Obsess Me presents Obsess Me lube.

Obsess Me Lube: 2023 Adult Empire Sex Toy of the Year


Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

The Adult Empire Awards honor the best and most popular movies, stars, and industry figures from the past year.

Obsess Me Lube: 2023 Adult Empire Sex Toy of the Year


Picture your nightstand. It’s probably equipped with essentials like a phone charger, lamp, glasses case, books, or some favorite jewelry. If you’re an Adult Empire regular, the nightstand drawer may contain a few saucy surprises of its own, including a favorite sex toy and, if sales figures are any indication, a tube of Obsess Me Lube. This lubricant has grown into a porn essential, routinely topping the list of bestselling Adult Empire novelties. That’s why we’re pleased to name it the 2023 Adult Empire Sex Toy of the Year.

Purchasing a lubricant online can be tricky. The market is flooded with cheap, shoddy brands that fail to find the proper balance of convenience, smoothness, and pureness. The creation of the Obsess Me Lube was attentively overseen by a team of people with a combined decades’ worth of experience in the pleasure industry. The result is a gentle, long-lasting, body-safe essential for solo fun and couples’ escapades alike.

To get an idea of the impression the Obsess Me Lube is making on consumers, check out the ringing endorsement from two AE reviewers:

  • “You can waste your time searching around for a better product but I just did the work for you so please, trust me, pick up a tube of this stuff, and have the time of your life all night long! You don’t even have to thank me in the morning.” (Authentic Lesbian)
  • “I’m obsessed with this super smooth lubricant. This has been great to use during foreplay with my man. It has the perfect amount of lubrication for all sorts of activities like hand jobs, toy play and penetration. He has sensitive skin and it didn’t bother him at all. He also doesn’t like when lubes are too thick and jelly-like but this was opposite of that. It’s actually pretty close to what natural body lubrication is like.” (Domineera)

Available in bottles of 8.5-, 16-, and 32-ounce sizes, the Obsess Me lube has been most popular in its smallest, most easily portable version.

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Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

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