Pornstar Brandy Renee strikes a pose.

An Interview With Trending Pornstar Brandy Renee

Call it a post-Christmas gift.

Brandy Renee was one of the top trending new performers on Adult Empire in 2023, so it seems only fitting she is our penultimate written blog interview of the year. She snagged plenty of attention in Reality Kings’ Monster Curves Vol. 45, but it’s likely only the beginning for this busty sensation. In this new chat, she discusses her industry origins, upcoming plans, porn trademarks, masturbation habits, and much more.

Adult Empire: Tell us how you got your start in the industry.

Brandy Renee: Honestly, Brazzers reached out to me! I was shocked and so excited that they noticed me.

Your Reality Kings shoot has been very popular on AE. What are your main memories of that particular scene?

So this is my debut scene with Reality Kings!

I remember every second of this scene. Everyone was so kind to me. But mostly, the squirting part. I can squirt. I love squirting but I was SO nervous about doing it in front of an audience that my body was not working with me. I had to take a break to calm down and was embarrassed. The TA, Producer and cameraman went out of their way to relax me.

We started the scene again and I squirted EVERYWHERE. Everyone congratulated me, pat me on the back like I just won an award. I almost cried out of relief 😅. That second, I knew I wanted to keep working for them.

Talk about your experiences on Twitch. What aspects of that platform do you most enjoy?

I love streaming! It’s my favorite! I stream full time Mommy ASMR with Cosplay. It’s such a good way for your fans to build a connection with you and actually see your attitude. I love my fans so much.

What are your trademarks as a performer?

Mostly cosplay. I really appreciate how Reality Kings and Brazzers try’s to put me in roles that reflect my cosplay and nerdyness.

Your Twitter bio makes a reference to anime. What type of anime do you enjoy? What are your thoughts on anime porn?

Oh my gosh. I love Hentai. Growing up I’ve tried to watch real porn a few times and would get turned off. But Hentai is always my go to. It’s more creative, fun and hot.

What was your most heartwarming interaction with a fan?

At C2E2, this fan knew I was going to be there. Everyone knows my favorite Pokémon is Umbreon and Espeon. So while he was searching for me, he picked up everything Espeon he could find to give me. Little things, a plushie, stickers, a card. I almost cried, I love little thoughtful gifts.

In what ways do your onscreen and offscreen personas most differ?

On all social media. I’m very “out there”, teeny bikinis, flirty, etc. But off screen, I’m very shy, introverted and conservative in my looks.

What’s the most fascinating fetish you’ve discovered as part of your porn career?

Feet! I never understood it. I still don’t really. But I’m addicted.

I was doing a scene with Logan Xander (HeyGrimy), he was fucking me, sucking my toes and called me beautiful. I came so freaking hard. I had to tell him to stop because I was going to squirt! After that I’ve asked it from multiple scene collabs.

Who do you consider your mentors in the industry?

Angela White. No explanation needed on this answer.

How has your own personal attitude toward masturbation evolved?

I’m a lot less ashamed. I was raised extremely religious. So I never masturbated till I created an Onlyfans at 26. I was ashamed and embarrassed to touch my own body. But now – over time- I’m enjoying it. Once I found out I can squirt, I took like three showers a day for a week!

Tell us about your tattoos!

I’m actually in the process of getting a few removed. The wings on my back, I got when I was 14.

But I am working on a leg sleeve. I love tattoos.

The only color tattoo I have on my body is a Pokémon Tarot Card tattoo on my inner thigh that my ex boyfriend actually did. Pretty ironic since it’s the lovers card.

Currently, what are your favorite TV shows, music, movies, books, etc.?

I don’t watch much reality TV. I feel like it’s pretty toxic to the brain. When I do it’s anime.

Music, I love music and dancing ! I aim for chill hits or Lofi. You will ALWAYS hear music at my house.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Oh gosh, my days are a mess. I juggle doing social media full time. So I wake up at 7am. Catch up on OF messages. Hit the gym 9-11ish AM (I lift weights), get ready to stream on twitch/kick. Stream 1-8/9. Edit content, make new content for all the medias. Be in bed by 12 or 1.

Tell us about your fitness routine.

I eat moderately healthy (I love pasta) 5 days a week. Lift weights/cardio 5/6 days a week. There’s a kick boxing gym down the road from me and I’ve been thinking about doing that too? I really like staying busy and moving.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In my dreams : living in a little home on a farm in the country, with some chickens and critters running around.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

Yes! Currently putting together some merch! I’m so excited to start having my own stickers, shirts, body pillows!!

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