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Girls from Europe have historically had a more laissez faire attitude when it comes to sex when compared to their American counterparts. That’s why we’re so excited to have this German porn video sale, because while they’re more open about sex, they’re more serious about their fucking! These German girls have a primal intensity that will challenge your view of sexuality. Can you handle tight asses, strict technique, and physically exhausting thrusting? Sharing an orgasmic experience with one will make you a better lover, and a more open one. Their demands are high, and their cravings are bottomless. Now check out our favorite picks of the sale!

Watch Gangbanged Anal Cheaters from Julia Reaves!Gangbanged Anal Cheaters

Cheating isn’t just sexy because it’s dirty and wrong, but because of the betrayal. These women made a moral commitment to their boyfriends, but their need for cock is so great that it overpowered their promise to that commitment. Maybe they love their boyfriends, but the idea of one of these big dicks in their asses is simply too good to pass up. Meanwhile, their boyfriends think they’re innocent and loyal partners. Bad for them, but great for viewers like us who get to watch absolutely depraved German girls drop their jaws at the sight of thick cock and drool with desire. Their asses get filled like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving and they’re pounded like tough meat.


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Watch Fashionistas Safado: Berlin from Evil Angel!Fashionistas Safado: Berlin

You’ve probably never seen nuns with asses like these. You’ve certainly never seen nuns like these gets those asses spread and stretched like playdough. Well, Berlin is an incredible city and you should check it out sometime. I know I will after seeing this film. This devilish film won 6 AVN awards in 2008, and rocked all the cocks in the audience. We watch the main character explore the filthy sexual underground of Berlin, and it is filled with so much dominatrix-fueled attitude that you’ll find yourself begging for more in every scene. The tight leathery getups that these girls wear whilst spreading their pussy lips and sitting on top of their subjects is liberating. The costumes are incredible and enticing in a way that grips your heart. You’ve never seen so much sexual domination and control in one concentrated area.


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Titus Pool Party from Erotic PlanetTitus Pool Party

Some people just like the classics, and that’s commendable. They’re tried and true for a reason, so if you’re like me and love a young German slut sucking dick at a pool party, then you’re gonna wanna check out Titus Pool Party. A pool party that is filled with slutty women and men who are quickly convinced to take their clothes off and try something naughty. Sure, there’s eventually fucking, but what elevates these types of pornos is the raw and aggressive throat fucks that precede the normal fucks. Watching cum explode out of the sides of the mouths of young blonde German chicks while a veiny throbbing cock sits on the tongue sends shivers down my spine. What about the smile that comes after? You know, when you see their cute little teeth with jizz driping down their chin? Throat shots are glue that holds all of us sexual deviants together and we must celebrate them.


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Watch The Witch - Once Upon A Time porn video from EurofuckThe Witch – Once Upon A Time

Lest we forget that Germany is the catalyst of high fantasy! King Arthur anyone? Beowulf? One of those has got to be German. Wizards, witches, dragons, warriors. Like me, you’ve probably imagined having coital encounters with some of these magical characters, especially if you watched Game of Thrones (they had a lot of sex on that show). Well, The Witch – Once Upon A Time delivers that wish with medieval costumes, magical characters, and sex as hot as you’d expect coming from beings this powerful! The Witch uses her cosmic powers to conjure up sensual situations in which her pussy is serviced and put to the ultimate test. Only with powerful fantasies can her clit be properly pleasured!


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