Pornstar Eva Nyx stars in a Lethal Hardcore porn video.

Eva Nyx Interview: The Teacher Who Became a Pornstar

A notoriously difficult and exhausting sex position, reverse cowgirl is the bête noire of many pornstars, but it does not faze Eva Nyx at all. In fact, she counts it as one of her very favorites. In this, there’s great insight into the pluck and character of Nyx, who moved from the classroom to porn’s bedroom without missing a beat. Our new interview covers her entry into porn, her time as a teacher, her notable scenes, and much more.

Tell us about Eva Nyx. What’s a typical day in your life like?

A typical day in my life consists of waking up in my home in SFO, heading to a yoga class bright and early!! Then I most likely get some coffee brewing, take a shower, snap some sexy pics and hop on my computer to edit content, respond to emails and update my OF. I also spend most of my day on my phone taking new selfies, messaging fans on my OF as well as snapchat. I enjoy chatting with fans on these platforms and I have made super awesome connections by doing this, so much so that it has become a big part of my days. During the afternoon I will occasionally play video games, work on my social media accounts and run quick errands. After this I catch another yoga class, make dinner and update my OF fans and Snapchat subscribers about my day. If there is one I will watch an NBA game, so sad that the Lakers got swept [in this past season’s playoffs].

How did you go from teaching to porn? What sparked your interest?

Well, to put it simply, I was in school every single day of my life until I was about 20 years old. I jumped straight from college back into the classroom as a teacher, not really analyzing if that was really what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Going through high school, straight to a university kind of turned me into a robot in a way, I never gave any other career path a thought. I was just so focused on getting my BA and landing a job quickly after that.

Although teaching special education was a great opportunity I had achieved and I had really enjoyed it was a very mentally taxing experience for me at 20-21 years old. When I started teaching it was the first year back in the classroom for all students after COVID in Washington state. So many of these kids had little to no social life for the two years prior to this. When I was in college they didn’t teach us to prepare for the lack of social experience in these kids. (A little confusing to type LOL) As a young female in a classroom full of 14-18 year old special needs students who were socially two years behind was nothing less than overwhelming. It also made me second guess my choice to jump into this workforce without dipping my toes anywhere else. I began to contemplate doing something fun, and different than I had done at any point before.

After completing the first year as a teacher I was exhausted. I praise teachers who continue to complete full school years following the COVID pandemic. I was so desperately craving a change of lifestyle. So one day, during summertime, I packed all my things into my car and drove down to California. This day I started my new life. Just a week after moving, I still had this YOLO mentality and I was in contact with modeling agencies. Both porn and non porn, mostly through Instagram. Tip toeing on the porn side made me a little nervous but only continued to spark my curiosity further. I spoke to two agents, one being Ryan Hussie, we had an amazing conversation and I remember him mentioning my personality would blossom in the adult industry. After this, my deal was sealed and I headed to LA about two days later!

Tell us about becoming a Hussie Model!

Hussie is an amazing agency and I feel apart of a great big family!

How did you choose your stage name? Is there a meaning behind it?

I chose my stage name with the help of one of my past sugar daddies LOL. I knew I wanted something short, sweet and a little mysterious.

In your Adult DVD Talk interview, you said you like reverse cowgirl and that is one hard position to maintain! How do you stay in shape to perform in positions like that for extended periods of time?

YES!! I love it!! I have always been very muscular and physically fit. I do yoga twice a day, I also am an athlete. I played basketball the entirety of my younger years till I was about 20. I am a state champion player and I also ran lots of track in high school.

What’s your favorite part about preparing for a scene?

I enjoy learning the stories behind other talents and those working on set. I think its super cool to understand how people get into this industry and where their successes come from!

Who are some studios and stars you’d like to work with in the future?

I would love to work for Jules Jordan, EvilAngelm and AdultTime. I also worked for Brazzers a few times and would love to again! As far as other stars I have been eyeballing Emma Rosie for a while, as well as Charlie Forde hehe.

You told Adult DVD Talk you aren’t really much of a size queen, but what’s a “pretty” penis by your standards?

A pretty penis is a well maintained girthy cock, I do enjoy a bush and a solid pair of big balls.

Is there anything you can’t see yourself doing in front of the camera?

Hmmm, good question. I am pretty new to the industry still so I’m still learning the extensive list of what is done on camera. I don’t have a good answer but if I have to mention one thing it would be puking… LOL

How has your experience in the industry so far compared to your expectations before getting started?

I think my experience aligns well with my expectations before starting. I am continuously blessed with the great opportunities I have been given and also my quick increase in following. I think the biggest thing for me would be the intense support from my amazing fanbase. I didn’t realize I would have so many supporters so soon.

Tell us about your scene in Appetite For Something Tight 2 with Stoney Curtis.

A super sweet tasty scene, I always enjoy working for Lethal Hardcore. [Watch this clip]

Your scene in The Cute Little Babysitter 13 for New Sensations is phenomenal! What was it like to work with Dorian Del Isla? The energy and chemistry you two bring gives off a feel that you’ve known each other for years.

It was such an amazing scene and definitely one I think about often! Dorian was great, and we definitely had chemistry the entire day. I couldn’t get my hands off him!!

Who is on your Mt. Rushmore of pornstars?

Hmmm, if I’m being honest I never really watched porn before starting.. hehe.. but I do recall fangirling over Bruce Venture when he followed me back 😀

Talk a bit about social media. Love it or hate it?

Love it!! Love posting, messaging and seeing what others are up to!

What do you consider the best thing about being a pornstar?

Being sexy 24/7 and experimenting with my sexuality!

What do you want your legacy to be? What will fans remember Eva Nyx for most?

I would want my legacy to be about authenticity and putting my supporters first. I think it is important in any job, especially one on the internet, is to be yourself because at the end of the day that is what people want to see most. A real person, being themselves through and through.

Is there anything your fans should be on the lookout for? Any exciting projects in the works?

As far as porno movies, YES! Plenty coming out soon. I also have been crafting my Twitch Stream, as a way to become closer to my fans.

Tell us about the games you play on Twitch.

I play Call of Duty, Warzone, Fortnite and I hope to start playing some scary games too!

What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year?

I hope to continue on my uphill journey, working on fine tuning my brand as a performer. Building strong connections with my fellow performers, and companies. And of course shooting as many pornos as possible!! 😀

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