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An Interview With Dorcel Star Clara Mia

It takes a special type of charisma to perfectly embody a world-famous brand like Dorcel. Clara Mia snared headlines when she signed as Dorcel’s brand ambassador last December, but she also thinks of herself as a sort of artistic muse to the brand. (Make that “Artiste Égérie,” as Mia herself puts it in the original French.) The results of that collaboration have been hits like Missing, Duality, and more. In this new Adult Empire interview, Mia discusses her work with Dorcel, her new forays into directing, her life off camera, and much more.

Tell us about your background and how you entered the adult industry.

I was doing odd jobs that I never liked, so I thought I would try out an idea I’d been kicking around; becoming a CamGirl on online webcam sites. I loved it, and feel free, to be creative in setting up my sets. After that, I was quickly contacted by productions for professional shoots. I let myself be tempted by the idea and discovered that I really liked this world. Even if today I have my own choices and preferences in this field.

When did you first become familiar with the Dorcel brand?

I already knew about Dorcel before entering the adult industry; mainly from their Dorcel stores where I often went to buy some sex toys and accessories. I also watched their films for my own pleasures.

From your perspective, what characteristics make Dorcel unique?

French-style glamour, particularly well-presented outfits and choice of very feminine lingerie are for me, Dorcel’s strength. Also, the quality actors with a real script, settings and atmospheres, are carefully chosen.

Describe the nature of your role as Dorcel’s official ambassador.

I take my role as Dorcel ambassador very seriously! I want to leave my mark and live these two years fully. My role is to promote the Dorcel values of elegance and eroticism. Give new impetus and another dimension to erotic films.

Talk about the making of your showcase movie Clara: An Indecent Story.

I play the role of a young woman who is quite reserved at the beginning and who, as the story unfolds, gives in to her pleasures, her impulses and her fantasies.

As part of your partnership with Dorcel, you have started directing. How would you characterize your approach to directing?

My approach to filmmaking is typically feminine. As well as sensuality and eroticism, I like to include sensitivity, psychology and feelings that everyone can relate to. A touch of humour while ensuring the technical aspect.

What filmmaking lessons have you learned from some of the Dorcel directors you’ve worked with (such as Herve Bodilis and others)?

I’ve been able to improve my acting and my creativity to develop my own scripts. It’s also a lesson in rigour; it’s all about memorisation and endurance when you have to play sequences for several hours at a time.

What was your reaction to being nominated for AVN 2023 International Female Performer of the Year?

I was very excited! I was very happy, but then there are other actors/actresses who don’t have any nominations and who are excellent actors.

Of all your work with Dorcel, is there any movie or scene that you think best captures your style as a performer?

I’ve loved each of the films that represent a part of my personality. But I can’t say that there’s one film that symbolises who I am.

How do you view the concept of “ethical porn”? In what ways do you try to embody this concept?

I think it’s a very good thing that we’re moving into ethical porn to break away from standards and add some naturalness and freshness to our films. Being able to diversify and get closer to ‘everyday’ sexuality means that a lot of consumers can identify with it and enjoy it more! In any case, that’s what I’ll be trying to promote in my films.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on set?

I am a young woman like so many others. I am focused on spirituality and animals. Music and drawing are the center of my passions. And being with the people I love.

Series: The 100, Sky Rojo, Breaking Bad.

Books: Adapt or Die by Antoine Renand and Never Never by Colleen Hoover.

I listen to everything from hard techno to meditation music, from metal to classical. I love music in all its forms.

What characteristics do you yourself find most attractive?

What I find attractive in a man is his charisma, the combination of physical and moral qualities. Respect, loyalty and the ability to remain humble.

What I admire in a woman is her femininity and gentleness, while at the same time having a combative, forward-looking character. She’s a woman who can be as comfortable in stilettos as she is in jeans, or who can get her hands dirty.

Give us an idea of what you have planned for the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

I wrote a script for Dorcel, and I plan to make it in 2023. Maybe eventually write a second one this year. And I don’t project myself beyond because we live here and now!

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