Becki Bottomz appears in a solo porn clip.

Becki Bottomz Interview: 2024 Best Trans Newcomer Nominee

As one of the biggest kink communities on the web, Fet Life has served as an industry springboard for many performers. Kinky, fun Becki Bottomz was discovered there by an industry producer in 2021, embarking upon a career that has now found her nominated for Best Trans Newcomer at AVN 2024. Adult Empire’s new Becki Bottomz interview delves into her career origins, her memorable Golden Girls porn parody, the excitement of AVN, and much more.

Adult Empire: Congratulations on your AVN nomination for Best Trans Newcomer. What was your reaction to your nomination?

Becki Bottomz: At first I didn’t believe it. Then the tears started flowing with happiness.

When and how did you get into performing?

I did my first professional scene in October of 2021. I was found on by a very well known producer.

Did you ever see yourself getting award nominations? Did you have goals like that?

No. I  never thought I would get award nominations and if you had told me I was going to get 14 noms in the first two years in the industry I’d probably tell you you were absolutely fucking nuts. Lol.

Getting nominated was definitely a goal when I started in the industry and of course winning one would be great too. I mean, yeah, every girl wants to win an award but to be nominated alone is a win in my opinion. The fact that I am put on the same pedestal as these amazing rockstar performers is a win in my book.

You were in a Golden Girls parody from Nerds of Porn, Golden T-Girls. Talk a little about that experience and what it’s like shooting a porn parody.

Golden T-Girls was so much fun! I had so many laughs and such a good time with such amazing performers. I remember my face being sore the day after we wrapped up shooting just from laughing and smiling so much while on set. But no matter how much we joked around once those cameras started rolling we did what we know best. There was such great chemistry between all performers producers and directors.

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Blanche!  You silly goose. She’s a flirt that has a lot of energy and i think that’s why they asked me to play her character.

What’s your favorite scene you’ve done this year?

Honestly all of them. Every single scene that I have been in has a special place in my heart because of the opportunity to work with such professional, amazing and beautiful performers. I feel blessed that I’ve been given this opportunity to work with such superstars so I feel that they’re all my favorite.

What’s your favorite type of scene to perform?

That’s a tough one because I feel like one way or another all of them are my favorite for their own special reasons. I really love being the center of attention in a group scene. I mean what girl does not want to get surrounded by beautiful cocks and have her holes worked over nice and good. Hehehe. Lately I’ve been doing topping and flip fucking scenes and I’m having fun being versatile.

What’s your favorite position?

The ones where all my holes are stuffed full . . .  Oh!  And doggy while having my ass spanked. I also love the positions were I can be looked in the eye and told how much of a thirsty cock loving slut I am.

Do you have any upcoming projects or scenes you’re looking forward to?

Oh my gosh, do I! I would love to tell you all about them but I can’t because then that’s ruins the element of surprise. In 2024 your going to see me shooting with ALL GENDERS and not just with trans girls and men. I’m switch hitting in 2024 baby. LoL.

What do you like to do to unwind at the end of the day?

I love walking with my beautiful doggy diva. My almost three year old Boston terrier whom I love so much. She is my everything. I also have a green thumb and i grow many different types of plants. I love to work in my garden and in my indoor grow tents. I love to snuggle up with a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie sweatshirt on then watch movies and chill.

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