The Rundown: ‘Sensual Models In Paradise’ (Featured Video)

Sensual Models In Paradise is Private’s latest feature that takes you on a trip to paradise with some of the industry’s hottest and horniest stars. Work is always easier when you’re surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, and gorgeous people, so it makes perfect sense to take porn stars eager for a getaway and just let them do what they love to do…look amazing and fuck all day.


Everyone needs a vacation to someplace that looks and feels magical, but that doesn’t always mean you can escape work. Sensual Models in Paradise shows us that working while traveling can be fun, intense, and you may even find yourself being more productive than usual. Of course that’s easier to say when you’re in porn as opposed to accounting, but there still nothing like a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing and I definitely appreciate watching that process unfold on screen with some of the most gorgeous stars you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Don’t get it twisted though, this isn’t a soft kissy and cuddly chick flick. The models and locales are stunning but they still get down and dirty like nobody’s business. These are definitely not the pretty girls that just lay there afraid to of their own moaning! These women want to be fuck but they’re certainly going to fuck you back, and you’re going to love it.

Scene Highlights

Dolly Dyson & Christian Clay

Dolly is enjoying her day at the beach sightseeing and taking pictures when she runs into fellow star Christian Clay. He compliments her skills but knowing the true professional that he is Dolly can’t let him get away without taking some pictures of her. Naturally this leads to flirting and before you know it they’re making out right there by the water. Dolly gives Christian one hell of a blowjob before the pair head back to a hotel to really get it in. Enjoying the tease Christian agrees to take a few more shots of her but it doesn’t take long for him to join her on the bed. He eats her pussy and face fucks her deep, then dives into her pussy missionary style and by now she’s begging for it. You can tell from the moaning she’s enjoying every stroke and Christian is loving her response. He furiously fondles her clit, getting her juices ready for the anal that’s coming next. You can almost feel the intensity when he slides into her asshole, but Dolly handles that shit like a pro! She throws it back at him and rides the shit out of his dick cowgirl. He cums in her ass to seal the deal and I think it’s safe to call this one a complete success.

Angie Lynx & Juan Lucho

Juan and Angie are taking a handheld stroll on the beach, spending some quality time together since both have high demanding careers. They playfully kiss and touch but when they get back to the car Angie has an idea and tells Juan to drive until she tells him to stop. They get to their remote destination and it becomes clear Angie has sex outdoor sex on her mind. She blows Juan right there in his Jeep and she really can’t control herself! They get back to the hotel and continue giving and receiving oral and finally Juan sticks it in doggystyle to instant moans of pleasure. What’s super hot about this clip is that Angie and Juan really fuck like lovers who don’t get to spend much time together. They skip the romance and go straight for passion as they literally pound away in every position imaginable. Their reactions to each others’ touch is genuine and they seem to have forgotten the cameras are around as they stare at one another. Juan barely pulls out in time to cum all over her frontal, and as they lay in bed exhausted, laughing and talking, you’ll definitely be able to relate.

Candee Licious & Dolly Dyson & Christian Clay

Christian and Dolly can’t get enough of each other, but this time they brought fellow model Candee Licious along to join in on the fun and I already can’t wait for this one to unfold. Dolly and Candee are doing their modeling thing on a boat but when they go back to the resort to sit poolside and view the stills they can’t help but entice one another. The two gorgeous ladies are making out when Christian walks back into the scene and decides to make shoot out if. He snaps shots of them fucking with each other and quickly joins the show. After some light titty sucking Candee finds herself with a dick in her pussy and a pussy in her mouth! The balance is there, their chemistry is on point, and it truly feels like sex between friends while on vacation as opposed to work. All three appear to be having the time of their lives and from the sound of things I think you’ll agree. The girls stay stride for stride as they take turns fucking Christian and then giving him head at the same time. Candee sucks him off while Dolly plays with his balls in her mouth and right there I have no clue how dude didn’t blow is load all over the damn place! They continue to go at it until the girls get down on the knees and milk the cum right out of his dick into their mouths. Even after all of that they’re talking about doing it again and I’m stuck needed a smoke break!

Bonnie Gee & Potro de Bilbao

Bonnie Gee is new to the game and what better way to introduce her than to have her sexy ass strut her stuff all over the beach? I love that she isn’t shy at all and when Potro rings her phone to tell her he’s also in town on vacation she jumps at the chance to meet up with him. They decide to enjoy brunch outside by the pool but Bonnie wants more than just tea and crumpets. She shoves Potro’s already rock hard cock in her mouth and swallows that thing whole! Next, he bends her over and fucks her doggystyle, much to her delight, before they head indoors so she can ride him like she really wants to. Inside, Bonnie fucks everything she can out of Potro, flipping in and out of difference positions to maximize pleasure and catching everything he throws her way until he titty fucks and finally cums all over her chest.


“I want some copies, but if we don’t like any pictures we just do it again!” -Candee Licious after an amazing threesome

Why We Love It

For years Private has given us beautiful women having sex in beautiful places, and Sensual Models in Paradise continues in that tradition while keeping up with the times and elevating our expectations. There’s modeling, group sex, outdoor fun, anal, the production quality from sound to lighting in amazing, and the 4K playback is perfect! The entire cast shows up and shows out, which is all we can ask for as fans. Private and director Xavi Rocka gave us a bona fide banger with this one and I think you guys are going to enjoy it as much as I did!

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