Olivia Jay stars in an Adam & Eve porn video.

Olivia Jay Interview: Never Settle

In some ways, Olivia Jay‘s journey to porn was an unlikely one. Raised in a religious household, she kept her sexual side repressed and hidden until dancing helped her open up. She’s now hitting full stride as a top porn performer, with notable recent shoots for Vixen, Adam & Eve, and other major companies. And when part of your philosophy is never to settle, you always strive for the best. Discover her story and career plans in this new Adult Empire interview.

You recently made your Vixen debut in a scene with Maximo Garcia. Talk a little about that scene and what you liked about it.

I loved everything about my Vixen debut! I have always admired the brand’s aesthetic and creativity, so it was a dream come true to work with them. They are so thoughtful about every detail, and I love working with their talented crew to help bring the scene to life. In this scene, I’m playing a straight-laced photographer ending my work relationship with my favorite client. Maximo is amazing, and such a joy to work with. There was so much passion in this scene from start to finish and the sex was really hot. Maximo Garcia is a very sexy man and we had some intense chemistry. Getting hot just thinking about it.

You’re co-starring in Love, Sex & Hollywood from Adam & Eve pictures, which is a romantic comedy feature. Can you talk a little about the character you play? How was the shooting process?

Sure. In Love, Sex & Hollywood for Adam & Eve Pictures, my character is a free spirited, wild child girl who works as a caterer who’s down to take risks and shake things up. She and her best friend, and fellow caterer  work a famous movie star’s party and sparks fly and trouble ensues. It’s a really fun story written and directed by Will Ryder. The shooting process was intense because anybody that knows Will, knows his team shoots into the wee hours of the morning because there is so much script to cover. He writes fully involved stories which usually end up on a major broadcast platform in ‘soft version format’. He told me when he cast me that he was trying to work me into a cool role and this was finally the perfect opportunity to meet up on a feature movie. He’s an excellent storyteller and director and he put me in a great position to shine. I’m gonna be going to another movie with him and play an even bigger role soon but I’m not sure what that story will be. Not yet anyway.

Do you enjoy more narrative-based, fleshed out content like this as opposed to raw sex scenes?

I love shooting raw sex scenes for the sex but I also love to tell a story, and bring a character to life. I really enjoy acting and if the story is well-written, then it’s a pleasure to work towards a finished goal of creating a movie-of-the-year type situation.  Because when the story is great, you have a chance for amazing things to blossom. I can’t wait to push myself and play different types of characters in the future but story is so important to allow you to go to higher places. I want to always challenge myself to be great when a fantastic story script comes my way, I want to be ready, willing and able.

Do you think there’s room in the industry for more of these types of features?

Absolutely! There’s so many stories waiting to be told. I’m excited to be in the industry at this time, working with so many talented people bringing these stories to life. I know there aren’t as many fully scripted stories being created these days, but when you get invited to participate in one, you better take it seriously because this type of opportunity is rare. I love thinking about it.

Are there any directors or performers you hope to work with in the future?

This year I’ve had the opportunity to work with many directors I’ve always wanted to work with like Bree Mills, Derek Dozier, and Will Ryder. I would love to work with Kayden Kross, Rickey Greenwood, and Seth Gamble. I really wanted to work with Axel Braun but he just retired.  As for performers, I’m pretty sure I’ll get my chance to link up with many of them in some great projects. When you have an awesome scene partner and the proper scene motivation, everything just comes to life. This is my time to shine and I’m going for it right now with all the greats. Cast me I’m ready.

 You said in an AVN interview back in March, “I’m being very thoughtful about the types of scenes I do. I feel very grateful to be here at this point, but I’m still not where I want to be yet.” Is there a specific point or goal you’re striving toward? Where do you want to be?

Today, I’m exactly where I dreamed I’d be now. So many things have changed in the past few months like I’m a Speigler Girl now.  We just connected on so many levels so I am truly excited about what’s to come with them. I’m also thrilled to be working with big production companies like Vixen, and shoot features for Adam & Eve. This year, I have worked with companies and performers that I’ve always wanted to work with and my career is really soaring now. This was once just a dream but now I’m actually living it. I can’t explain how great I feel and truly believe this is my time. I’m excited and ready for whatever’s next!

You also mentioned coming from a religious and sheltered household, and that you had to learn how to be sexy and confident when you started dancing. Could you give any examples of things you had to change to learn in order to become this more sexy and confident person?

Yes, I was a total church girl, but I’ve always been a highly sexual person deep down.

Over time I let go of the shame of being sexual and started to explore that side of my life. Pole dancing really empowered me and helped me come out of my shell. I still get an adrenaline high performing on stage and I get a similar high when I’m working on a quality movie project. It sometimes sends shivers up and down my spine. You just know when it’s good cuz you can’t fake quality.

You’ve talked about no longer hiding your profession in your personal life, as well as the potential social ramifications. How have people reacted in your day-to-day life since becoming open about being a sex worker?

I actually haven’t thought about it lately. I have so many supportive friends and family rooting for me now, I have a great business support system in place and my fanbase is really growing so right now I feel very empowered. Grateful but empowered.

You’re known for your squirting. How much of squirting is technique and how much is raw natural talent?

I squirt naturally. I’ve gotten good at making myself cum instantly. Clit stimulation and penetration does it for me every time so when I squirt during sex, it’s real. When things are perfect on set and in your life, your body and mind just let go and allow great things to happen. You have to be prepared mentally and physically and just go for it and let it happen.  As long as a guy hits my spot I’ll squirt everywhere!

What do you think is so appealing about a woman squirting? Do you enjoy being the squirter on camera?

It’s sexy to me, it feels very intimate. There’s also a bit of mystery around it and people have different opinions about what it is.  I love squirting on camera for my fans because for me it’s real. It’s the ultimate compliment I think to the man I’m working with when I squirt.

What’s something you’d like to see more of in the industry? 

I’d like to see more feature movies with black female leads like Love, Sex, & Hollywood, and Love, Sex & Music which had a black female lead and a story based around her. Those were both Will Ryder movies for Adam & Eve Pictures. Will really loves putting black girls in high visibility roles because like me, he believes black is beautiful. I wish some others had that mindset because sometimes black girls have a harder time getting good roles and great shoot opportunities. I’m not complaining, I’m just telling it like it is. Thankfully some people are trying to right the ship a bit.

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working in the adult industry?

Never to settle. Come into the game with healthy boundaries, a clear mind and just love what you do.

What is your go-to coffee order?

Tall Hazelnut Coffee, with four creams, four sugars.

Tell your fans what upcoming projects you are working on.

I have new scenes coming with Vixen and Brazzers and the big feature movie ‘Love, Sex & Hollywood’ will be released before the awards deadline cutoff. That’s gonna be fun. Off the set, I’m always working on new content for my sites. I have new scenes with Johnny Sins and Richard Mann and have plans to collab with some really great talent. I put out new videos every Wet Wednesday! Available at onlyfans.com/theoliviajay

Right now I’m loving life. I’m a brand new Speigler Girl, great companies are reaching out to shoot me, I’m seeing great scripts, working with sexy people and I’m moving to Los Angeles to be right in the heart of the action. Life is just perfect for me right now.

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