Adult Empire Launches Tik Tok Channel

Perhaps bigger than any rocket launch in history, Adult Empire has launched a Tik Tok channel. While some may say we’re coming late to the game, I always say it’s better to come late than early. No one is happy after a premature load. The new account already features many of your favorite adult performers from various AE interviews, so enjoy them at your leisure.

If you don’t believe me, watch Lexi Luna talking about banging Bill Clinton below and tell me you didn’t get a tingle in your dingle.


#lexiluna #uspresident #billclinton #hottest #ushistory #independenceday #4thofjuly #patriotism #americanhistory #saxaphone #adultactress #americanbabe

♬ original sound – Adult Empire

In fact, our very own Madison Greene had a sneak peak and had this to say, “The channel has already received a high level of traffic and interaction in a very brief span of time, which tells us that there is an audience there who are hungry for this sort of content. Fans will enjoy getting a glimpse into the minds of their favorite performers.”


Charlotte Stokely gets mermaid tongue while being interviewed by AE’s special AVN correspondant, Tanya Tate! Tanya feels teased! #avnawards #redcarpet #redcarpetinterviews #celebrityinterview #charlottestokely #tanyatate #cornstar #corn #p⭐️ #adultactress #tongue #teased

♬ original sound – Adult Empire

But don’t become weary, because yours truly, Jackie Daytona, is dropping new content like warm cream on a cold back. That’s right, I talked with some of my favorite pornstars and recorded every sexy second, every awkward flirtation and sensual situation and you’ll see new clips uploaded throughout every week.

In other words, the red-blooded Gen-Z adults feverishly scrolling through their viral content are desperately craving some hot porn stars to break up the monotony. For too long has the next generation been shielded from the warm electric feeling of watching a professional slut talk about what makes them tick.


No place I’d rather be. @Tanya Tate #natashanice #tanyatate #hotmom #cornstar #adultactress #adultjokes #jugs #tigolebittes #thickwomen #seggs #thickwomen

♬ original sound – Adult Empire

Click here to check out the official Adult Empire Tik Tok, and look out for new interviews featuring your favorite pornstars! It will continue to be filled with some of the most memorable AVN, XBIZ, and expo moments, as well as new and original content.

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