Pornstars appear in Devil's Film porn DVDs.

Studio Movie Spotlight: Devil’s Film on DVD

The devil may be in the details, but Devil’s Film has always been a studio with a clear view of the big picture. Launched in 1997, the company helped spearhead popular genres like trans, family roleplay, and gangbang. It’s also been home to headline-grabbing flicks like Jennifer White’s 50-man creampie and the infamous Octomom spoof Coctomom. Isn’t it time you give the devil his due? Now’s your chance, thanks to the latest Adult Empire DVD sale [ends 9/23]. The new Sale Spotlight buying guide offers capsule reviews of four standout Devil’s Film DVDs.

Devil's Films presents BAD Relatives 2 porn movie.Bad Relatives 2

What’s the old expression? Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. The stench becomes particularly intolerable when the guest is a noisy, vulgar relative. In Bad Relatives 2, homes are invaded by cousins by marriage, louche stepmoms, and other assorted troublemakers. They lounge around half naked, have loud sex with strangers, and in general act like they own the place. It’s a tiresome state of affairs for the homes’ actual residents, who can’t wait to rid themselves of these burdensome houseguests. In the end, the only solution is to yield to the vulgarity and fuck some sense into them. Brick Danger enjoys a pool tryst with Kitana Montana in scene one, while Chantal Danielle uses a very loose family connection to get in with Alex Mack in scene two. Scene three features one of the movie’s best visuals when Seth Gamble interrupts Lydia Black in flagrante delicto with only her two long legs visible, jutting upward in the frame. The final scene finds Lily Lane masturbating in front of Donny Sins before pouncing on his dick. Though nominally a family roleplay flick, Bad Relatives will find its biggest audience in fans of the beautiful alt-girl look represented by the movie’s female cast.

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Devil's Film present OMG! I Fucked My Bratty Student 2 porn movie.OMG! I Fucked My Bratty Student 2

“If we’re stuck in this class, can we do something a little more fun?” Whether it’s detention or an extra study session, the reasons for staying behind in class are dry, dusty, and boring. In addition, the scenarios leave an attractive male instructor alone with a dirty-minded hottie. Can in-class paddling, provocative proposals, and scandalous sex be far behind? My favorite sequence is clip number two, which finds Isiah Maxwell persuasively embodying a rule-abiding teacher who scolds Reese Robbins for violating the dress code. Melody Marks also scores a high grade in scene one, riding her teacher’s dick in the middle of his desk. The upturned plaid skirt has seldom looked so good! There’s also a pleasingly fetishistic shot of Kimmy Kim‘s lusciously round booty in scene four, when she struts her stuff for stunned instructor Seth Gamble. His over-the-top reactions and hammy performance elevate the ensuing sex to an even higher pitch.

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Devil's Film present Her First Trans Encounter 2 porn movie.Her First Trans Encounter 2

“I have to tell you something. I’ve never been with a trans woman before.” Trepidation turns to titillation and, finally, sexual transformation when four cis babes discover the joys of trans passion. In the opener, Kimmy Kim has agreed to a threesome with her partner and Ivory Mayhem. To soothe her nerves, she invites Ivory over for a pre-threesome chat. What are the boundaries? What does Ivory like and not like? It’s a remarkably candid conversation, with an equally candid conclusion: Kimmy’s first trans encounter. It’s also a nice touch that Devil’s Film foregrounds the importance of communication and limits in any sexual encounter, particularly a first-time one. Other action includes a post-breakup fling, a naughty massage, and two friends who find refuge from a storm in each other’s arms.

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Devil's Film presents Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass 3 porn movie.Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass 3

These stepmoms are like a mischievous cat playing with a glass object on a table. They take it right up to the edge, let it teeter precariously, and then knock it straight off. In scene one, Lauren Phillips makes little pretense of her intentions when blithely teasing her stepson. She bluntly admits she’s seen him jerking off, likes what she sees, and wants to have a taste of that big dick herself. The fact that the hookups will escalate into all-out anal sex are simply a bonus in this world of taboo debauchery. Texas Patti brings an equally haughty energy to her scene, which finds her being confronted by a stepson over the noise sexy she’s been having in the next room. Perhaps the stepson will be less bothered if she lets him join in on the action? Throughout all four scenes of family roleplay fun, Devil’s Film finds a tight balance of humor and hardcore action.

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