Performers star in a Vixen porn DVD.

Sale Spotlight: Vixen on DVD

Vixen comes from the same minds who brought you Blacked and Tushy, but unlike those brands, it does not pin its appeal on a specific theme. “Vixen won’t be focused on a specific niche and will offer diversity. Some customers enjoy watching exclusively a genre and some enjoy diversity — that’s what Vixen stands for. We plan on exploring many different themes,” said Vixen’s original creator, Greg Lansky. Now shepherded by directors like actor/filmmaker Julia Grandi, Vixen has helped set a porn standard for quality. To celebrate the new Vixen Media DVD sale, we’re spotlighting four memorable movies from the Vixen lineup.

Vixen presents Finesse Vol. 2 porn movie.Finesse Vol. 2

Reviewed by Dallas

Vixen knows its way around a striking image. The cover shot of Finesse Vol. 2 spotlights Scarlit Scandal with billowing black silk forming a visual cape to contrast with her red lingerie. It’s an appropriate entry point for a movie that hammers out striking notes in plot, tone, and (of course) hardcore action. Scandal herself leads the movie off with a hookup that bristles with tension as she trades barbs with Mick Blue. Their interactions are laced with a gamesmanship that makes their sexual adventure all the more compelling. Rae Lil Black lives a classic life of Vixen luxury in scene two, which finds her as the 24-hour paid companion for Chris Diamond. The final hours of their time together are the most passionate of all. (Diamond is as hard and big as his name implies.) Scene three spotlights Eve Sweet a travel influencer whose burner account exposes her naughty side. She’s about to expose a whole lot more to Alberto Blanco. Danny Mountain cameos in scene four as a foul-mouthed executive who bids acting coach Chris Diamond to keep it in his pants when instructing wife Lulu Chu. (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t!)
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Vixen present Vibes porn movie.Vibes

Reviewed by Dallas

You could be forgiven for thinking Vixen’s Vibes was the latest edition of a chic fashion publication. It looks exactly like the sort of thing you might find on the classy, modernist glass coffee table in the lounge of a top-end salon. The movie itself keeps that theme going in four vignettes set in the glamorous worlds of people like models and trendsetters. Kenna James and Naomi Swann highlight the action with a high-key tale of two beauties who fall in love on the job and then return home to bring Vixen regular Mick Blue in on their threesome. The movie also boasts one of the most gorgeously photographed beach sex scenes in recent memory, featuring Ellie Leen and Christian Clay in seaside hookup. The sand, the waves, the pure atmosphere — it’s porn art at its most beautiful.

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Vixen present Club VXN Vol. 10 porn movie.Club VXN Vol. 10

Reviewed by Jackie Daytona

After finishing (several times) Club VXN Vol. 10, there was just one question on my mind: how do I join this prestigious club? A club where Rae Lil Black blows you by the sea, then opens her legs and looks out your waterfront window as you ram her backside to oblivion. A club where Destiny Cruz rides you like a stallion above the city skyline, putting your bodies on display like artwork. It’s a club with endless possibilities, such as super gorgeous model-bodied women like Eveline Dellai and Emelie Crystal performing a threesome on an airy and mystical looking bed with an ocean in the background. It’s exactly the stuff that dreams are made of, like Alina Ali’s protruding and plump breasts jiggling around to each heavy thrust into her spread pussy. Or the smile and joy erupting from her face as she fills her mouth full of man meat. No doubt, it’s the best club in the world, and this movie is the closest we can get to joining.

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Vixen presents Young & Beautiful Vol. 12 porn movie.Young & Beautiful Vol. 12

Reviewed by Nicole Chappelle

Every time you think Vixen has reached the pinnacle of beautiful women having amazing sex in locales we normies can only dream about, they outdo themselves. That’s the feeling Young & Beautiful Vol. 12 gave me when I first watched it and I still get goosebumps today. Fresh new faces and erotic vignettes drive each clip but the all-star cast and brilliant directing are really what elevates this movie above some of the rest. Gorgeous cover models Avery Cristy and Eve Sweet get the ball rolling with an exotic threesome that Christian Clay makes sure to take advantage of. The sex is upbeat and intense, but not rough, and the ladies take full control. Fellow superstars Blake Blossom, Lilly Bell, and Jasmin Luv bring an equal level of passion to their clips that make this an overall hit and one of my favorite flicks of the year. Vixen always hits the glamour mark but Young & Beautiful Vol. 12 has chemistry, balance, and incredibly hot sex that’s guaranteed to get you off.

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