The Rundown: ‘In Vogue’ (Featured Video)

In Vogue, our latest Vixen feature, continues their legacy with an a-list cast, captivating storyline, incredible sex, and great production quality. From the cover you already know it’s going to be high-end and glamourous, but this is more than pretty people having pretty sex. It brings us really good acting in a movie that’s going to have your eyes glued to the screen in addition to your hands on your private parts.


The world of fashion is more cutthroat than you may imagine and Kelly Collins is getting the runaround while trying to get her start. Being in Paris, fashion capital of the world, should present her with limitless opportunities since all the big names in the industry work there, but the opposite is true. Sadly, nobody wants to fuck with Kelly on or off the runway. Finally she catches a break, but that just causes the other models to resort to sabotage, backstabbing, and cat fights to regain their place on top. High fashion has a reputation for being a petty culture, but these ladies take it to a new level when they start using what they have to get what they want and I am so here for it!

Scene Highlights

Kelly Collins, Apolonia Lapiedra, Marco Bull

Kelly finally makes a connection in the fashion industry after a random late night hookup with a mysterious mogul named Apolonia. It’s pure luck and fate, but the two hit it off and knock off Marco Bull in the process. They start in a night club but quickly find their way back to Apolonia’s room where no time is wasted. Kelly gets a welcome to Paris like no other as Apolonia grabs her face and goes in for a kiss. Before you have time to blink everyone is naked, swapping juices, and bumping body parts. The ladies take turns sucking Marco’s dick and riding his face, but when Kelly finally sits on his dick the release is palpable. Apolonia takes more of a mentor roll as she coaches Kelly on with words of encouragement. She definitely gets her turn though, and I love the balance that keeps the sex in this scene moving. You don’t get a ton of positions but that feels intentional as you watch the ladies take control. Great opening scene to set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Vanessa Alessia & Vince Carter

Vanessa doesn’t fuck with Kelly at all, so when she sees fashion mogul Vince giving her a little attention she’s determined to ruin the moment. After shoving her cosmopolitan into Kelly’s hands Vanessa walks over to Vince, interrupts his conversation, whispers something in his ear and then grabs his dick. Vince looks shocked but not enough to stop her hands and they two walk off into one of his many bedrooms. I found myself getting a little sad watching Vanessa throw herself at Vince just to prove a point and stay on top, but when they start kissing all of that goes out the window and shorty really shows her true colors. She is all over that man, like animal on the prowl, and it’s obvious he doesn’t stand a chance. They swap oral pleasantries but that’s not what Vanessa is there for, so she hops on top of Vince and rides his cock like it’s the last bus out of town. Watching his grab her tits is a huge turn on and the chemistry they share is what allows them to bring such high energy tot he scene. They encourage each other with a bunch of “yes, fuck me” and “oh yeah, take it all” but the real thrill is when he pile drives her asshole right before pulling out and cumming in her mouth.

Christy White & Jack Rippher

love everything about this scene, starting with Christy and Jacks’ skin tones and the way they come together on screen. Jack is shooting a sexy lingerie cover featuring Christy, and I don’t blame him for falling for her after watching her pose for the camera. Her body is fantastic, and Jack makes sure to please it with some good head and finger fucking before Christy returns the favor with a blowjob. The ambition to attempt a deepthroat on his gigantic cock is a turn on in itself, but watching her almost get the entire thing in her mouth just puts you in awe. Clearly Jack is loving every minute of it, but he loves her pussy even more. With knees high, Christy sits on that huge thing and strokes it with her tight pussy lips. You can see the wetness drip down his dick, and when she licks it up you better hold on to your seat. Jack fucks Christy doggystyle, making sure to slap her ass as her little frame swallows his dick with every stroke, and their moaning is enough to push you over the edge by itself. You can tell she feels every inch of that shit and Jack is definitely pleased with himself. He cums in her mouth and right then I knew this was going down as one of the best interracial scenes of the year.

Emiri Momota & Vince Carter

Emiri thinks giving head will help her get ahead, and with the way things have gone thus far I can’t blame her. Vince steals her attention at a work gathering and they sneak off to have a little fun. At this point I think Vince is totally taking advantage of his vice president position when it comes to banging these models, but they love it just like he does and I certainly love watching it all go down. Emiri impresses Vince with her dick sucking abilities and rewards her by pounding away at her pussy just like she asked him to. He must really love fucking cowgirl because they stay in that position most of the scene, but that doesn’t slow down the sex or make it boring. In fact, the opposite is true as Emiri moans out in constant pleasure and the pair stay in rhythm. It was nice to watch them spoon and fuck missionary because the eye contact is everything between them! It almost looks like they’re challenging and pushing each other every time they lock eyes and that just takes the sex to a higher level for me. He cums in her mouth and at this point I’m just wondering who he’s going to fuck next.

Kelly Collins, Marco Bull, Vince Carter

It’s Kelly! Vince is fucking Kelly next, but not alone as Marco Bull gets in on the action this time. After a successful show Kelly walks straight up to Vince and kisses his lips. I didn’t see that coming, but it’s no surprise because she’s been wanting to fuck him since that first party where Vanessa cock blocked the shit out of her. Of course Vince is down, but when Marco walks into the room he looks confused and has to be reminded that Kelly just wants to fuck. I can’t lie, I chuckled a little when she told Vince she wasn’t falling for him, but he quickly recovers and starts kissing her while Marco gropes her from behind. She blows them at the same time, making sure to keep those hands moving, and gags on their cocks much to their delight. Kelly is nothing like the shy young lady we first met. Her inhibitions are down and she wants to be fucked like never before. The sex is great and the energy is at an all time high, but the real treat in this one is the double penetration. I did not see that coming! She takes it up the ass like the professional she is, but taking one in the pussy and one in the ass takes practice man and Kelly definitely didn’t miss leg day. She sits on Marco wile Vince pounds away at her ass and I’m shocked nobody came yet! It’s so intense that just listening to it will get your juices flowing. They stand up with both cocks still inside, showing off their strength, and continue fucking until both men pull out and cum in her mouth and on her face.


“No, just you. I don’t have a dog in this bitch fight.” – Christy to Kelly after listening to her talk shit about Vanessa.

Why We Love It

Entertaining, sexy, threesomes, and high fashion drama…what’s not to love!? Kelly drives the plot but the entire cast keeps that energy going and help bring the story to life. The sex looks easy and fluid and balanced just like we expect, and the fantasy falls right in line with what Vixen always brings to the table. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Vixen fanboy or brand spanking new to the studio, you’re going to enjoy watching In Vogue over and over. Julia Grandi did an amazing job directing this one and I love that her perspective can be felt all over it.

In Vogue porn video on demand from Vixen

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