Kayley Gunner and others star in #LetsDoeIt clips.

Studio Movie Spotlight: #LetsDoeIt Clips on VOD

#LetsDoeIt is everything you would want in a porn studio, so it stands to reason that #LetsDoeIt Clips would be an exemplary incarnation of scenes-based content. In this imprint, the famous European brand brings you superb one-off sequences featuring mostly American stars, lending the clips a style and flavor all their own. Let’s do it with #LetsDoeIt, which offers a special discount on the main label and its clips offshoot. Below, sample highlights selected and reviewed by each AE blogger.

#LetsDoeIt presents The 3Some Hike porn video.The 3Some Hike

Reviewed by Jackie Daytona

Three youngsters in the prime of their lives, who just happen to be smoking hot women, take an exploratory hike of nature. Jane and Gianna are friends hiking together, whereas Alex is a solo hiker who just happens upon them. It seems innocent enough until Jane and Giana start locking lips in the woods. Alex notices and starts fingering herself, just like I did when they started. What a relatable scene this is! Jane even latches onto Gianna’s breast with her mouth in the same grateful and thirsty way that I would. Soon they catch Alex fingering herself and invite her back to their place where they teach her the ways of their hot lesbian sex. Alex is dominated and over taken by the sweet pink mouths of Gianna and Jane. Alex’s nipples are given full tongue and lip treatment, then once she’s thoroughly initiated, she does some mouth work of her own. In the end, this scene is about friendship and how we can help strangers around us become better versions of themselves. I hope one day I can stumble upon the same thing.


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#LetsDoeIt Clips presents The Blind Date porn video.Mine for the Blind Date

Reviewed by Nicole Chappelle

The Blind Date is a cute and playful lesbian short that follows the #LetsDoeIt model perfectly to take you on a sexy relatable ride that tugs at all the right strings. Incredibly hot lesbians Skylar Snow and Alex Coal are set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and naturally they take to social media to stalk each other’s pages. Things are super awkward at first, but eventually they hit it off, the conversation becomes easier, and the next thing you know they’re comfortably flirting, letting us know what’s coming next. They leave the restaurant to get more familiar with each other and within minutes clothes are off, nipples are being sucked, and Skylar is on top of Alex grinding away like her life depends on it! The energy in this clip is crazy as they take turns fondling and licking each other’s pussies. The highlight to me is when Skylar rides the fuck out of Alex’s face, dripping cum by the time she gets up, but there’s no shortage of favorite moments. The passion they share when it comes to getting each other off is up there with the greatest making this one movie you need in your lesbian collection.

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#LetsDoeIt C;o[s presents The Principle Can't Know porn video.The Principle Can’t Know

Reviewed by Chase

The camera shows us some sexy legs and a killer body as Braylin Bailey talks on the phone with a friend. She is getting horny talking about her teacher from class and telling her friend she knows she can seduce her. I am thoroughly enjoying the show aas she masturbates talking to herself. Her teacher’s name . . . Miss Gunner, must be Kayley Gunner. Now Braylin is making her plan come to life as the two meet. Miss Gunner tries to avoid the obvious passes that Kaylee is making. The doorbell rings and the principal (Carmen Valentina) is there to meet her. Braylin has “left the room” as the teacher and principal sit down to discuss things. Now we get to see that she has positioned herself under the table and begins rubbing Miss Gunner’s pussy for our viewing pleasure as she desperately tries not to react in front of the principal. This is great — I am loving this!

It seems that she is now giving verbal signals to Braylin as the cute student takes it a step further and reaches for the principal’s pussy. It turns out the principal is game and they go to the living room and begin taking off their clothes as the principal now has the power to control the situation and make demands. All three of them look beautiful as they work together to pleasure each other with intensity. I think that they all learned some great lessons in this special home tutor session. I was very turned on, but what I want to know is was this scene about the principle of lesbian lust taking control, or about the principal of the school taking control. Either way, it’s an A+++ scene from #LetsDoeIt!


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#LetsDoeIt Clips presents Cheating Gamer Girls porn video.Cheating Gamer Girls

Reviewed by Susan

You might be surprised to learn that many of the lovely stars we have had the pleasure to interview have told us that one of their favorite pastimes is playing video games. Previously, video games were thought of for not only children but mostly marketed towards men. Now women have carved themselves out a spot in the gaming community. I’m not sure how many girls sit around and play games together so scantily dressed, but we can all fantasize that they do. We open on Mia Kay, Skye Blue, and Angel Youngs sitting on a bed together with cat-eared headsets and looking rather comfortable to be so close together. Skye is winning, and when her partner Angel steps out to use the bathroom, Mia makes her move and tries to seduce Skye. She’s hesitant at first but gives in and they start making out. Angel hears moaning and comes to investigate and finds her partner under the covers playing a game while Mia is eating her out. Once she discovers them she’s a little upset but once they ask her to join, she dives right in.

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#LetsDoeIt presents The College Reunion porn video.The College Reunion

Reviewed by Madison

Paige Owens, Destiny Cruz, and Lilly Bell are three sexy former college friends who are now married and living their own lives. We learn that Lilly married rich but likes to cheat on her husband, which sets the tone for the entire clip. As soon as you press play you will see Lilly naked, rubbing her clit while having flash backs of a threesome involving Paige and Destiny. Once Lilly finishes, she gets into the bathtub and calls her friends hoping to convince them to come over. When they arrive, the girls get right to a hot, sexy lesbian threesome. Lilly’s flash backs come back to life as the girls lick, finger and orgasm all over Lilly’s bed. This 45-minute scene is packed with sensual all-girl action from start to finish.


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#LetsDoeIt presents My Stepdaughter's Girlfriend porn video.My Stepdaughter’s Girlfriend

Reviewed by Dallas

At first, it’s just another sweet, sexy morning for Alexis Fawx and her wife, Kit Mercer. A kitchen dalliance is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Alexis’s stepdaughter, who has returned from college with new girlfriend (Macy Meadows) in tow. The sequence then makes an unexpected and ultimately irrevocable turn into the bizarre. Macy masturbates and squirts all over the kitchen floor, leaving Kit to clean up the mess like a latter-day Cinderella. When Kit spots Macy canoodling with Alexis in the corner, she roars, “Nobody comes into our house and licks my wife’s pussy . . . without licking mine, too.” Obviously, a lesbian threesome is the solution to this domestic dust-up. (Macy’s girlfriend wanders into the scene at one point asking where Macy is, oblivious to the fact that she’s performing oral sex under the dining room table.) The greatest strength of #LetsDoeIt Clips is that they offer a totally, tonally different experience from the main brand. Instead of dreamy environments and stylized sex, we get something more akin to mainstream American porn brands, with brassy, in-your-face storylines. It’s cartoonish, to be sure, but thoroughly entertaining.

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