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The Rundown: ‘More’ by DORCEL (World Premiere Video)

What can happen when we get the opportunity here at Adult Empire to host a Worldwide Premiere of one of the hottest new porn movies? Our customers get to receive complete satisfaction of being the first to see, review and tell your friends about the orgasmic experience of a DORCEL movie. Well, that is the theme of ‘More’ where once inside the club, anything can happen if the participants are open minded enough. Are you open minded enough to receive this movie before everyone else? Well take a look at this two minute preview clip, then keep reading as I give the rundown of what to expect from this gorgeous movie.


Scene Highlights

There is something so electric about being at a good nightclub like this one from the movie. The movie starts showing off the neon backlights of the club with beautiful people dancing to the beat of great club music. The sexy vibe is in the air and written on the faces of the elite club members. Those who are lucky enough to have the private club password. Then comes the dare between beautiful friends Kira Noir and Casey Calvert. Can Casey get the check in girl to kiss her? Of course she does and it’s fire. They are only interested in girls but settle on a new mark Emma Rose who is a trans girl. Things get really hot when Casey and Kira team up on Emma right on the floor and pull down her skirt to take turns sucking on her already hard dick. Once Emma is distracted enough by the girls to turn over her DJ responsibilities they find some space stage side really get intimate with each other. How incredible it is to watch these three get it on with no worry about onlookers.

The camera then shifts to Lilly Bell who has a run in encounter with Derrick Pierce by the bar. She doesn’t want to know anything about him – no questions, just action. They slide off to the bathroom to get better acquainted with each other’s private parts. Her sexy outfit tells a guy everything he needs to know about her that she wants to fuck – there and now! No time is wasted getting the clothes off and the cock into her pussy. She gets pounded there on the sink and her tits look so fresh in the club lighting as they bounce from each hard thrust. I love the sound of their bodies clapping together with club music in the background, very sexy! That is my dream encounter at a hot night club.

The energy shifts back to the club where a threesome is coming to fruition between Maya Woulfe, Isiah Maxwell and Alex Jones. The sexual tension is contagious. They all meet up together in a private side booth because Maya wants that taste of black cock and her boyfriend is willing to share. They peel away her sexy outfit to get full access to that tight pussy and sexy mouth as they take turns making sure they get the strokes in they need to take to give her some big loads.

Another side room leads us to Lumi Ray who seems to have stepped out on her man and is getting some oral action. Lumi seems uninterested in stopping what she is receiving from another man so she puts on a show for him. He is not upset though because he is quickly joined by Whitney Wright and Kenna James who tend to his sexual needs. This scene is filled with ball slapping fucking from Mick Blue as he really puts in a performance with Whitney and Kenna.

Throughout the movie we have seen Victoria Voxxx handing out special bracelet to a select few. When they asked what it was for she explained they will find out later. Now we find out that they lead to special access to a private fucking and sucking session with Victoria herself. It turns out to be an orgy where we get a repeat performance from some of the best players who meet to satisfy Victoria’s naughty needs. This group scene is amazing and is the ultimate climax to a climax movie. I’m giving you my word – you will get off!



From the movie:

“You can feel what else I can do with my mouth”   Casey Calvert says  to Victoria Voxxx

“Tonight…I’m your play thing”  Victoria Voxxx says to Isiah Maxwell


From the interview:

“I liked how the laundromat [set] turned out. It was very cool. I like the big orgy at the end, the red room with all the guys on Victoria Voxxx.”

“If you ever had sex in a club, there’s this kind of like weird moment that I feel we really nailed very well.”


Quotes taken from Podcast Interview with Director Ricky Greenwood. Click here for the full interview>>


Why We Love It

The first reason is because it’s by DORCEL and all of their content is easy to love! Next is the stunning cast and their incredible performances in this movie. The quality is in the details like the background music throughout the film, the colors and tint each scene takes on. Upscale acting done by beautiful people with beautiful bodies. The film quality is so good that if you are watching on a big screen TV you almost feel like you are at the club. The movie is put together so well, perfect backstory and perfect sex. At just over three hours long every second of the movie will completely capture you. This is an easy five star movie on track for some big awards, I’m not afraid to predict it. Remember, the password is “MORE” and you leave your phone at the door – you won’t need it. This movie left me wanting more and it will surely leave you the same way so here is some BONUS material with Lilly Bell!

<b>Watch Movie Now</b> Watch Movie Now

The Ultimate Fantasies of Lilly Bell

Your Guilty Pleasure with Lilly Bell

Lilly Bells Would You Rather? Interview

Watch the full movie ‘More’ on Adult Empire

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