. Alex Coal, Pristine Edge, and Lauren Phillips take part in a soaking wet orgy the ends with their mouths dripping with warm, yummy cum!


“Football isn’t a contact sport, it’s a collision sport” – Duffy Daugherty

He couldn’t be more right, as there was plenty of collision between cock and mouth, and cock and pussy in this football themed feature.

Why we love it

Football is about friendship, family, and the American way. Therefore The Draft was about all of those things, too, just with the added entertainment of ass, tits, and pussy. It serves as a gentle reminder to celebrate your family and your wife. It proves that a good wife can be just as slutty, depraved, and fun to bang as anyone else. In that way The Draft teaches us timeless family values that we’ll take with us for the rest of our lives.

MYLF presents The Draft starring Jazmin Luv and Lauren Phillips!

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