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Autumn Rain Interview: Top Surgery, Cosplay & More

Hey, when it Rains, it pours.

Twenty twenty-three has been a torrential triumph for Autumn Rain, who built on AVN Trans Newcomer nominee status with a series of new challenges and collaborations. Her physical journey also continued as she underwent top surgery, just one of the many topics she candidly discusses in our new blog interview. (Be sure to check out our previous interview with Autumn Rain here.)

What have been the biggest changes in your life and career over the course of 2023?

So far, the BIGGEST thing is getting top surgery. This has been an important surgery for me for a long time. It has tremendously increased my body confidence, in and off camera. It’s something that I’ve wanted long before I started porn, and now that I have it, I feel like I can be myself more on and off camera. As far as my career goes, I got a lovely new PR team, I now have an official site, and I’ve revived my ManyVids so people can see my scenes more easily. So far, it’s been an upwind on my adventure, and I want to ride it as long as I can and make the absolute best out of it.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of new studios lately. Recap some of the highlights of those new collaborations.

Since speaking last [in April 2023], I’ve gotten in with three studios!! D’Arclyte Studios, Devil’s Film, AND Evil Angel. I’m happy to have been able to shoot with D. It was a fantastic scene, but I am incredibly excited for my future with the other two companies. Adult Empire and Evil Angel have many sub-studios in their business, and I want to work with as many as will take me! Both of these scenes I’d consider a highlight. I shot a threesome with Devil’s Film, which is being submitted for “Best 3som” for multiple award shows. That was a lovely Jim Powers delegated scene, and also one of my favorites due to how much fun I had. The new scene I shot with Evil Angel’s PansexualX. I shot with the legendary Aiden Starr; this was easily among the top ten films. We had super great chemistry, as well as sharing multiple things in common when it comes to personal things and sexual desires or interests. I am looking forward to working with both of these companies for the foreseeable future.

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When last we spoke, you were afresh from your 2023 Best Trans Newcomer AVN nomination. Are there any other industry honors you most would like to receive someday?

One thing I would really like to win is the award “Ms. Unique.” The reason I’d like to win that award so much is the fact that I, as of now, have chosen the theme, plot, and partner for about 60 or 70% of my porn. Now that my official site is released, I’d really enjoy winning or at least being nominated for Best Solo Website. One thing Trans porn needs more of is trans tops. I cannot name ten off-hand girls who top often. I know many girls switch, and I do as well, but when I top I’d say I’m one of the better ones. To win the best top of whichever year would also be a huge honor to me. Although I feel many would deserve it more than myself, I think the ultimate honor would be “Fan Favorite” because, to me, that means I’m being voted for by the audience, the consumers, the people who are the reason any of us have what we have in this industry.

What is your favorite horror movie (if any)?

Regardless of the fact I dress goth or Emo a lot, I HATE horror movies. I appreciate old horror movies, but newer ones are psychologically terrifying or have too many jump scares. I liked it when it was more gore; now it’s all just plain creepy, the music is half the fear, and the jump scares are too much. So, if I were to choose one, it’d be a slightly older one, which would probably be Candyman. As a kid, I did the “Candy Man Challenge”, where I’d say “Candy Man” 5 times in the mirror. I was always spooked that something may have happened.

As an enthusiastic cosplayer, do you get into Halloween in general? What is your favorite all-time Halloween costume?

Every month is like October for me, besides the weather! I don’t necessarily celebrate Halloween; it is my favorite holiday, though, due to the events I see, seeing others dressed up more, and it being normal for a short time. The last time I officially celebrated Halloween was before my transition and before I got into cosplaying, which was before transitioning, actually. If I were to have to decide my favorite cosplay THUS FAR, I’d say it’d be Harley Quinn. That’s only because I’m working on more; once I do the ones I have planned, I feel like one of them will take over for my favorite spot!

In your previous interview with us, you mentioned that you are a “business woman first.” What are the biggest business challenges in being a successful pornstar?

Well, the obvious answer would be finance, but for the sake of giving you more than a one-sentence answer, I’d say getting connections. A lot of people are very quiet in the industry, and a lot of people are very loud. Some are super outgoing, and for some, it takes harassing them even to get a response. Being well connected is extremely vital to being able to really get your name out there. There’s always the 1 in a million chance you’ll just randomly blow up, but that’s extremely rare; it does happen, though. Staying away from drama as much as possible is also very important. Drama does no one any good, and, unfortunately, we have a lot in this industry. Keep your friends close, be your best you, make fantastic content, and meet the right people, you’ll go far by being a genuine person.

In that same interview, you mentioned that you have become pretty good at improvisation. Which of your scenes best demonstrate that particular talent?

If not for the other day, I’d say my sex therapist scene. Recently I shot a scene with three trans guys; it was a four-person orgy/ gangbang. I can’t spoil too much due to it being unreleased, but we improvised all the dialogue, which was an entire interview for the main bottom of the scene. This was a Trans Erotica scene. The talent was Keith Eros, Jaq Silver, Joey Michaels, and myself.

In what ways both good and bad have you seen the industry changing?

I’m still new enough to where I haven’t seen too much of a shift yet. In the year and a half I’ve been in just professional, more studios are shooting with trans folks. Another good thing is that we have safer testing procedures, and we’ve added more testing options, too! The only thing that sucks, though, is the testing cost. I’m not sure if I’ve been around enough to notice anything that particularly stands out yet.

Tell us about your tattoos. What are the meanings behind them?

One of my tattoos is an artist’s original. The others all have meaning!! I have a Zelda Triforce tattoo from the game Ocarina of Time. Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise/series. That is the first Zelda game I’ve played, and it is still my favorite. That’s my yellow triple triangle and flower one. The skull in the flowers on my left shoulder/upper arm is actually a hidden message. The shading is slightly different, but it’s actually a hidden trans flag. The skull is just because I like skulls; no specific meaning, though. The leaves are blue, the flower is pink, and the skull is white, all in the trans flag order. I have some writing that I plan on having covered up due to poor line work done by an apprentice, but basically, it’s a tattoo for better mental health. The butterfly on my arm and the star on my back are a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure references. That’s one of my favorite animes, and are the tattoos to a specific character; from there, I plan on cosplaying. Then last is my purple flower. That is an emperor, Dahlia. Dahlia flowers represent beauty, commitment, and kindness. Things I try to show for myself and others. The emperor Dahlia is just the coolest looking one to me and is also my favorite flower.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your porn career?

Be unapologetically myself and not pretend to be someone I’m not. –Ts Foxxy. Aka Foxxy LisciousI was very nervous when I did my first pro scene with Trans Erotica; I shot with them before Grooby. Now, over a year later, I was super excited and barely nervous at all for both Devil’s Film and Evil Angel. I’ve just been doing what I like, and shooting (mostly) with people I like and just being myself, and I’ve achieved these feats I didn’t expect to, at least this early on. I feel like because I’m not wearing a mask, I’m having more fun and I’m happier.

What advice would you give someone looking to join the industry?

If you don’t want anyone in your family/friend group/colleagues to potentially find out you do porn, don’t do it. Unless maybe it’s just private OnlyFans for extra money. The more popular you become, the more likely it is from someone you know somewhere to find you; take it from me, it’s really awkward. If you are going to get into porn, do both trade and studio-paid work. It’ll help, trust me. More content, more to sell, you’ll meet more people. Be sure to familiarize yourself with social media and porn sites; you’re going to be doing a lot of self-promoting, at least I do! My last bit of advice is to read over any contract multiple times to make sure you understand what you’re getting into!

Talk about working with the studio Grooby.

I’ve worked with four Grooby producers. Nikki Sequoia, Radius Dark, Moe Scoville, and Buddy Wood. For me, all of them have been nothing but professional and respectful towards me; I’ve even been to parties and have had dinner with two of the four stated producers and have created an excellent bond with them! In terms of the actual work, it’s pretty simple! It goes with the flow, and there’s never a script. I just performed naturally on cam and received any guidance or instructions for pics or when we may have paused the camera for whatever reason. Grooby is one of the more accessible studios to work with, and it is usually a really quick shoot!

What can studios do to make stars feel more comfortable on set?

Have everything prepared before the talent gets there. Paperwork set, snacks for longer days, extra clean-out supplies, baby wipes, having a shower ready, paperwork set up, etc. This is a professional thing to do and shows that a studio is prepared and ready to create content. Apart from being prepared, I think more studios should provide a makeup artist. I know many with the budget don’t, and most don’t pay for testing or travel either. I know all of that can be pretty expensive, but I think a makeup artist should be offered and can either be accepted or turned down depending on the model’s wishes.

Tell your fans what they can look forward to seeing from you in the future.

I starred in Alt Erotic’s very first trans scene!! It was a six-girl gangbang vampire scene set to release in late October before Halloween! Be sure to check that out~ I have many unreleased videos queued in my ManyVids. I also have multiple studio scenes coming out and two from high-end studios! Be sure to pay attention to my official site as many more videos are coming, and be prepared for one of my most anticipated scenes: my double Harley Quinn shoot with Leya Falcon. As well as my ManyVids, more teasers and old content that doesn’t make me money anymore will be going on my Pornhub, so keep an eye on that and expect quality content to come!

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