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Jonni Darkko: 2023 Adult Empire Director of the Year

Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

The Adult Empire Awards honor the best and most popular movies, stars, and industry figures from the past year.

Jonni Darkko gets it.

In the end, porn is a video fantasy designed to arouse your imagination and satisfy your desires. Trimmings like plot can enrich the experience, but the sex is ultimately what delivers what you came for.

And delivering, well, that’s exactly what Jonni Darkko’s movies have been doing for over two decades. Collaborator Angela White aptly described his style as a “high-end fashion clean look with dirty, filthy sex.”

His following among porn fans is as dedicated and enthusiastic as that of Donnie Darko, the movie that inspired his name. But it would be a mistake to label Darkko as a “cult” phenomenon, with its implications of a small but fervent niche. The stunning sales figures of Darkko’s directorial oeuvre show that he has taken a cult aesthetic into a blockbuster realm. His 2023 output ranked among his best yet, ranging from Vicki Chase Ninfomana to 2023 Adult Empire Award winners Deep Inside Jennifer White and Double Anal Angels. To honor these remarkable achievements as well as his abiding popularity, we are pleased to name Jonni Darkko Adult Empire’s 2023 Director of the Year.

For insight into the career of this porn filmmaker, check out our new Jonni Darkko interview. He covers his entry into the industry, the influence of his style, porn’s future, and much more.

Adult Empire: What’s your reaction to being named Adult Empire’s 2023 Director of the Year?

Jonni Darkko: Thank you so very much Adult Empire! There are so many great directors now. Giving me this award is a big compliment. Thank you.

Do you know instantly when you’re working on a movie that will resonate with audiences, or does it usually remain a mystery right up until it’s actually released?

At this point I know . . . Niche is king, the harder the better! [2023 Adult Empire Award winners] Double Anal Angels and Double Penetration Fixation are the best examples! There is so much to look at now. I feel the focus needs to be the girl and what she is doing. Simple.

How did you get into the adult industry?

I moved to California in the late ’90s and after coming from Chicago where I was a photographer that did a lot of fashion and catalog work. I thought that I would be able to make it here doing that. I was wrong. Nothing like that was here so I had to adapt. I had a friend who worked at an old video company in the valley and she said “why don’t you do porn” [and] “it’s happening everyday here” so I gave it a go! Took some time to figure out what was going on and the industry was changing from the old line up to new producers. I felt like I could do it.

You’ve cited Greg Dark, John Stagliano, and Andrew Blake as some of your porn influences. Are there any major mainstream artists or filmmakers who have also influenced your work? 

I have thrown in some Christopher Nolan and David Fincher style shots in some intros just for fun. I like what they do a lot. Abstract and precise framing.

Your stage name evokes the 2001 cult classic Donnie Darko. Talk about your history with that particular movie.

That was the time I was asked for a director’s name and I really like that film. It resonated to me. I met Jake Gyllenhaal in Whole Foods, and I told him about it. That was funny. He mentioned it in a GQ article. Still makes me laugh.

In her Adult Empire interview, Angela White described your style in this way: “I love the fact that he combines this sort of high-end fashion clean look with dirty, filthy sex.” Do you agree? How has your aesthetic evolved over the years?

Yes, is a compliment I appreciate from Angela. That’s just what I like — I like hot girls getting super dirty. I want the girls to look so amazing that you can’t help but want to see them at their best. Also, I feel the girls appreciate the looks as well.

Your style has influenced many other porn filmmakers. Are you flattered or annoyed when you see others imitating your work?

Flattered. I am always finding inspiration from others. I could be a painter, a musician, or an actor. It comes from everywhere. There is no “original idea” at this point. Everything comes from somewhere . . . at least that’s what I feel. I had a Brazzers director ask me if he could use a thing I do in my blowbangs if he could do it. That was a compliment. I appreciate the thought. At the end of the day, people are using what we go to get off. To make them feel good. That’s cool.

To what extent do you revisit your older movies?

It’s hard to make up my mind on it. I have to feel motivated either internally or from fans. I started the showcase idea of the concept of giving fans new hard and original content of a performer. All because I was irritated over the “comp” concept. If I’m a fan of a performer, I have seen it already. Hence the showcase! The first one I did was Tiffany Mynx in 2005. I was such a huge fan of hers before I was in the biz. I wanted to showcase what she was best at. So that’s why I go hard on showcase movies. There are some older titles I am working on now like Suck Balls just because it’s so niche!

Jonni Darkko’s original star showcase.

In your 2020 interview with GameLink, you said gonzo is your absolute preferred genre. Has there ever been a feature/plot-oriented project or idea that’s tempted you?

I have a short story I want to do. More of a thriller kink of a project. I’m going through the storyboard phase right now. so fingers crossed. As many say, I’m not into story porn. One sacrifices the other. Shooting hour of dialogue then making the sex scene secondary is not for me. I’m very happy knowing I don’t have to do it. Ask Mike Quasar how much he loves it  LOL

Have you worked with any up-and-coming performers recently who you think could be the industry’s next big star?

Willow Ryder is unreal. She really is killing scenes these days. I just shot her first blowbang! Was epic. Will be in the next Wet Food. Sophia Burns is an amazing Anal Queen! She is so nasty and into anal.

Evil Angel founder John Stagliano has said he likes making the sort of porn he himself would like to see. Do you approach your movies the same way?

Yeah, that’s it for sure. Otherwise you’re making things you are not into sexually and I feel that you can’t give the proper desired outcome. It just won’t translate. I really think you need to dig into what you are doing. Fans want to connect with it. So if you aren’t then how will they, right?

What do you regard as the single biggest challenge facing the porn industry today?

There are two that I see! Attention span. I hear that the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. That says it all. AI is looking insane as well. Once good enough quality video is made, it’s over. If you add them together it will be AI Tik Tok porn. Two-minute clips! It sounds horrible. By that time I will be done anyway, I guess. LOL

What’s next for Jonni Darkko?

Well, I have been making content for over 20 years now. I feel like something else is calling me. I just haven’t nailed it down. Different adventures await. I know I will be producing adult content for a few more years! Thank you!

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Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

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