Danny Mountain and others star in a Devil's Film porn video.

The Rundown: ‘My Best Friend Stole My Girlfriend 2’ (Featured Video)


How could you?

That’s the question racing through the minds of four loyal boyfriends when they face the ultimate betrayal. They innocently left their girlfriends in the care of a best friend, never imagining that anything suspicious might happen. Attraction has a compelling logic all its own, though, one that doesn’t know or care about long-term friendships or the wrenching nature of infidelity. My Best Friend Stole My Girlfriend 2 continues a Devil’s Film series that kicked off in 2020 with a four-scene flick toplined by Spencer Bradley. The second volume offers four cheating hearts who do the dirty deed with their boyfriend’s best friend and then get caught in the act. 

Scene highlights

Scene three is the most memorable of the bunch, thanks in large measure to high-energy performances from Danny Mountain and Celtic Iron. Iron suspects that girlfriend Nicole Aria is being unfaithful, but he can’t quite put his finger on the reasons why. Best friend Danny tries to reassure him, noting that Nicole has always been difficult to read. He has good reason for attempting to pacify Celtic’s concerns, because it’s Danny himself who is having sex with Nicole behind Celtic’s back. After calming Celtic’s nerves, Danny slips off for another assignation with Nicole, who amusingly dismisses Celtic as an “emo pussy.” Her latest hookup with Danny brazenly occurs right under Celtic’s nose, but she and Danny clearly relish the danger of the situation. After we get a stunning view of Nicole’s ample booty jiggling with every bounce on Danny’s dick, Celtic barges in. “Et tu?” he roars, in a Julius Caesar reference that Danny helpfully explains to Nicole, all without missing a beat. Celtic calls Danny a “Judas” and screams in rage at the skies as Danny and Nicole rapidly vacate the bedroom. Pitching Mountain’s beefy British accent against Iron’s Irish brogue creates an air thick with macho rage, softened nicely by the humorous approach the actors bring to the material.

Scene one is a salute to blunt language in all its glory. Leana Lovings is growing tired of Max Fills, best friend of her boyfriend, Steve Rickz. A series personal setbacks that have forced up to take up temporary residence with Steve, whose layabout habits don’t sit well with Leana. When Steven leaves to check out a possible apartment for Max, Leana tries to play nice by asking Max how he’s been feeling. Not one to beat around the bush (that’s what she said?), Max mentions that his ex didn’t appreciate his ability to make her climax five times in a single session. Perhaps Leana would like a demonstration of his “pussy eating” skills? He promises it’ll be oral only, but before long, their dalliance expands into full-on sex. Lovings’s beautifully exaggerated performance style, drawing its inspiration from the theatricality of hentai, is wonderfully on display here.

Scene two involves an illicit hookup between Bella Luna and Nathan Bronson, the best friend of her boyfriend (Will Pounder). Dialogue establishes that Bella and Nathan got intimate during a beach getaway during a couples’ trip, but she’s resisted his considerable charms ever since. When Nathan finally gets her alone again, he immediately reminds her of the chemistry they shared at the beach. “Just like last time, he’ll never know,” he says. Nathan is cheerful and eager, in contrast with the dour Will, so Bella can’t resist. After oral, cowgirl, and more leave them giddily satisfied once again, Will walks in. This interruption isn’t enough to keep Bella and Nathan from continuing with round two (albeit offscreen).

Scene four finds Isiah Maxwell playing a version of himself: a talented lover who has hit the big time in the adult industry. When he invites pal Billy Boston and his girlfriend Anna Claire Clouds over to see his palatial new Los Angeles home, Anna takes an instant liking to him. She’s also curious about what pornstar life is like, so when she stumbles on Isiah in nothing but a towel, she asks him if she can snap a pic of what he’s got. Well, he’s got a lot, and soon she’s gagging on his massive pornstar dick. Isiah returns the favor with more oral, she rides his dick and teabags him, and he climaxes on her chest and mouth. Milquetoast Billy witnesses the aftermath of it all, but there’s no turning back for Anna now. As the scene winds down, she runs off to join a Hollywood orgy.  


“I literally spend hours eating her pussy. I’d make her come three or four times.” (Max Fills is puzzled why his ex dumped him when he was so solicitous in bed. Leana Lovings is suitably intrigued.)

Why we love My Best Friend Stole My Girlfriend 2

The supporting players are what truly set My Best Friend Stole My Girlfriend 2 apart. The cuckolded boyfriends could simply be treated as throwaway characters, but Devil’s Film casts strong performers in these roles. Their anxieties, emotions, and sense of betrayal is exaggerated and memorable, providing a context that enhances the sex scenes. Where else but a series like this would you find a cuckold referencing Shakespeare and the Bible when confronted with his cheating girlfriend and bestie? The cheaters themselves are also remarkably brazen, proving that if you’re going to stray, you better do it in the biggest, most spectacular manner possible.


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