Julia Roca

The Rundown: ‘The Bellboy’ (Featured Video)


The bellboy is a sacred role rooted in ancient tradition. Throughout history there have been hard-working men carrying the belongings of the upper-class. Often times they are met with a tip for their service, but The Bellboy from JoyBear Pictures is about the tip that bellboys give back. These bellboys go the extra mile to make sure these women are serviced and satisfied.

Scene highlights

Julia Roca invites tasty young bellboy Sylvan up to her room. He had helped her with some luggage earlier, but now she needs help with something else. Under her sheer see-through robe is black, revealing lingerie. She tears it off right in front of him and invites him into bed. He reveals his ripped bellboy body and presents his cock for Julia to gobble. Now that’s room service! Julia’s body is tight and an incredible specimen. She stretches her legs apart and hovers over a horizontal Sylvan, giving him plenty of her treat to eat. Julia performs a certifiable banger of a scene with masterful control of her body, which is my new favorite porn body.

Other highlights: Blue Honey flashes her cute smile and changes outfits over and over again in front Jesús, who gets glimpse after glimpse of her packed jugs. He ponders only briefly before taking the invitation to grasp her chest bags with his own hands.

Kali Sudhra straps a dog collar around Tommy Cabrio who wears it proudly as he eats her out with the same vigor as a hungry dog.

Venom Evil sits on all fours, completely naked on the bed, and sucks off a fully clothed Sylvan in an impressive display of ravenous foreplay.

Gala Neftalí and Ivy De Luna feel deeply inside one another before busting out the strap on and doing a classic bit of hard fucking, a colorful image full of tattoos and meshed body parts.


“God is not a cosmic bellboy for whom we can press a button to get things.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

If this movie proved anything, it’s that maybe he should be. In fact, I may have an idea for a porno.

Why we love it

Sex will always have varying social power dynamics, and that’s what makes every experience unique and enjoyable. The Bellboy explores the arousing nature of server vs. client, and it hits all the right beats. In what can be interpreted as a trope reversal, it’s the women viewing the men as the objects to ogled and taken advantage of. They like what they see and then invite the men to do something extra for them. It’s an effective portrayal of powerful women displayed in an attractive and competent light, controlling their own narrative and getting what they want, and that’s sexy.

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