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Kendra Lynn Interview: Work Hard, Play Hard

In a state best known for making hoop dreams come true, Kendra Lynn is a slam dunk. This Indiana-born beauty prides herself on a Midwestern work ethic that has taken her from small-town roots to the glamour of Porn Valley. In a new Adult Empire Blog interview, Lynn discusses her upbringing, her collaborations with Private Society and Axel Braun, her directorial work, and much more.

Your AVN profile mentions your strong work ethic. How did you develop that particular trait?

I love this question! I developed this trait growing up in the Midwest, and where I am from life is not easy for everyone. Let’s be honest, life is not easy anywhere you live, but in my family of five I started working when I was 15. By 18 I had two different jobs and I knew that I wanted something different in life, not working in a factory like most people do here. Which is fine, but not for me if I wanted to be something different in my year after years of the same family tree doing the same thing year in and year out! Two weeks after I graduated high school I moved from Indiana to the Sunshine State of Florida in Tampa Bay! My life forever changed from there. Another two years later I had a corporate job for years with the same global company while actively shooting in Florida, Vegas, and Los Angeles in the industry. Once I moved to Los Angeles in 2015 I went full time into porn and have been ever since at this hustle full time.

You’ve shot several scenes with Private Society. Talk about working with that particular label.

Private Society has shown the upmost respect to me as an adult star actress and are an awesome company to work for. Coming back home to my roots in Indiana via 2020 and the pandemic I found that there was a lack of companies to work for. Then BOOM, I discover Private Society in Iowa! They have a very professional/fun vibe on set for a pro-am company and their group scenes are HOT and nothing but fucking!!! Their one on one scenes compete with some of the best companies out there . . . Hell, it took two Indiana kids to fly to Iowa and do a BBC scene for Private….yet          somehow in California Jovan Jordan and I never crossed cameras. So they do shoot mainstream stars with an open mind and I enjoy working with them very much. Hopefully there are more scenes too cum!

What do you most value in a porn collaborator (be it a co-star or a director)?

Though I love being in front of the camera, I have a passion for being behind it! Directing I can have my own vision and see it come to life. I have always wanted to be in film since I was a child. I am actually finally following that dream and going to film school next year which will be a huge accomplishment for myself as no one in my family ever attended college or any trades beyond high school. I never would of thought this would become my motivational point in life, yet being in the adult biz I now know that I can achieve anything l set my mind and abilities to….and porn helped me get there LOL!

Axel Braun is famous for his perfectionism. Tell us about your experience working with him on Bush 2.

I had the opportunity to work for a company only one time on an Axel project when I was on an agency in Los Angeles and it was a great experience I remember vividly. I would love to shoot for Axel again any day . . . ANYTIME! Though I must say for whatever reason Axel was not the one on set that day running the set. So I didn’t get the chance to have Axel directing me, but his crew was top notch professional….one of the best I worked with out west.

How has the role of social media evolved over the course of your career?

When I started in the adult industry it was early 2013 and at that time there were minimal platforms for performers to use. Now there are almost too many to use, which can lead to fake sites, or sites that fail to yield real traffic. This is why I am blessed to be a part of the Adult Empire family everyday! Other media platforms can have an affect on stars and fans both in a positive light, although we tend to see a lot of negativity on sites like Twitter, or Insta, and Snap. Over my career it was really tough to develop methods to remain active, to promote,  and continue to connect with fans, companies, models and more . . . but for many it is something that can still become too toxic very quick again.

On a sexual level, what have you discovered about yourself since becoming a pornstar?

I have always been a sexually open person so transitioning into pornography did not shy too far for me. Experience before becoming a star helped me with being confident in any situation on camera. yet truthfully it took me years to feel pretty and gain on set confidence. Overall through the years grew and matured as a strong lead model with the utmost confidence and vibrancy on camera. I could care less what anyone thinks of me when it comes to my work, body, or sexual choices on the screen! I am who I am and I will not change for anyone. We all have a right to be ourselves!

Tell us about your co-directing experiences with Tropical Lust Productions.

From Florida, California and Vegas we have worked with some amazing talents and have made some great films and material together. I have had nothing but great experiences and success’s working with Tropical Lust Productions! There is so much much more to cum and we cannot wait.

What does a typical day look like for you?

If I am at home and not on the road then a typical day for me is waking up and instantly feeding my 2 beautiful cats and making coffee for my husband aka Tropical Lust! Once that is done I usually edit for a few hours and then get whatever else I need done for the day! I live the simple life here in Indiana. With that being said I do travel a whole lot more than I used to before the pandemic, and it is okay with me to keep me moving and on my game.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the industry?

Be your own brand! Though I love the opportunities of shooting for other companies, it is very important to have your own websites, brand, etc, etc, etc. You want your fans to know YOU, not just another talent that shot for the next cookie cutter companies. It is not easy being in this business, so why not actually gain something from YOUR BRAND and NAME for years to come!

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc are you loving lately?

Right now I am loving the Outer Banks, and I just finished Cobra Kai! Of course always while I am working and editing I keep it tuned into my local Classic Rock & Alternative station in Muncie, Indiana! Last year alone I attended multiple shows and concerts. To include, Puscifer at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park, Hollywood, California). Then there was the 2022 spring and summer show which included, Rob Zombie, Bush, Korn, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, and Alice In Chains (All in Indiana at Ruoff Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana).

What qualities do you yourself find to be sexy and/or attractive?

I have a super big bright smile that everyone loves, that goes great with my flowing long blonde hair! But of course we can not forget about my big beautiful BUSH! Which I must say I had my BUSH growing before it became a trend  Also, I feel my soft and clear skin compliments my natural tones well on the camera….said many directors and make up artists across the years….HAHAHAHA 🙂

Is there anyone in the industry that you look up to?

In the beginning of my career I found myself looking up on certain stars, yet that energy was not beneficial.  Now I feel like I would rather praise myself and propel myself near others I have found that I connect and whom I work well with across the last decade! I do however support ALL types of stars and models, as well as all the peeps behind the scenes that it takes to make this industry work day in and day out. It takes a certain individual to insert ones self into the ringer, and there are defiantly legends ad the top starts at he front of this amazing biz!

What do you think is the most exciting current trend in porn?

In my opinion I think the trend is to be as shocking as one can be, or what one can do to become the most extreme, LOL. I will continue to stick with what my fans like to see and it never appears to steer me wrong for years now. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it….RIGHT?

What upcoming projects are you working on?

It seems like I am always working on projects, it never stops to stay rising to the top! I am so grateful everyday that I get to create my visions for fans across the globe, and this is my actual day job for over a decade now. Right now the project I am working on is an upcoming movie titled “Corny and Horny”. It is so cheesy and I love it, so I hope you all will enjoy the project, too!

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