Kenna James and others star in Dorcel porn videos.

Studio Movie Spotlight: Dorcel on VOD (2023)

For American audiences over the past four decades, Dorcel has been like a naughty European mistress: sophisticated, worldly, and sexually adventurous. It’s been a taste of French erotica featuring top stars and talented, award-winning directors. Now you can enjoy this world-class brand at a special 50% discount [ends 11/22/23], but only for a limited time! Check out four spotlight picks.

Dorcel presents The Price of Temptation porn video.The Price of Temptation

A disintegrating marriage is a painful experience that can be transformed into compelling narrative art. Cinema classics like Scenes From A Marriage, Kramer Vs. Kramer, and A Marriage Story have all won plaudits for their exploration of relationships that have lost their spark. In adult entertainment, Dorcel has always had a particular knack for this type of material. The Price of Temptation is one of its most memorable recent entries in the genre, sparking the dying embers of a marriage when a couple vacations in Paris in search of meaning, distraction, and passion. Husband and wife MariskaX and Marcello Bravo have soul-baring conversations about their past peccadilloes and present preoccupations as they attempt to reconnect. The City of Light provides the perfect backdrop for swinger adventures that promise to restore their long-lost swagger.
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Dorcel presents One Night In Los Angeles porn video.One Night In Los Angeles

In some sense, One Night in Los Angeles captures the thrill that some adult performers feel when they begin their careers. Like many porn newbies, the protagonists of this Dorcel bestseller leave their homes in Middle America to discover the glitz and glam of California! Whisked away by a star they met on social media, they find themselves on a sexual adventure that would make the folks back home in Oklahoma blush at the very thought. In his Adult Empire interview, Nathan Bronson pointed to a One Night In Los Angeles sequence as one that paid off particularly well: “Kenna and I really crushed that scene. I think you can really see on-screen chemistry when you watch it.” Director Ricky Greenwood also honed a visual style here, reminiscent of cutting-edge American directors, that he’d explore further in later Dorcel blockbusters.

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Dorcel present The Invitation porn movie.The Invitation

In its exploration of a weary couple attempting to find new luster in a relationship that has become rote and predictable, The Invitation is like an American predecessor and companion piece to The Price of Temptation . The story and dialogue, courtesy the always-insightful Kay Brandt, are even more incisive and sophisticated than ever, bringing the movie to the level of a great relationship drama that just happens to include white-hot sex scenes. There are also several highly memorable visuals within the movie’s generous three-hour running time, including creative, teasing use of cupcake icing in an early lovemaking sequence. Jay Smooth and Kenna James do some of their best work here as we follow the evolution of their relationship from stale routine to a fiery orgy at the movie’s end. This movie landed in many of our 2023 “Best of” lists, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Dorcel presents Sugar and Spice porn movie.Sugar and Spice

As meal prep services like Hello Fresh continue to prosper, it’s clear that most Americans have little desire to spend free time on cooking. We all probably fantasize about having a private chef who can whip up gourmet meals each day while we do nothing more than wait for the goods to be served on the table. If said chef also happens to be a sexy, smart woman like Whitney Wright, well, all the better, right? Director Kay Brandt examines the connection between sex and cuisine in this delectable creation that became an instant bestseller upon release in summer 2021. Wright plays a private chef whose sexual inhibitions melt away like baking chocolate in a double boiler once she enters the employ of the lascivious Emma Hix and Jay Smooth. Think of it as the tasty dessert in your grand Dorcel feast!

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