Angelika Grays

The Rundown: ‘Daddy Loves The Babysitter’ (Featured Video)


These papas can’t take their eyes off the young ripe women babysitters. And these babysitters are more than willing to take an extra “thank-you” from these dads. Does Daddy Love The Babysitter? At the end of their shift, it won’t just be the babysitters getting off.

Scene highlight(s)

Tiffany Tatum gets her tight and firm body devoured by Kristof Cale. He gives that babysitter a munching her stupid teen boyfriend doesn’t have the appetite or skill to give. So there sits the blonde babysitter, memories of her boyfriend whisking away with each swirl of father’s tongue around her vulva. Her legs spread and flex harder with the charge of pleasure from each sloppy lick.

Angelika Grays bends her ass over and spreads herself for Renato’s man stick. She moans hypnotically with each tender thrust and cups her own breast to squeeze in sync with the motion.

Lucky Bee opens her mouth like a giant sea-creature of the depths and wraps her lips around Thomas Stone’s girthy shaft. Her plump lips squeeze tight and slobber up and down his iron, dragging along like an industrial lubricated suction cup.

Kate Quinn’s ample and curvaceously rounded breasts jiggle in satisfying redundancy while she grabs the back of Vince Karter’s head and pants like a dog with each drag of his tongue along her sex slit. He eats with determination and appetite, head resting under Kate’s red and white patterned mini-skirt, just like a tasty picnic.


“I’ve honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting.” – Anne Hathaway

Babysitting is a profession that has been blessed by the great and beautiful Anne Hathaway, making it noble and attractive, as seen in Daddy Loves The Babysitter.

Why we love it

It’s a father’s job to protect his family and make the best for them. While the mom and dad are out, it’s the babysitter who protects the father’s family. Sometimes that babysitter is a wet little slut with heaving breasts and ass carved out of baker’s dough. So, given that information, I ask simply this: what man wouldn’t love that babysitter who cares for his children? That’s why daddy loves the babysitter, and that’s why we love it.

Penthouse presents Daddy Loves The Babysitter porn video.

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