Brittney Kade stars in 'Space Trans.'

The Rundown: ‘Space Trans’ (Featured Video)


Space travel is an irresistible subject for mainstream and porn cinema alike. “When you stop and think about it, space is a very romantic thought. It is, to me, like the Old West [ . . . ] It’s about discovery and new life,” composer Jerry Goldsmith said when contemplating the artistic possibilities of outer space. In porn, it has inspired classics like Space NutsandBarbarella XXX as well as lesser-seen gems like “Asstronaut Vs. Cherie 2000.” Gender X Films embarks on its own journey to the final frontier in Space Trans, the label’s first full-length foray into science fiction. Directed by Jim Powers, the movie assembles four sci-fi scenes featuring popular trans stars Brittney Kade, Ariel Demure, and more. It’s akin to anthology series like The Outer Limits, with winking references to franchises like Alien, Star Trek, and Star Wars. While each story in the movie tells a separate story, there are plenty of thematic overlaps in both storyline and hardcore action.

Scene highlights

In a place as dangerous as space, boredom can be the most tempting trap of all. In scene one, Brittney Kade and Hatler Gurius are on a space mission that takes them away from their loved ones on Earth for an agonizingly long time. Brittney misses sex with her boyfriend more than anything. Even a seemingly innocent word like “cockpit” triggers naughty thoughts, and the “remote sex simulation” gadgets onboard aren’t cutting it. When she realizes that Hatler’s wife back home is being unfaithful to him, she pounces. She puts the ship on autopilot and delivers a saliva-soaked BJ before exposing her big boobs and riding Hatler’s dick. (The starfield in the ship’s viewscreen remains in the frame for much of the action, retaining the sci-fi flavor throughout.) Hatler wraps the scene up with the first of the movie’s several facials.

Scene two plays upon one of the classic tropes of the sci-fi genre, the mysterious derelict ship. As astronaut Steve Rickz explores a seemingly empty craft, he stumbles upon a beautiful trans woman (Kasey Kei) in cryogenic freeze. She left home 500 years ago in search of life-giving semen to revitalize her home planet. “I sense blood rushing to your reproductive organs,” she says, her eyes locking on the most obvious nearby source of said resource. After stroking both their dicks at once, Ariel lets Steve show off his Earthing BJ skills. Eventually, Ariel cums on her stomach, and Steve empties the much-craved semen sample directly into Kasey’s mouth.

In scene three, the action tumbles back to Earth. Amiable country bumpkin Roman Todd can scarcely believe his good luck when an alien vortex opens to reveal the stunning Emma Rose. Like Kasey Kei in scene three, she seeks semen . . . and a lot of it. Before Roman can process what’s happening, Emma is giving him a blowjob and then riding his dick. (Kudos to the performers here, who convincingly create a sense of passion even when faced with the presumably uncomfortable task of having sex on a boulder.) Roman cums on Emma’s tongue, but Emma’s own cumshot is of truly galactic proportions, a voluminous gusher that nearly sends Roman into orbit. 

Gender X Films arguably saves the best for last, though. When Joel Someone is stripped naked and beamed onto an alien spacecraft, he’s seen enough sci-fi films to know what happens next. Anal probing and other alien horrors await him. Thus he’s pleasantly surprised when the otherworldly force is alien hottie Ariel Demure, whose probing is more passion and pleasure than it is science and scanning. Instead of scary, sterile instruments, she uses her tongue to explore Joel’s human nether regions. Someone’s neurotic performance is a true highlight here, trading O faces for expressions of comedic anguish and anxiety as his bizarre experience unfolds.


“I’m just jacking off alone.”

“Nobody should have to jack off in space alone.”

Brittney Kade and Hatler Gurius parody the famous “In space, no one can hear you scream” tagline from Alien.

Why we love Space Trans

Porn sci-fi movies tend to be comedies or parodies, since budgetary limitations typically eliminate the possibility of a straight-up genre piece. Space Trans has a clear affection for its various sources of inspiration, but it also has the good sense never to take them too seriously. It roasts some of the hoariest cliches (alien abductions/probes, abandoned ships, slack-jawed country yokels) while interspersing them with classic Jim Powers/Gender X trans sex. I was particularly impressed by Joel Someone’s work in scene four, which is humorous, intense, and nervy. He somehow manages to stay in character even as the sex reaches its literal climax. As acting achievements go, that is, well, truly out of this world.

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