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Studio Movie Spotlight: Harmony Films on VOD

It’s said that there can be harmony in chaos. You need both yin and yang for balance, and that’s certainly true of Harmony Films. While their name implies a calmness, their films teeter on the ledge between erotic and bombastically dark. They explore exciting whimsical plots or isolated dominating and hardcore bondage scenes. And through that balancing act, harmony is achieved. So explore the 40% off VOD sale [ends 9/2023] at your own pleasure, and start by taking a look at our favorite picks.

Harmony Films presents Harmony's Superlative Submissives porn video.Harmony’s Superlative Submissives

Do submissive blonde chicks check a box for you? What about fishnets in black and red? Harmony’s Superlative Submissives easily tempts with straight-forward, no-nonsense seduction. There are no teases here, merely explicit threesomes with Brooklyn Blue and Barbie Sins in a cold dark dungeon, riding the face of a hard-cocked taskmaster. You’ll also find tatted up babes with tight leather and a kinky side. We’re talking full-on strap-on lesbian sex for a very naughty girl. It seems like every scene is a more intense threesome with heavier BDSM play and a girl with even bigger tits. This is for all those who enjoy a pronounced and proud porno.


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Harmony Films presents The Cult porn video.The Cult

Joining a cult in real life is typically considered a bad thing. I would never do it, for example, but I often think about the ease of the temptation given all the unabashed monkey sex that undoubtedly comes along with it. That’s precisely why I was so excited about The Cult from Harmony Films. They take all the hot, unbridled sex from being in a cult and stick it right there on the screen, so you can get all the sexual benefits of joining a cult without any of the brainwashing negatives. Scene after scene of sick, depraved, sex demon sluts begging for more dicks, objects, hands, or anything to fill their pleasure hole and keep feeding their lost souls. These girls let these guys stick it anywhere and then smile and thank them for it. It’s a fun time getting inside the mind of the brainwashed and you don’t even have to feel jealous about their freaky sexcapades because you now own them on VOD!


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Adult Time presents Transfixed: Ease Your Stress porn video.Kinky Bitch

There’s absolutely nothing subtle about Kinky Bitch and that’s exactly what’s great about it. Everyone loves a kinky girl and one thing kinky girls aren’t is subtle. They’re in your face, they want the nasty stuff, and they want it now. The outfits are straight out of a comic book, heavy tight leather, metal studs, fishnets, and a whole lot of stretched pussy. The first scene looks like an old Soviet military room, with a devastatingly hot blonde amazon woman wrapped in red fishnets taking monster cock in her mouth from a uniformed military officer. She also takes some pussy in her mouth from a female officer! It’s an incredible display of sexual domination that even left me feeling a little bit violated, and that’s the most tame scene in the film. Watch the depths of human depravity and psychosexual limits reach new heights with each progressing performance in this stress-cleansing film!


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Harmony Films presents Young Harlots: Gang Bang porn video.Young Harlots: Gangbang

The gangbang is the kind of sexual act that you’d only ever really experience if you run in certain circles. Those circles could be the adult industry, or a middle-aged swinger lifestyle, or…if you’re a young harlot! Harmony Films ongoing Young Harlots series has covered quite the array of sexual deviances that young slutty students oft end up exploring, but it’s the gang bang that is both the most fascinating and the most rewarding. After all, when I watch Amber Rayne go around a circle of seated men, hopping from stiffy to stiffy, stuffing her mouth with a fresh hard dong over and over, I lose count. Is it five guys? Seven? Ten? It doesn’t really matter at that point. What matters is that through this one act, you not just a beautiful girl, Amber Rayne, who is jabbed with endless meaty cock in her puss and mouth, but a group of men who also get a euphoric evening that they can be proud of. The gangbang works in the favor of all and many, and that’s what we should always remember.


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