Codey Steele strikes a pose.

Codey Steele: 2023 Adult Empire Male Performer of the Year

Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

The Adult Empire Awards honor the best and most popular movies, stars, and industry figures from the past year.

2023 Adult Empire Male Performer of the Year Codey Steele

Codey Steele is the prom king, the captain of the football team, your cool older brother, and the hip best friend. He’s the guy you would want to date your sister. He’s just an all-around good dude, proof that nice guys can indeed finish first. Steele is also evidence that the stereotype of male pornstars as mustachioed, leering slicksters is as ancient and outdated as a peepshow loop. He’s a true professional who delivers a sexy, confident performance every single time. Adult Empire is pleased to name him our 2023 Male Performer of the Year.

“It’s very exciting. I want to thank you guys so much. I was very happy to receive that information. Obviously, that’s something that every I think performer on either side looks for is to be recognized as the Performer of the Year in some way. Thank you guys so much!” Steele said in reaction to the news.

Steele’s journey into porn bespeaks the quiet confidence porn fans have come to know and love in his performances. When he grew tired of the 9 to 5 doldrums at a pharmacy company, he decided to shake up his professional life by answering an ad published by an Arizona porn company. Though he’d been working in a more conventional field to that point, the adult business had never been far from his mind.

“I had always wanted to get into porn. I’d always been that person who was definitely an exhibitionist, who likes being watched, who likes that type of thing,” Steele told Adult Empire. “They gave me a location. I showed up to set. It was actually a MILF that was in like the swinger scene there who was trying it out as well. We did a scene together and then they gave me maybe one or two at most a month. So the learning curve was very different. But once I made the jump with my previous my ex, Alison Rey, once we made the jump to come to LA, the work has been steady since then. I’ve been growing every single time I go to set.” (Steele’s current partner is popular pornstar Vanna Bardot, with whom he’s shot numerous scenes.)

To the average male, the idea of having sex on set may sound intimidating. Indeed, the industry is redolent with stories of new male talent who lose the ability to perform at inopportune moments. In vivid contrast, Codey Steele’s professionalism and resolve are as rock-hard as his stage name suggests. He’s so locked in, in fact, that he sometimes lapses into on-set mode even when he’s having sex off the camera.

“I literally had a girl who was on her knees going down on me, and I’m like turning open to a light that’s in the corner of the room,” Steele recounted to AE. “And I just don’t really even realize that I’m doing that until I’m just sitting there thinking about it. And I’m like, okay, like, why, why? I don’t need to do that right now. No one’s filming this. No one’s paying attention. This is just for us. But you, kind of, in your head, that’s just where your brain goes.”

Key directors have placed some of his scenes among the best work they’ve ever seen. In her AE interview, Kay Brandt pointed to Steele’s Burlesque Story scene with Cherie DeVille as a particular stand-out. “I was blown away even more at the power of their sex, connection, and the immense giving that happened between Cherie and Codey. They were totally free to have the kind of sex most people dream of having — and I’m grateful I was able to capture the intensity and sheer gorgeousness of what transpired that day on that bed at that moment,” Brandt said. [Watch this scene]

That type of chemistry is what elevates porn from skin flick to erotic masterpiece. Stars like Codey Steele are an essential element of such onscreen magic.

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Adult Empire presents its 2023 awards.

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