Jade Venus strikes a pose.

Jade Venus: 2023 Adult Empire Trans Performer of the Year

Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

The Adult Empire Awards honor the best and most popular movies, stars, and industry figures from the past year.

Adult Empire Trans Performer of the Year 2023 Jade Venus

“I’m very particular about how I masturbate. I use two hands — very specific motions.” In her interview for the How Women Orgasm video series, Jade Venus explains her own unique way of giving herself pleasure. It is appropriate that a star as hardworking and distinctive as Venus would use a two-handed pleasure methodology with its own unusual flavor. She seizes each porn opportunity with both fists and never lets go, carrying audiences everywhere to ecstasy right alongside her. That’s why we’re pleased to name Venus Adult Empire’s 2023 Trans Performer of the Year.

“I was very excited to see that!” Venus told Adult Empire in reaction to the news.

Venus’s road to stardom was not an easy one. Montana is known as Big Sky Country, but its signature horizons signaled nothing but limitations to a young Jade. Born there when transgender identities were still widely misunderstood, Venus struggled to find her niche after coming out at age 12. Her mother supported her identity, but her father did not. When she finally moved away, her life changed and she found her path and voice in porn.

Debuting in 2020, Venus entered an industry that was finding its creative groove with an impressive variety of inclusive, thoughtful, erotic entertainment spotlighting trans performers. Nevertheless, she admits she does not tend to dwell on her gender identity. “I honestly don’t even think about it,” she said in a panel discussion with two other noted trans stars.

Indeed, her sexual charisma transcends the labels that can sometimes become a porn obsession. Her wide eyes, long legs, sultry voice, and distinctive cheekbones evoke vintage stars like Jenna Haze while retaining effect that is entirely, uniquely Venus’s own. She has logged notable shoots for Evil Angel, Adult Time, PansexualX, Gender X, and more. Two of her scenes appeared in Adult Empire’s 2022 rundown of top trans scenes. She has also been a regular in AE blog features like “Best Porn Scenes.”

Interestingly, despite her affable demeanor, Venus admits that she’s particularly skilled at conveying onscreen rage in porn acting scenes. “Maybe it’s because I’ve dealt with a lot of bullshit. I want to be a bitch for fun when it’s not serious, because in person I’m really nice,” she told Adult Empire. It’s one of many nuances in a star whose life and career are filled with them.

Ultimately, perhaps her last name, in its meanings and implications, says it all. Venus is one step closer to the sun, measuring in with an average surface temperature of nearly 900 degrees Fahrenheit. In cultural terms, Venus represents the Roman goddess of love and fertility. These two qualities — sweltering heat and passionate love –find their pornstar embodiment in the performer who uses the name. 

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Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

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