Dorcel stars appear in 'More.'

‘More’: 2023 Adult Empire Best VOD Presentation

Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

The Adult Empire Awards honor the best and most popular movies, stars, and industry figures from the past year.

Best VOD Presentation: Full-length movie that best exemplifies an innovative or high-quality VOD presentation by including extra features or other aspects for the hardcore fan of erotica.

Adult Empire 2023 Best VOD Presentation More

More gives you exactly that.

In an era when feature-laden special editions are largely a thing of the past, Dorcel still creates porn-watching experiences with the feel of a major event. They’re not just movies cranked out as if truffles from a low-rent chocolate factory. They’re artistic creations that are enhanced by accompanying interviews and behind-the-scenes features. That’s why we’re pleased to name More Adult Empire’s Best VOD Presentation for 2023. It’s a red-carpet treatment that Dorcel has given to numerous movies of late, including Missing, which was also a strong consideration for this particular award. Buzz for More built with the debut of a trailer a week before the movie’s worldwide Adult Empire premiere on August 30.

The movie is 2023’s most spectacular iteration of Dorcel’s new global aesthetic, which has expanded the company’s reach to movies set in the USA. In More, Casey Calvert and Kira Noir gain entry to a secret, exclusive club that will ultimately put them on the greatest sexual adventure of their lives.

For director Ricky Greenwood, it was a chance to do something new. “My vision was, okay, we’re doing a club. We’re doing nightlife. So I was let’s try to do something more like Drive or Nicholas Refn where they could see a lot of neon lighting, lighting the scene so that we would have a lot of fluorescent color, so bringing that element into it. And let’s create that younger type of club — not the sex club — but something that more like a younger generation of people will go there. And so we would try to build something that is a kind of a new way of doing stuff,” he told AE in a 2023 interview.

At the end of the feature, Dorcel has included an illuminating making-of documentary with star interviews and insight into More‘s creation. This desire to provide a full, enriching fan experience, combined with a beautifully wrought main feature, is what sets More apart.

Adult Empire’s own Chase perfectly and presciently summed up the movie’s appeal in his official blog review: “This is an easy five star movie on track for some big awards, I’m not afraid to predict it. Remember, the password is ‘MORE’ and you leave your phone at the door – you won’t need it. This movie left me wanting more and it will surely leave you the same way.”

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Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

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