Studio Movie Spotlight: Manipulative Media on VOD (2023)

Manipulative Media pushes the boundaries of family taboo and plays with fantasy in the classic way that pornography was meant to. Nothing is off limits, everything is a turn-on, and production quality checks every box. The models are beautiful, the sex is wild and fun, and the themes and plots will keep you glued to your screen. A glance through their catalog will reveal step-moms banging their sons, daddy-daughter day taking a turn for the sexy, family orgies, and teenage manipulation, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Manipulative Media presents Blackmailing My Step-Sis 2 porn movie.Blackmailing My Step-Sis 2

Most people don’t think of blackmail as sexy but the brilliantly twisted mind of Levi Cash figured out how to present it to us, and it is glorious! Step-siblings argue and fight like real brothers and sisters, but when it’s time to win they put it all on the table and go straight for what they want. Evelin Stone and her best friend Anastasia Knight learned this the hard way when Evelin’s step-brother Zeus walked in on them making out. It turns out he’s had his step-sis on the brain, and dick, for a while now, so naturally he decides to use what he just saw to get what he wants. Not ready to be outed, the already horny ladies agree to rock his world in return for his silence and that’s just the beginning. Cheating sisters, sisters caught camming, and a water balloon fight gone too far follow up with equally explosive fantasies and sex. Your jaw will drop right along with your load while watching this flick!
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Manipulative Media present Step-Son... Cum Inside Me 7 porn video.Step-Son… Cum Inside Me 7

You can’t have family taboos without a few mommy issues, and these step-sons are put in impossible situations to help out mommy dearest. To be fair, these MILFs are at their horniest and their husbands can’t seem to keep up with demands. Does that mean you cheat with your hot and way younger stepson? Hell yeah, baby! Jodi West, Demi Diveena, Mandy Rhea, Sandy Love, and Addison Lee have played this game for a long time and it doesn’t take them long to realize the man of the house isn’t the man that’ll make them cum. It may sound harsh to hubby, but it’s enticing and naughty while playing with power roles that are sure to arouse. To top things off, these are some of the sexiest MILFs you’ll ever see and they know how to get what they want without lifting a finger. The experience they bring to the table is a bonus. Just think of it as a hands-on approach to comprehensive sexual education.

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Viv Thomas present Naughty Nieces porn movie.Naughty Nieces

Naughty Nieces holds a special place in my heart because it’s one of the first movies I’ve seen play with the niece-uncle relationship. It sounds creepy as hell initially, but this movie will turn you on and possibly have you schedule an extra appointment with your therapist. The turn-on for me is that the nieces are completely in control and aren’t willing to take no for an answer. When Halle Von turns movie night with Uncle Tony DeSergio into a hardcore fuck session, he doesn’t know how to feel about it. Banging your cute niece’s back out never seems like the answer in real life, but Halle is a determined young woman and once she starts rubbing the bulge in his jeans he doesn’t stand a chance. The same is true for Tony D., a popular pornstar who just wants to spend some quality time with his niece Sydney Cole. The problem is Sydney is well aware of her uncle’s career and after seeing him in action she wants a piece for herself. What unfolds is an explosion of sexual tension that definitely won’t be mentioned at Thanksgiving this year!

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Taboo Heat presents Teen Manipulations Vol. 3 porn video.Teen Manipulations Vol. 3

Teenagers are a royal pain in the ass! They’re selfish, entitled, dumb as all outdoors, and controlled by hormones. Instinctively they do the opposite of what they’re told and put themselves in harm’s way repeatedly. Yet with all that being the case, we sit back and wish we were that age again, even if just for a minute. To be sexually carefree with few responsibilities is a dream come true and in Teen Manipulations Vol. 3 they take that shit to a new level. At a glance, it may appear that Marina Angel is being exploited while babysitting, but she needs the extra cash and secretly she wants Tony D.’s rock-hard cock inside of her. Aubrey Gold gets in slightly over her head with married man Levi Cash, but she’s well aware of his wife and that ring on his finger makes her tight little pussy wet beyond belief. There’s a reason this series is always at the top of everyone’s list and if you haven’t seen it yet Vol. 3 is the perfect place to start.

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