Penny Barber stars in 'Coming of Age.'

Penny Barber Interview: MILF Star of ‘Coming of Age’

Penny Barber is a self-described “apex cougar.” When you’re at the top of the MILF food chain, you appear in the biggest movies for the biggest brands. That’s exactly what Barber has done in Coming of Age, the debut DVD from MILFY, a MILF-themed label from the makers of Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen. Barber gives us a detailed look at what she calls the “best shoot ever” — plus much more — in this new Adult Empire interview.

Adult Empire: What’s the story behind your Twitter nickname, Pampered Penny?

Penny Barber: I started going by PamperedPenny when I was 19 or so, doing fetish porn. I originally had a PennyBarber Twitter account, too, and to this day, I have no idea why it was deleted. The fetish stuff on PamperedPenny was way worse. I mean, I created it so that I wouldn’t gross out non-fetishists.

Why do you think the MILF theme has remained such a consistently popular porn genre?

Because MILFs are hot! That only women in their twenties or, God forbid, teens are attractive is an outdated, creepy idea promoted more by mainstream media than porn. I’m looking forward to the day when MILF porn is so acceptable that I’m never asked this question again. And thank you so much to the creators of the mainstream MILF characters who were early adopters, even if most of them were animated.

Talk about working with Vixen Media and Kayden Kross for the new MILFY label.

Best. Shoot. Ever. I wish I had gotten to work with Kross more, but, you know, she was busy wrangling a whole bunch of MILFs. (We’re delicate creatures needing regular foot massages, macaroons, and mimosas.) Kross is one of those rare and wonderful adult directors who really care about the quality of the content. She’ll take the time to correct you. She’ll expend the energy to be gentle and professional. And Vixen, a company that facilitates its creators’ visions, is the place for her. After 20 years in and out of the industry, I’m elated to see a director being supported by a company in engendering her artistic vision rather than simply churning out banausic, barely erotic wank-material.

You’ve starred in several scenes for Evolved Fights. Tell us a little bit about that! Were they challenging sequences to shoot?

While I did enjoy wrestling, I would never do it again. My back is fucked up forever. I’m retired.

[Browse Penny Barber’s Evolved Fights videos]

In your Adult DVD Talk interview, you mentioned animated porn as one of your own favorite genres. What’s the biggest appeal of that category?

I do love animated porn! Instead of these long, boring shots that you skip through, you get perfect compositions, crazy sexy bodies, and impossible sexual feats, and I’ve never heard a voice actor giving a lazy performance.

In your appearance on the Love Her Podcast show, you mentioned that you’re based in San Francisco. How do you handle the logistical challenges of being outside Porn Valley?

I pay for a lot of hotel rooms. (If you’d like to cover one, you’re welcome to tip me on my OnlyFans at!) I have a cute little convertible sports car that I use to zip up and down the I5.

What was the most difficult character role you’ve played in a porn movie?

Oh god. I was in this weird feature. The director had written the script – which made no sense – and I had to act overjoyed to fuck this homeless guy who had been masquerading as my husband but also happened to have known him in the military and looked just like him. I managed to cry on cue when they asked me to, but it was rough. I have an easier time playing furious than sad. I’m not really mopey and usually only cry when I’m yelling in an argument.

You told Xcritic that “most people are surprised by how kinky I like to get.” How did you discover the kinky side of yourself? What’s your most surprising kink/fetish?

I just thought that was how people had sex. There was no big reveal where I stumbled across or found a dirty magazine. On my own, I just thought people tied each other up, spanked each other with belts, and said disgusting things during sex.

My most surprising kink is that I probably like to be dominated by bound men. Like if you have a guy handcuffed, but he manages to get the chain around your throat and turns the tables so that he’s really in control, even though he’s restrained. Do you know that scene in No Country for Old Men where Chigurh strangles that cop? I don’t want to be murdered, but having a guy like that force himself on me or make me do something sexual is a huge fantasy. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen it depicted in porn.

Tell us about your scene with Jax Slayer and Armani Black in the movie Blacked Raw V62.

Oh, man. Armani Black would be Miss America if there were a porn beauty pageant. She’s so beautiful and smart, very classy. After we wrapped, she made a point of waiting with me outside to keep me safe. I tower over Armani, but she always wants to ensure everyone is safe and happy. She’s so aspirational. After our scene, she told me I take dick like a champ, and I think I just floated out the window. It was like being complimented by a storybook princess.

Jax was also very kind and allowed me to take a picture with him while he flexed. I think his bicep might have the same circumference as my waist.

What do you remember about your first time on a porn set?

Oh god. I committed a faux pas and brought my idiot boyfriend. I was not yet familiar with the shibboleths of porn, like sharing test results or discussing lube preferences. Normally, these days the other actors on set will be gentle and explain these things, but my co-star was this very punctilious dominatrix and this was in 2003 or 2004 in San Francisco. She wasted no time in telling my boyfriend to fuck off and telling me that I was being a rube.

Do you have any stories about crazy run-ins with fans?

They always seem to see me at Target. I don’t feel like I go to Target that often yet . . .

What advice would you give someone looking to get their start in the industry?

Make a plan. Decide what you want to do, then list steps to help you accomplish that goal. Define success and give yourself a timeline. If you fail, then you fail. Accept it. You don’t want to fail and then waste away on the sidelines of the industry for eons or find yourself in a bad situation.

Currently what are your favorite TV shows, movies, music, books, etc?

Ooh. I just started The Rose of Paracelsus.

I have plans to watch Jan Svankmajer’s Lunacy with my husband tonight. I started it, but I think my husband is really going to like it, so I paused it.

My favorite movie, Blood Tea and Red String, is free on YouTube. It’s a beautiful, dark cottagecore stop-motion movie about a family of creatures who journeyed to save their doll from some evil white mice.

As for TV, I’m watching Tales from the Crypt to familiarize myself with the style for an upcoming project.

I recently discovered Primus’s The Desaturating Seven (2017), and I love it! It’s this weird, psychedelic age-play album. Masayoshi Takanaka did a version of the same story in 1981. They couldn’t be more different, but I adore them both.

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working in the adult industry?

It matters if you try. The effort is often directly rewarded.

What traits do you think make you such a successful adult performer?

Am I successful? I don’t know. I’m tenacious, engage in quotidian lucubration, and follow my bliss.

Do you rewatch your own work? If so, what have you learned from it?

I rewatch content that I make, yes. I’ve learned that it usually is worth it to make an effort to take the time to get the better shot; the better audio, the better take. People act like porn doesn’t matter, but they’re wrong: I genuinely believe it’s the most important media we create, and I wish we treated it that way.

What are some things studios can do to improve the on-set experience for pornstars?

Studios usually do the bare minimum. If you show up on set and there’s a Talent Advocate, remember who’s paying them.

That said, I always appreciate having my expenses covered, having a wardrobe provided, healthy craft service choices, and experienced makeup artists. I also appreciate it when directors say something if the makeup or wardrobe isn’t up to snuff, but every actor is different. Some don’t care about the footage or performance and just want to go home as quickly as possible. I prefer working with studios that treat their performers respectfully and hire professional coworkers with whom I can be proud to perform.

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