Pornstar Lena Moon strikes a pose.

Lena Moon Interview: The Sky’s the Limit

The stars aligned for Lena Moon.

By her own admission, she did not embark on her porn career with a clear-cut goal of adult stardom, as some performers do. Circumstance brought her to the industry, but it was a place where she finally found acceptance in a “loving and supportive community.” In this new Adult Empire interview, Moon discusses her porn journey and so much more, including the blockbuster Trans Glam, porn as art, her “porn saved my life” interview with Holly Randall, her favorite movies, and other fascinating topics.

Tell us how you got your start in the industry.

Porn just kind of fell in my lap. Before I started doing porn I worked so many different jobs.  Everything from working at an animal hospital to retail and food service. Right before I got my start I was drifting aimlessly through life without direction. I didn’t go looking for porn. It found me through a series of small, innocuous coincidences — a “right place, right time” sort of situation. In short, I realized you could actually just apply to shoot for some of these companies like you could apply for any other job. A few e-mails and some questionable audition photos later, I landed a couple of scenes in Las Vegas with Grooby. I packed what little belongings I had into the back of a $500 Subaru and headed out on the very long drive from New York to Vegas. Before any of this transpired I was going down a very dark path. The rest is history, I guess!

Is there a meaning behind your stage name?

If I’m being honest, not really! I wanted something short, easy to spell and phonetically pleasant. I didn’t want people to have trouble spelling it and I wanted it to be unique enough that it would lend itself to online searches. Of course, I also just liked the name “Lena” and I liked the word “moon”.  I didn’t just pick it purely for practicality’s sake.

Which industry award are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my Trans Movie of the Year awards for TransNasty and Tranimals. Each movie won Trans Movie of the Year . . . twice each! Directing, editing and producing these films was bar-none the most creatively satisfying experiences I’ve ever had — truly a labor of love. I’m so happy so many people enjoyed them!

Trans Glam is one of your biggest ever Adult Empire bestsellers. Talk about working with Jonni Darkko on that project. 

Working with Jonni Darko was so cool! He has such a unique directing style and his vision for the movie’s overall aesthetic was just amazing.  He has such a sweet demeanor as well. I felt super confident in my performance that day. Working with Katrina Jade was amazing too. The chemistry was so on point. Nasty!

How has the industry’s attitude toward trans performers evolved since your began your career?

It has been crazy to watch this change over the course of my career. When I first started there were no mainstream “straight” porn companies dabbling in trans whatsoever. There was a point years later where it felt like every other month a new mainstream company was dipping their toe into the trans porn world. Some have called it “the golden age of trans porn” and I would agree! Of course, from what I’ve heard, the only thing that has really stood in the way of more trans stars shooting for large companies has been the dinosaur-like agents who see trans porn as… “icky” (to say the least). Some of the biggest agents out there won’t even let their new talent shoot with trans. It has been great to see trans stars putting up major numbers in the mainstream arena despite these outdated views on our community. I hope these old agents get the message soon!

You’ve famously said that porn, in essence, saved your life. Why do you think it is that society so often fails to recognize the transformative, empowering ability of the adult industry?

I think people have a very narrow, uneducated view on the industry as a whole. The common misconception is that porn is shot in some dark warehouse by seedy, bad actors who use and abuse vulnerable young women. While I can’t speak for anyone else’s experiences, I have not once in my seven years of doing porn ever experienced anything remotely close to this — in fact, quite the opposite. My experience is that I, a broke, despairing trans girl living in a car, was welcomed with open arms into a loving and supportive community. There is definitely a cut-throat, competitive element to being in an entertainment industry, but this drove me to work super hard and improve myself in so many ways. Additionally, it gave me financial freedom I had never experienced before, allowing me to cultivate a comfortable, independent living for myself. I felt more like a whore working retail than I ever have on a porn set!

What reactions have you had to your “Porn Saved My Life” Holly Randall interview?

It has been amazing hearing from my fans about this podcast (which I still do to this day). People are often surprised to find out how god-awful my situation was before I got into porn.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share my story. I’m hoping it inspired some listeners to realize it’s never too late to find your happiness. Hats off to Holly!

You told XBIZ that you prefer the label “artist” over performer or director. How would you describe your overall style as film artist? 

Did I really say that?  Hm.  I would definitely say my feelings on that have evolved a bit.  I don’t see why one can’t be all three! There is such an important artistic element to directing and performing. I would say the crux of my style is the willingness to let random chance flow freely.  When I show up on a set as director, I don’t usually have a script prepared. I take a look at the environment, think about the specific performers in the scene and write the script in my head on the fly, right then and there. When things go wrong, it often ends up being the most right thing for the movie.  I also love the drama and theatrics of porn and try to foster an environment that lends itself to those things.  Also, lots and lots of flying liquids!

We saw a picture on Twitter of your Honda VTR 1000 bike. Tell us more about it and your love for bikes.

Well . . .  that bike is now a pile of rubble. A boyfriend of mine crashed it a few weeks after I bought it. Needless to say, we are not dating anymore!  My love of bikes remain though. I even got to ride my Kawasaki Ninja in a porn for Jim Powers recently! My whole life I have been obsessed with things that go “vroom vroom” like cars, monster trucks, Nascar, Moto GP, and etc. Lately I have been riding my pink 1991 Yamaha DT-50 dirt-bike around my neighborhood. So much fun.

Tell us about your tattoos. Do you have a favorite or one that has the most meaning to you?

I actually can’t stand my tattoos! I have been getting many of them removed with laser-beams lately.  I got all of my tattoos when I was 18 and 19 but  I have grown and changed so much since getting them.  They just seem like relics of a dark time now.  I want my skin back!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have so many different hobbies and interests that no day is truly the same for me. Lately I have been playing a lot of PS1 games, riding my dirt-bike, building Gundam model kits and drawing.  I drink a lot of decaf coffee and have been streaming on Twitch a bunch lately.

Currently what are your favorite TV shows, movies, books, etc.?

My favorite book is Treasure Island. My favorite movie ever is the original Heathers movie from 1988. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of anime from the 80s and 90s. Some of my favorites are Dragon-half, Iria Zeiram, You’re Under Arrest! and The Slayers, to name a few.

Can you tell your fans what projects you are working on?

That’s a secret!

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