The Rundown: ‘The Summoning’ (Featured Video)


What comes to mind when you think of a summoning? Maybe it’s a necromancer from your
favorite role-playing game adaptation. Perhaps it’s a spooky occult horror film. While The
from Team Skeet looks like it incorporates these devilish themes, you’ll always
remember Leana Lovings’ naughty witch outfit, bare chest, big glasses, and open mouth the
next time you hear the word “summon.”

Scene highlights

Mandy Waters collapses to the pavement in the middle of the street, crying, “that’s my
husband!” Her husband’s life has just been taken in a cult-related arson fire. Leana Lovings
attempts to hold and console her. Even through the tears, they both look hot as fuck. The
mother and daughter duo are former cult members, and if there’s one thing we know about
cults, it’s that the members are sex-obsessed kinky slutty freaks. This is proven when Leana
dresses up in an all black strappy witches outfit, does her hair up nice, and fucks two dudes at a
Halloween party. She’s wearing some kind of magic pendant from her deceased father, and it
turns her into a dirty, filthy, slut. It’s important to note that Leana’s sex appeal seems to grow
without limit. Each time I see her she’s unlocked another chamber of subliminal teasing I didn’t
think possible. Even while she’s fully clothed and leading to the sex, it was impossible to take
my eyes off her lips, then her chest, then her thighs.

She sucks two cult dudes’ dicks as a matter of duty and ritual, while the two guys no-sell the act,
and chat with each other about mundane topics while Leana is on her knees between them,
trading cocks in her mouth. Her wide and round breasts are fully revealed, and she sucks with
grace and desire. It’s a funny scene that fits the campiness of the Halloween genre and
manages to use that to enhance the eroticism at the same time.

Other highlights: Many and Leana get it on with a cozy, pajama-attired threesome that includes
a sexy and warm build-up while they’re snuggled on the bed. Another scene sees Macy
Meadows dressed in Scoops Ahoy (from Stranger Things!) outfit and eating out Leana’s pussy.
Finally, Leana and Mandy fuck two dudes and cast spells at the same time, melting into a
sexual trance while they ride dick together.


“I think this is exactly what we need to fix our family.” Leana Lovings while she’s getting her
pussy tongue fucked.
The Summoning can bring couples closer together with its engaging story and endlessly hot

Why we love it

Halloween parodies are a dime a dozen this time of year, with new releases and re-releases
and re-promotions. However, The Summoning stands apart for two big reasons: Leana Lovings
and commitment to the story. As one of porn’s fastest rising stars, Leana is able to effortlessly
lead through the whole film, striking a balance between powerful screen presence and sultry
eye candy. Meanwhile, the long-form narrative based on witchcraft, cult manipulation, and
uninhibited sex creates an unforgettable, psychosexual Halloween porn flick that we’ll be
revisiting for years to come.

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