Kay Carter Interview: Porn’s Black Belt

Kay Carter is a walking Chuck Norris meme. This black belt could kick your ass, fight a fire, and still be back home in time to shoot a wild and crazy porn scene. In her Adult Empire Q&A, Carter discusses her Tae Kwon Do skills, her pre-porn jobs, comfort food, porn pet peeves, memorable scenes, and more.

Word on the street is you’re a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. That’s insanely cool! How long did you take Tae Kwon Do for? Do you still practice?

I made it all the way to second degree black belt! It was ages ago so I don’t remember the exact time but it was for a few years! The only practice I get now is when I use my punching bag or do some grappling.

We heard you’re a former firefighter. What inspired you to be a firefighter, and then what inspired your change in career?

I had a lot of friends who were firefighters and it looked exciting so I joined as soon as I could! The thought of being able to help people and the adrenaline rush that came from running calls was like nothing else! My time came to an end with that department when I moved too far out of the district so I tried to find something equally exciting!

In your previous career did you view yourself as this impressive sexual machine, or only after you began your performing journey?

Impressive sexual machine, you say? Thank you! Haha I would say that I began exploring my sexual life about two years before I began performing. Before that point my sex life was really boring and nothing to write home about until I had couple exciting flings and then finally met my husband!

You look to be in killer shape. How important is fitness to you? What is your exercise routine like?

I try to stay active by filming (because we all know fucking is a full body workout!) hiking, and dancing around all the time. I do some bodyweight workouts when I’m bored and have recently been trying to put together a home gym with an actual routine.

Absolute best comfort food?

I can put down one or two deep fried sushi rolls when I’m looking for some happy comfort food.

You have a sweet-looking tattoo under your breasts. What is it?

My tattoo is a crescent moon because I love the moon and I gave the artist creative freedom for the filler to give it the chandelier effect.

What do you like to do to unwind / blow off steam?

To unwind I’ll make myself a cup of coffee, run a nice hot bath, drop in a bath bomb, and listen to music or watch TikTok’s until the water is cold. To blow off steam my husband and I normally hop in the jeep and do some off-roading!

Biggest pet peeve in porn scenes or on set?

I would say if there’s a lot of down time on set for no reason, it’s a pretty big pet peeve for me. I understand lunch breaks and what not, but I’ve had a couple where we just sit around for hours for no reason at all and it’s very frustrating.

What’s one place you’ve never been that you’d like to travel to?

I still have yet to get my passport so there are many places I have never been meaning I would love to travel pretty much anywhere!

To any fan reading want now who wants to check out your work, what’s the first scene you’d recommend?

I would recommend coming over to and seeing how much fun I like to have outside of production shoots!

In your Fleshbot interview, you mentioned your passion for anal scenes. How has your attitude toward anal sex evolved as you’ve grown sexually?

I do definitely love anal! I remember when I was just starting on my anal journey in my personal life and I absolutely hated it until I met my husband and we worked up to it together and now I can’t get enough! So be sure to thank him for creating an anal queen out of me!

What is the most creative or unusual compliment you’ve received from a fan?

I have a handful of fans that share really personal things with me and I give advice to, and a couple have actually thanked me for helping them and complimented me for being open and understanding. Which in itself is not unusual, but when you think deeper into it . . . basic human compassion is an unusual thing to compliment because you’d assume that it would be more common.

Your Jax Slayher shoot for Blacked is one of your most popular Adult Empire scenes. What are your main memories of that particular shoot?

I was still so new then and the thought of filming the intro out in the open was WILD to me! It was such an exciting storyline and really funny to be a part of that roleplay scenario.

Tell us a little bit about shooting I Love Big Toys #43. Was it challenging working with a toy of that size? Are you a toy fan in general? 

– If I’m not mistaken, that was my very first boxcover so I was hyped up from the beginning. It certainly pushed my limits on toy size and I never knew how heavy those things could get, especially when they’re all lubed up! Luckily, I am a fan of toys and I do very much enjoy using some large ones from time to time now.

In your interview with Bang!, you mentioned you want to work with all the big-name studios. Which major studios are you currently most eager to work with for the first time?

I’m proud to say that I have been able to cross many of them off my list! I’m still aiming for Playboy, Penthouse, and working for Alex Braun!

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