The Rundown: ‘Feed Me’ (Featured Video)


It looks like Adult Time is venturing into the world of the paranormal with this new porn movie called ‘Feed Me’. This film is directed by Ricky Greenwood which is a good sign for an interesting take on what you can do with a porn movie. I enjoy his work. Lulu Chu dominates the film starring in all four scenes including a lesbian scene along with September Reign. This movie delivers a very entertaining story that sprinkles in the XXX action along the way. You will be completely captivated to know what is going to happen next.


Scene highlights

The first scene goes right into Sally’s (Lulu) boyfriend’s bedroom as she is aggressively making out with her boyfriend. I like how horny she is as she begins to undress on top of her boyfriend. This scene comes off as kind of real as he practices eating her out. I’ve never seen a guy lack so much confidence though, it’s interesting. If I was him though I would have made her take off her bra before I go down, that’s a fair trade. It was very realistic teen fucking that was natural and fun to watch. I’m not so sure Lulu was completely satisfied though, let’s see what happens next. Sally seems to be struggling with this chapter, she doesn’t know quite what she wants other than apples.

As she sleeps she notices a presence within her and begins to worry that she may be pregnant. She goes to her boyfriends to take a test with him. What a loser this guy is as I listen to him talk although I already though he was a loser after watching him fuck Sally with low confidence. The test is negative, something else is going on with her.  When she is home alone she has severe pains and we see and hear what has been ailing her. It appears in her nightmare as a bloody mess waking her up in a sweat. She goes to the Doctor who is also a Priest, how often does that happen?

It doesn’t even feel like there are really scenes to this movie because it just flows so naturally. As Sally continues to work to feed the unknown urge she finds out that it feeds off of semen. When two studs show up at her day she jumps all over them with a sexy threesome giving her a double dose of semen. She goes wild with these guys and they really deliver. She has a lesbian encounter with her bff, not sure how that gives her semen but seems to help out with the cravings, for a while. It’s a beautiful lesbian scene between to beauties. Her possession leads her to try and take advantage of a random stranger. The Priest/Doctor knows how to help her control the urge and that is by delivering a fresh load of his own semen and he turns into a completely different person making sure that happens. It’s the best fuck of the movie too! The movie ends with him making the pledge never to let the monster go hungry again.



“You don’t feel it deep down inside of you? That hunger needs to be fed.” Sister says to Sally


Why we Love It

There are several reasons to love it actually. First of all Lulu Chu is pretty hot and does a great job performing in this movie. This porn movie brings you right into the movie, aside from watching Lulu fuck you’re trying to figure out what is going on step by step. The first scene has you screaming at Sally telling her to drop her loser boyfriend. Next we admire the effects of the being that escapes her in a dream. Ricky Greenwood makes this film extra interesting by venturing into religious territory not commonly seen in porn movies. This movie really entertains you between the sex scenes, so much so that you may sometimes forget you are watching a porn movie and that to me is a true masterpiece.

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