An Interview With Draven Navarro

As Draven Navarro sees it, you only get one chance at this life, so you better make it count. After his military experiences serving abroad reinforced that philosophy, he embarked on a performing career that has made him a familiar face on Adult Empire and Gay Empire alike. Discover the rich, often moving story of Draven Navarro in our new AE blog interview.

How did you get your start in the adult entertainment industry?

I had answered a Craigslist ad for a modeling agency; it ended up being a gay porn modeling agency. My husband at the time was very supportive and I had just graduated from university; pursuing this endeavor became a very real possibility. Having the support of my spouse was another major variable that provided me the confidence to go after this opportunity. When I arrived on set for Nextdoor Studios I was introduced to the exclusive model they had helping on set. His name was Markie More and we hit it off right away. Markie was a prior United States Marine and I was a Navy Corpsman attached with Marie units in the US and abroad. Markie offered to help me by introducing me to the important people in the adult film industry. He also told me that I would have to move to either the Los Angeles area or to Las Vegas, in order to make working as a porn model an actual reality.  My husband found a job at a hospital in Las Vegas, so the stars aligned and I was able to obtain more work opportunities in the adult film industry.

Society can be cruel in its criticism and judgment of bisexual and homosexual individuals, especially men. Have you always been comfortable with your sexuality? Have you always been willing to share it with others? 

I have always been sexual and kinky but accepting it and being comfortable sharing it with others was a tumultuous journey. I would explore sexually with anal toys and cute sexy clothing but as soon as I would orgasm, I would feel shame and immediately purge everything from anal toys to cute underwear. I would try to convince myself that I had to be this machismo man that society suggested. To my frustration, every couple of months I would end up fantasizing and exploring myself sexually. The binge and purge cycle continued until I had a significant life experience that would cause me to have a cognitive change. The Iraq War was the life experience that caused me to change how I would live my life and finally find self-acceptance and self-love. Being a medic for the United States Marine Corps was a difficult job, especially in a war zone. Seeing a lot of trauma scared me, I didn’t want to die not having lived the life I wanted to experience; no matter how sexually deviant society thought. Being in a combat zone, experiencing how scary it was and how I didn’t want to die for someone’s second yacht, gave me the motivation I needed to make the changes necessary. I thought that if I didn’t live the life I wanted, I would have regrets. It sounds kind of corny but “you only live once.”

How often do you hit the gym? What does your diet consist of? 

Thank you for complementing on my physique, I work hard to maintain muscle definition and vascularity. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for the past ten years and have a set schedule when I am preparing for a show and a different routine when I am in between shows. Fasted cardio in the mornings and weight training in the evenings five days a week if I am trying to get a leaner physique; if I am not preparing for a show, I usually go 3 days a week. My diet usually consists of fish, chicken, and lean beef along with complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and brown rice; along with green veggies, this diet helps me maintain abs. I live in Las Vegas and there happens to be a large Hawaiian population out here; it is easier for me to get fast food that is delicious and healthy.

What are your favorite types of scenes to shoot and how do you prepare for them?

I enjoy filming bondage and fetish scenes. I enjoy the power exchange and dynamic a dom/sub roleplay can play out. Giving up control and willfully submitting gives me so much pleasure and I can reach a higher pain threshold and can find pleasure in the humiliation and embarrassment of being used as a toy for the enjoyment of others. I usually prepare for a BDSM scene by imagining a whole scenario where I would end up as a bondage toy for the amusement of others (i.e., Like my boyfriend sharing me with a friend to pay off a debt or used by a group of people as a toy). After filming a physically demanding scene like this I usually get some yummy, comfort food and a cherry Pepsi. I then get in comfortable clothes and watch a favorite movie (i.e., Naked Gun, The Princess Bride). I ultimately need to refuel in order to give the type of performance needed for kink scenes.

Do you have a favorite position? 

I do have a favorite position. I absolutely love being on my back legs help up and my prostate getting wrecked; I usually leak a lot of precum during this time. I usually cum fast when I masturbate as I feel my hole getting stretched.

BiPhoria is one of those studios that does an amazing job balancing and showcasing both male and female stars in their movies. Can you tell us what it’s like working with them?

Jim Powers (director) is one of the funniest and sweetest guys and his team is absolutely amazing. The vibe on set is one of comradery and creativity; I am allowed to adlib when it’s appropriate and can take breaks whenever it’s needed. For being a fun set, everyone is very efficient and have an ability to anticipate and adjust to the performers needs and physical ability. If issues arise from testing or personal preferences the whole team is willing to find an alternative to make sure everyone on set is comfortable and consenting.

You and Bailey Archer are explosive . . . How do you build chemistry with your co-stars? What’s the conversation like prior to filming?

Thank you for being so enamored from that scene! Bailey is such a sweetheart and our scene is amazing! We met on set in Calabasas and immediately had a physical attraction. When we were doing our paperwork, we had noticed each other catching glimpses and when we got to talking about our likes and dislikes, we immediately knew the chemistry was there. I don’t think we really noticed the camera there when were filming. It isn’t that often that I get that instant chemistry with my fellow performers; its amazing when it happens and the scene takes on a very real and sincere performance. ·

[Watch their scene here.]

What’s your most memorable experience on set so far?

I think one of my most memorable experiences I have had on set was with Bromo, Lords of Raw Dog. It was a skateboarding themed film and growing up I was an amateur skateboarder. I was sponsored and had competed but never went professional. I got to fuck on an indoor halfpipe and sprained my wrist when filming B-roll at a skate park in San Diego. It was a nostalgic experience to film a scene that happened to be an actual lifestyle sport I lived for years; just never had a sexual experience incorporated with skateboarding.

Do you go back and watch your scenes? Do you have a favorite?

I do not watch any of my porn scenes. I actually read erotic stories and imagine myself in whatever role I fantasize about in the story I am reading.

How do you balance being a pornstar with your personal romantic relationships?

I am single and porn was a major factor in the ending of my marriage with my husband. I feel its important for me to do porn because I see a lot of men scared to explore their sexuality because of the hate they assume they will receive from society, friends, and family. I am also very kinky in my personal sex life. Most people just cannot wrap their minds around how to facilitate a play scenario or how to negotiate limits or even how to communicate effectively.

What advice would you give men looking to get their start in the porn industry? 

I would say to find an agency to start with until you have enough contacts saved up to start booking scenes on your own. Most companies take 15-30% of your base pay and might not have your best interest in heart so it is best to trust your instincts and film with studios that respect your limits and require testing.

In what ways have you seen the industry grow and evolve for minorities? What changes do you think still need to happen?

I feel that there are more opportunities for people of color to work in the adult film industry. With the addition of subscription-based sites it seems to give more content creators the availability of getting seen. The increase of individual costumers paying for certain performers, or certain content gives a rise for different kind of performers to get hired by larger studios. The end of the day, the porn industry is a shallow reflection on how real-life sex is portrayed.   I believe there is still have a long way to go until we can truly find equality in the adult film industry. I have had experienced some gross racists on set but I have also experienced some beautiful and accepting people on set as well. I think that with the current people directing porn and their production teams, we are heading in the right direction; I am optimistic. 

What legacy do you hope to leave behind when it’s all said and done?

I mean . . . I hope I’ve helped people achieve a lot of orgasms. Lol.  Joking aside; Ultimately, I hope that I have inspired others to find a scene of comfort and self-acceptance. I hope that my performances gave men the courage to not care about other people’s opinions. I heard a quote that I think fits this question best “what you think about me is none of my business”

Who in the industry has inspired you throughout your career? 

I feel that I have so many people that I have been inspired by, but I will say one of the most influential people in my porn career has been Lucy Heart. When I first met her as Lance, I was inspired by how mentally tough they were and how they didn’t care what anyone thought and made some fun and niche movies. After developing a friendship with Lance, it was so much more impressive and powerful to see them find their self-love and self-acceptance living as Lucy. I can only imagine how scary that would be and seeing my friend act upon their desire, and transitioning into the person they are happiest as, keeps me motivated to continue pushing for the change I want to see in the world. 

What’s next for Draven Navarro? Any upcoming projects your fans should be in the lookout for? 

I live my life spontaneously and don’t have set projects, but I do have a desire to educate and maybe more YouTube videos with friends or podcast discussion conversations. I think there might be a few opportunities for me in the directorial role. Either way I don’t plan on going anywhere.

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