An Interview With Trending Newbie Tiffani Madison

Tiffani Madison‘s sunny brand identity draws much of its inspiration from Barbie, but she’s also a big fan of the Child’s Play series. In a way, that diverse combination of interests, from beloved childhood plaything to the living doll of everyone’s nightmares, sums up the versatility of this trending new star. She has the bright appeal of a Playboy Playmate combined with the naughty nuance of a fetish master. Discover the inside story of Tiffani Madison in the latest Adult Empire pornstar interview.

How and when did you get into performing?

I got into performing in February. Hussie reached out to me. I was shooting OnlyFans scenes before that.

Before you started, did you ever imagine becoming a performer, or is it something that just sort of happened naturally?

 I did imagine becoming a performer. I’ve always thought pornstars and Playmates were so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to be one.

You have a scene on from Reality Kings, it’s in MILF Hunter Vol. 42, where you have sex with James Angel in the back of a storage truck. Is it any more challenging to shoot a scene like that versus in a room in a house?

Yeah, it was definitely more of a challenge shooting a scene like that but it was a lot of fun because we were having sex all over the truck and he was picking me up.

Another scene, this one from Filthy Kings, has you playing a step-mom seducing her step-son (Johnny Love). Do you have fun performing in these kind of roleplay scenes?

I do love performing in these kind of roleplay scenes. They are a lot of fun and Johnny is a great performer.

There’s a little bit of nipple play in this one. How important is nipple play in real life vs. on screen?

I love nipple play. I love them being played with & sucked 

What do you think is the big appeal of these types of scenes? Do people just want to see Tiffani Madison as their step mommy, in a taboo sexual role, or is it more of a power dynamic thing?

 I think it’s a bit of both taboo sexual role & the power dynamic as well of me being in control 

Do you prefer a more dominant or submissive role in the bedroom?

I would definitely consider myself a switch 

Do you have any upcoming scenes that you’re excited about?

I do have new scenes with Team Skeet and xxx job interviews that I’m excited about coming out

What’s your favorite type of scene to perform? Is there one you want to perform but haven’t yet?

I like threesomes — B/G/G.

I want to try a DP.

What would you like to see more of in the adult industry?

More companies shooting girl/girl cosplay scenes.

What would you like to see less of?

I would like to see less of performers not getting booked as much based on their tattoos, weight, etc. I think that we all should be treated equally.

Biggest turn on?

Good hygiene, getting choked/slapped/spanked.

What do you want your fans to know about you?

I love going to the beach, working out, watching movies. I’m a foodie as well

What is your favorite horror movie (if any)?

The Chucky [Child’s Play] series.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Going to the gym, getting ready, running errands, working.

If you weren’t a pornstar what type of job do you think you’d have?

A dancer.

Tell your fans what they can look forward to seeing from you in the future.

I have a couple of new scenes coming out soon with team skeet & xxx job assistants. New OnlyFans content out weekly 🙂

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